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  1. I think its a good signing. I mean **** it cant hurt. Pretty much anything is an upgrade at this point.
  2. Would love to have him. I just think our lines are more of an issue than linebacker. With Spoon, Worrilow, and Bartu at least theres something to work with. As far as depth goes I've never been a huge Dent fan, but hes not horrible. Gaither is a question mark, could be decent but I honestly haven't seen him play much. The lines are just a much bigger issue at this point. Mack is a great player, but I'd much rather have Clowney or Matthews at 6 personally.
  3. Dont know whats worse. That I'll soon be living in the same state as The Beibs or that I currently live in the same city as Honey Boo Boo..
  4. Anybody that says he wasnt singled out because he was white is obviously biased. He was singled out, robbed, attacked, and stripped because he was white, simple as that, yet its not classified as a hate crime? What a load of ********. This crime fits the very definition of a hate crime. I forgot though only whites can be racist and commit "hate crimes" . " Hate crime - A crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence." Crime motivated by racial prejudice, check. Involving violence, check. Also, comparing slavery in America to the Holocaust? Wow..
  5. I've never been very critical of Fredi until now. Theres too much talent and top "cant miss" prospects for everyone to just be playing like a single A team. What is it with Atlanta teams and underachieving?
  6. First I want to clear the air. I dont agree with what Zimmerman did, he should have listened to the dispatcher and I think he should be put on trial. What irks me is the second the story came out it was portrayed as "white on black" crime, then even when it was corrected Zimmerman was stated to be a "white-hispanic". Also when I see this story and how much its blown up, I think of how many more out there that are much worse or the roles are reversed yet go unnoticed by the national media. Its just one big racial tension provoking circus with the media, Sharpton, Spike Lee and the like doing wh
  7. That wasn't a race issue though. I just feel like if he did get a fair trial and was found innocent, then this whole thing would blow up bigger than ever. To many no matter what happens he'll always be guilty to them and there won't be any justice for Trayvon until he's found guilty or given street justice which defeats the whole purpose of being innocent until proven guilty.
  8. I loved hockey, sadly that flame extinguished when the Thrashers left town. Seeing as there's no ice in mid GA and the fact only a couple people I know even had a mild interest in it. Not to mention the home team was doomed from the beginning and made double time to Canada at the first chance, my interest just kinda died away.
  9. Pretty much for there to be justice for Trayvon there wont be any justice or fair trial for Zimmerman, which is the part nobody seems to care about. This coming from the same people wanting equal rights and no racism. Again, its contradictory and makes no sense.
  10. Funny how I never hear about stuff like this, but if the roles were reversed it'd be shoved down my throat. Racism exists because people, both black and white, enable it to exist. Especially the media. How come the only pic you see of Trayvon is from when he was around 13 as an "innocent, bright eyed child", then the only pic you see of Zimmerman is a mugshot of him from 4 or so years ago looking all disheveled? Then you've of course got the stooges Sharpton, J. Jackson, Spike Lee, etc.. wanting to get their voice heard and making things much much worse then they were. Can't forget about the N
  11. How is she/he/it walking without those shorts flying off at family decapitating speed?
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