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  1. Are the Falcons going to trade Ryan? Cause dat is the only way he making it to SB, unless he buys a tix.
  2. Whoed of thunk the Failcons would spoil the Panties perfect season.
  3. Time for soul searching, Payton don't have Mike Smith to kick around any more. Brees will likely be a game day decision.
  4. Brees' passes looked like dead ducks falling out of the sky after he hurt his arm. The Saints OL looked like turnstiles at grand central station during rush hour at times against the Buccs.
  5. May the worst team win. My money is on the Buccies, they are only 2 games back.
  6. Failcons should win at least 5 games this season.
  7. I'm a right wing kook but am for medical use of weed. With as many older folkes in Florida raised in the 60s I thought MM was going to pass. Keep trying to get the law changed.
  8. Failcons A+ Hope the birds keep up the good work the rest of the season. Buccs D- Lovie will soon have them winning Panties F Epic failure Saints C Have lost some very close games.
  9. Been going to PCB since the early 70's. Liked the place much better then. Had a couple of good amusement parks and there wasn't any huge condos to block the view of the gulf. Have fun!
  10. I lived in New Orleans East till I joined the Navy in 1974. Agree on you about Lynch. Great safety
  11. Saints were 3-1 against Buccs in 02 and 09. Saints have better teams both years!
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