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    Saints football. music (Throwing Muses, Thanks to Gravity, Husker Du, Sugar, 50 ft Wave, Belly, Dumptruck) books (King, Lightman, Lux, Eliot) art (Kandinsky, Speed)
  1. man up and spell the entire word. really child, i expect better from you. at least come up with a clever word or phrase. try slattern. that should make it past the overlords.
  2. really? beyond childish. people told me this board was low class. but i thought it could be elevated. so i will stay and convert as many of you as i can,
  3. Carr was a number one pick. he was the starter but bashed too many times because his o-line failed to protect him. eventually he lost the job because he could not win. the texans foolishly gave up to 2nds for the fragile matt schaub. at least carr got a ring as a back up.
  4. can falcons fans sue the team for fraud?
  5. what will the jets ask for him? maybe two firsts and a starter?
  6. coming up on 19 years of marriage. she can't be that let down. thanks for playing.
  7. trade for Michael Vick, sign Jamarcus Russell. draft that linebacker from Notre Dame (the one with gf problems) hello Superbowl!
  8. so how did it work out atlanta fans?
  9. just give it some time. many falcons fans are on house arrest after working the evening shift at burger king, so the will post after that.
  10. and still statistically he was one of the better falcons' linebackers.
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