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  1. At some point, Moses is gonna need to move on...can't keep pickin the scab and expect to heal... But if he's not ready... #mbfriendsr4ever
  2. Lawyers for former ethics commission director Stacey Kalberman on Friday asked a judge to sanction her former bosses, her successor and the Office of the Attorney General for failing to turn over texts and emails between Holly LaBerge and top aides to Gov. Nathan Deal. Lost?
  3. The palease and the injustice system strike again. This is why everyone is in peril. It's not just 'criminals' who are being arrested, tried and convicted. Remember... I posted an article about how the average person commits a felony per day without even realizing it...smh Allen, who has no prior criminal record, told last month that she's very concerned about the future of her young children, Niaire, 10, and Sincere, 3. Superior Court Judge Michael Donio also denied a motion to overturn a decision not to allow Allen to participate in a pretrial intervention program to avoid jail time. Allen rejected a prosecutor's offer to serve 3 1/2 years in prison, her attorney, Evan Nappen, told "That's exactly what should be the solution here," Nappen said, referring to the intervention program. "So we're looking forward to that jury trial."
  4. If you or I point a gun at someone and they have a heart attack and's a homicide...not an accident.
  5. Made my fukkin blood boil!!!...still does...cops and the justice system are our enemies. I fear the police and the threat they pose on our citizenry about 1000 times more than Muslim terrorists.
  6. I'd settle for people understanding who cops are, how safe thier jobs actually are and quit this insane hero-worship of the most anti-American element of our society.
  7. Cops are cancerous colon polyps slowly killing society
  8. Because there were no teenagers drinking beer by the river...nothing better to do smh
  9. Because the truth about the POleece hurts too much for some, mostly whites, to accept, just like so many...their minds play tricks to make them believe a more 'comfortable' reality.
  10. I see things from both sides. If I'm a cop and you don't comply...we're gonna have problems
  11. One hang-up seems to be intent. We were raised to believe criminal intent was needed for a crime to be committed.'s not true, at least not any more. A woman and man broke into a man's home, he shot both, the woman died and they charged...not the shooter...a good thing...but the the male burglar with murder... If he can be charged with the death of his accomplice, a cop can be, should be....charged with killing someone they put in a chokehold...since intent is off the judicial table now
  12. It's not redundant and if I was a cop, I'd be mortified to be part of America's Second Civil War as well. When you try to tell most people, normal people, law-abiding citizens, that the cops view them as 'the enemy' they think you're about half a crock-pot, but the joke will be on them when they or one of their relatives run afoul of John Law...he's out there looking for perps as you read this...are you next?
  13. If another cop (even ONE) admits it's wrong it is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo wrong!!!
  14. He wasn't murdered, but his death was the result of negligence, so negligent homicide is the charge you or I would catch...but a cop?
  15. "But it’s time for conservatives’ unconditional love affair with the police to end" Be nice, after that, try not calling for the imprisonment of people who commit 'sins' or better yet, just repeal all vice laws and move the whole squad to homicide or burglary