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  1. Back in my day, we had to just hive dap, we didn't have no fancy sop
  2. The world can joke about our fan support, but not about our sense of humor
  3. Cats actually have a lotta pride, lol
  4. At some point, Moses is gonna need to move on...can't keep pickin the scab and expect to heal... But if he's not ready... #mbfriendsr4ever
  5. I thought Gurley would be good, even great, but he's looking special, I just hope the kid stays healthy and has a long career in the NFL. It may have become a passing league, but I'm still a rushing fan!
  6. Lawyers for former ethics commission director Stacey Kalberman on Friday asked a judge to sanction her former bosses, her successor and the Office of the Attorney General for failing to turn over texts and emails between Holly LaBerge and top aides to Gov. Nathan Deal. Lost?
  7. The perfect Kick-off chant like in college LOL
  8. He def said sop dap to ya
  9. Candidate for HOF? I vote yes
  10. The board's been like Marry Poppins compared to how we were in my youth. Make a mistake, any mistake and me and my friends were merciless in our razzing LOL...the good ole days
  11. Nope, it takes a few times, but you can hear "don't let the long ball die" Don't take my word, others have confirmed it. Kid was right, kudos, but gotta be able to take a joke to get by in life
  12. One of the things I've taught all my kids is to be able to laugh at themselves...I don't want 'em going through life with rustled jimmies
  13. I knew sop dap reminded me of something, just couldn't put my finger on it till this's a helluva drug, lol