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  1. http://www.sportingn...eng-danny-ferry http://sports.yahoo.com/news/dominique-wilkins-looking-buy-atlanta-104112959.html
  2. Honestly, PW is a very similar player to, dare I say, a certain MLB that went to the Stains.
  3. There have been several topics after the first preseason game and i wanted to bring up Special Teams. While I love what Keith Armstrong does, I do not think it is in the best interest of Hester. Our blocking looked way out of sync on both returns (KO and Punt). I know Hester talked in the off-season about the adjustment to running behind new teammates and i think that was very apparent. The question I have is this, since Keith Armstrong has been here, we have never been aggressive in the return game, blocking wise. Is this a philosophical thing for Armstrong or Smith? Also, predict the first return we will have from Hester. Punt or KO? Which team? I say a KO return TD against Da Bears!
  4. True, the QB is lined up as if the are in a "spread" look, which is not as deep as a traditional shotgun. Nice catch, sorry for the confusion of saying shotgun.
  5. "Pistol" simply refers to the position of the QB and running back. QB is in shotgun and the RB is lined up 3 yards behind him. You can run every run play we would run in a one back set with it. You can still go 4 wide, and it offers a chance to get creative with "boots" and "play action" passes. I coach High School football, you do not need a mobile QB, it is just a formation.
  6. I feel the same way! The game is not over till the final seconds comes off the clock.
  7. I agree, most people started because of their dads, or granddads. Watching football on Sunday with my dad started my love for the game. Those are the best memories I have of Falcons football.
  8. I know most of you here say the same thing, some of you say it and we have doubts whether or not you actually mean it. However, as a Falcon fan we have the right to not agree with everything the team does, we have the right to be a homer for our team if we want, we have the right to start a topic displaying 100's of stats that suit or agenda for that day. The one thing we all forget sometimes is why we started following this team to begin with. Even the biggest skeptics of this team probably started rooting for them before there was ever any real success to follow. We have all been there for the good times, the bad times and the REALLY bad times. So today I think it would be interesting to see from everyone, what was the first game you remember watching? When did you become a fan? What motivates you to stay loyal to this team? Even those of you who are constantly putting up stats to show why you dislike Mike Smith, TD, and Ryan. There was a time when you first decided to support this team and a reason you still root for them. So for one day, lets take a few minutes out from bashing a aspect of the team and talk about the memories that made us Falcons Fans. I am fairly young and became a Falcon fan in 1998. That was truly the first full season I watched of any major league sport. The Falcons stuck out to me because of the Dirty Bird. Being 10 at the time I did not truly grasp the game yet. Still, living outside of Chattanooga the Falcons were on every Sunday and me and my dad watched every game. The one game I remember from that season was when they played the 49ers for the second time. 9ers had already beat them once and it was a revenge game from the Falcons. I remember Young throwing everywhere, T.O. and Rice catching td's. But what I will never forget was the 4th quarter. Both teams put up a lot of points with the Falcons coming out on top. I root for this team because they are a true underdog that to this day gets no respect. I honestly can not wait to see them raise the Lombardi!
  9. Do you even watch college football???? There is no way you can make that statement if you do.
  10. I love this kid, but as I said last night. He thinks too much and that gets him either behind the play or off angle in pursuit. I think he will be our starter for a long time eventually, just needs some time to develop a little more instinct.
  11. I love this pick. This kid is going to be a starter by next season. I like the idea of him learning from Sjax for a year, and being a change of pace back.
  12. I think TD has a great eye for some talent, but i do not agree that he is the best. Mike Smith is just very old school in his coaching philosophy. I think by trying to move the team to something he is not as comfortable with is mistake number one, and maybe he also just kinda stopped trying to learn idk. a coach will never be able to learn all there is in football, plain and simple.
  13. It is alomst impossible to gurantee, but you can take a very educated guess. i have been one of those who thought one way and then was proven wrong after the season was over.
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