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  1. It look like Sugar Ray Hamilton started to yuck it up with some of the players and wasn't paying attention to the fact that we only had 10 men on the field and it pissed Smitty off. He also said something to Arthur Blank too and it looked like it almost made Arthur yawn. The look he gave Smitty may have been the most hilarious thing ever.
  2. I think we match up a little bit better with RG3 than we do with Cam, but it still makes me nervous, especially if we're just going to stick with out philosophy of not getting to the QB.
  3. This is not a problem of is. In fact, I don't think he has any problems right now. He made an incredibly stupid mistake by not throwing the ball away on 3rd and 3 though.
  4. Not sure what Carolina was going for there. If you're at home you punt, but when you're on the road and you're in danger of going 1-3 and you need 1 yard, you go for it without even hesitating. I'm not punting to anyone in that situation, much less the master of the 1-minute drill.
  5. That makes sense but he's still trying to read the defense before they snap the ball. Granted he's not up there calling audibles and directing traffic and calling protections, but I gotta think it would still confuse him to see the defense jumping around.
  6. You can ask the same thing about us. That's why I hate this question. This is the NFL.
  7. Do we not do all the pre-snap moving around on defense anymore?
  8. We've got a huge problem against the run due to playing so much nickel. It forces us to constantly stay ahead, because if we ever get behind by a couple scores it's going to be difficult to get the other team off the field. Hard to even be mad at that though. Just gotta laugh at myself and everyone else who went nutty on here and enjoy being 4-0.
  9. My dictionary confirms that what you said is correct. So, thank you.
  10. Starting QB visibly upset after heart-breaking last-second loss. Join us for more breaking news @ 11.
  11. What a way to pull a win out of your *** and make all of us look stupid. But yeah, this game opened up a river of weaknesses for us.
  12. I'm sure I've been called worse. We're too terrible against the run to be the best team in the league.
  13. The team definitely bought into the hype. They played today's game like it was gonna be a cakewalk. Where was the defensive movement and confusion? Why is that just not a thing anymore? And why the **** did we bring Mularkey back to roll the pocket on 3rd and ******* 3? Why did Matt Ryan make a stupid *** rookie mistake when if he would have just thrown the ball away we could have gone for it on 4th. So much stupidity from this team today. I think they crowned themselves a little early.
  14. That one is ALL on Koetter. ******* terrible playcalling.
  15. God I hope not. Our running game will be even worse than it is now. Hopefully we draft a feature back. Andre Ellington, Stepfan Taylor, Stefphon Jefferson, Le'Veon Bell. Quizz will never be feature back material.
  16. October 2nd is the premiere of the '2nd Season' of ESPN 30 for 30. The first film of the series is titled 'Broke.' Directed by Billy Corben, the same guy that directed 'The U' for the first 30 for 30. http://espn.go.com/v...clip?id=8420075
  17. Funny how we all **** on Pick's squad when he's got one of the best in the league.
  18. Why you sweat small stuff so hard? It's a thread for people to tell funny life stories in. You don't have to be gangsta for 24/7 you know. Loosen up turd.
  19. ******* christ. I can't believe that after this long, people still don't realize that it does not matter who the president is.
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