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  1. Thats cool man ..I dont expect my voice to be heard..Its a message forum its nothing more then people commenting on bottom of AJC articles..My negativity has no bearing on the Atlanta Falcons just like people who are super homers and cheerleaders with pom poms..They have no bearing on what the franchise does as well..They are just like everyone else...A fan is fan no matter what ..Positive or negative ..Im pretty sure all fans strive for the team to reach its ultimate goal which is a Super Bowl..Then many long time fans can rejoice and all the suffering of being a die hard fan . Thats 1 thing I was ever thought ..These athletes Matt Ryan, Roddy White whoever they dont care about you as much as you care for them to be great or criticize there play...THESE PLAYERS DONT CARE ..They go home live there lives and you go on and live yours.. Look how the franchise reached out with the fan base and that wooden stick and turned it into a MOCKERY look how that turned out a simple wooden stick that brought fans and franchise closer turns into a problem, NFL is a business ..You are a fan..The only thing they care about is the ole MIGHTy $$
  2. Quarterback talking about Flacco velocity over Ryan ...lollllllllllllllllll x 10
  3. Lets start off with saying what we set off and accomplished from this draft We acquired the best C in the draft as long with the best FB ..We also added a MASSIVE TACKLE to protect Ryan and pass protect giving him the time he needs to go through his reads and progressions . ON OFFENSE -We have a top 10 QB by all means ..Stats, TDs, passer rating..Matt Ryan is a top 10 QB ..He has lead Falcons to 4 straight winning seasons . -Top tier rusher ..Michael Turner has been in the top 5 in yards and tds total for past 4 years ... ** Best FB in 2012 NFL draft to pave the holes for Turner on short yard situations ** BEST C IN 2012 NFL DRAFT ...how many teams can say they added the best C in the draft ? just 1 us .. Offensive Line -new and improved ..Massive Tackle added New oline coach that will get best out of his oline ..and best C in 2012 NFL draft ... ****Most talented WR DUO in league **** can any team in league say they THAT ?????????????/ -HOF TE in Tony G that strives for playoff success and has kept his body in great shape..HOF is waiting for Tony G ..still elite hands and body position role players -Harry Douglas, Snelling, Kerry Meier ( Has anyone seen what Meier does in training camp ?) Quizz Rodgers...just loaded with talent at role players.. NEW OC- That is not Mike Mularkey ..4 vertical offense that goes on attack and does not let a defense dictate a game plan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On Defense Mike Nolan - one of the best DC minds in all of football 3 corners- 2 top tier ..Samuel and Grimes both with something to prove A defensive line that consist of Babs, Abe , Ray Edwards ..Perria Jerry (1st round pick) , a very solid player in Corey Peters.. LB corps - Lost Lofton we replaced him with a LB that can pass coverage Lofa.. Spoon one of the best OLBs in the league .. William Moore a 2nd round beast ..waiting to take his game to next level role players : Kroy Bierman ( sack master brought back to cause havoc ) , Decoud brought back to be play maker he is at S position a bundle of talented corners on bench Owens, Franks Top 10 defense outlook to me ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Is there anything we are missing...I just cant see us losing to be honest ...This team is Super Bowl bound we have everything a team needs ..the oline improved , core players in prime...TALENTED SKILL POSITIONS.... a top 10 QB
  4. takeitdown - ill respectfully reply to your comments in morning man . On ipad and hate typing on this thing .
  5. More comments I'm going to tell you the problem with Ryan. I knew this Falcons team would not show up. Ryan has none of the intangibles that a guy like Tim Tebow and other QBs have. This guy has no heart or fire. Ryan is a guy with talent and a lot of weapons, but he's not a leader, he has no heart and no fire. Those are things you can't teach. Falcons fans have said that he can throw the deep ball well but I don't see it. He seems like an average dink and dunk QB to me. His deep Hail Mary yesterday was bad like I expected. I don't see him getting much better since he doesn't seem to have improved much in 3 years. I'd rank him in the 13-16 range. As far as the whole coordinator thing goes, there is only so much you can use that argument for in defense for a quarterback. I think Bruce Arians is unquestionably the worst offensive coordinator on any playoff caliber team and yet, Roethlisberger can still sling it out with the best of them. Murlakey isn't a very imaginative coordinator but don't try and take the blame off of Ryan. When it comes to the postseason, he looks like an entirely different quarterback and his limitations seem to become even more apparent. Even though I am a Carolina fan, I actually like Matt Ryan a lot so this isn't me "hating." I also think he is slightly underrated by some on this site. But I'm concerned that he might not have what it takes to be a championship quarterback. He seems to lack that killer instinct or ability to put away a team with the big play like someone such as E. Manning possesses. It doesn't have anything to do with his arm strength for me but moreso that his deep ball accuracy is pathetic.
  6. Lets see what other fans think of Ryan 1) Matt Ryan is amazingly average, and lack the ability to do anything more the ordinary with what he is given to work with. 2)No, because the Flacco vs. Ryan debated has shifted towards Flacco's favorable already. 3)Matt Ryan is the definition of average. Everything about him is like if a machine spit out its version of the 'prototypical' QB. He doesn't really seem to have matured or changed much since his rookie year either. The guy is a rich mans Sanchez. are these haters ? why are these NFL fans saying this kind of stuff
  7. Laughing stock ? we went to Super Bowl in 98' pdawg - were more of a laughing stock now then we were when we were in our down days Look what other fans around NFL think bout Ryan http://www.footballsfuture.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=475823
  8. Big Ben is elite - He never had 7 weapons Phillip Rivers - very good QB never had 7 weapons Brady has 2 tes and a slot wr and Branch = 4 weapons What team has 7 weapons on offense is beyond me Saints have Colston Graham Sproles Ingram
  9. This made no sense takeitdown and you one of select few I respect here . Rodger and Ryan have same amount of weapons . Same with Brees . If you are considering guys like James Jones a weapon then Harry Douglas a weapon for Ryan . There is no team that has 2 top tier talented wrs like Julio and Roddy . No team has a future HOF TE and a leading rusher . Ryan stats have been top 10 but his playoff performances have been awful . Ryan passed ball 41+ times this past playoff game for 199 yards and a 4.4 YPA are you really trying to say Ryan doesnt have enough weapons ? 2 top tier wrs . Easily best talented duo in league Te that heading to HOF . a top rb that has been among league leaders in yards tds over past 4 season Ryan also had Norwood, has Harry Douglas now what more do we need to give him?
  10. PFF rated them as 31st and they allowed most QB pressures by a landslide http://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2012/02/22/ranking-the-2011-offensive-lines-part-1/
  11. do We get a trophy for that . Is that in Blank office . Whats it made out of ? Ive never seen that trophy in any other franchise building . The 4 winning season row trophy and losing playoff games to super bowl champs trophy Do you think we have room in Flowery branch for 5 winning season trophy and 1 and done ?
  12. Giants and Eli just won a Super Bowl with 0 Tes, 3 good wrs and worst oline in league How is Eli Manning successful in playoffs and not Ryan ?
  13. There are many factors in why a team doesnt win a Super Bowl but as long as you have a elite QB your team is going to win playoff games and put you in position to win a Super Bowl you need lil bit of luck and things go your way were not even asking for Ryan lead us to a Super Bowl that is so far fetched at this point im pretty sure fans would settle for 1 playoff win . Tj Yates and Tim Tebow did last year . They put there teams in position to win a playoff game is that too much ask from Ryan?
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