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  1. Many differences, one of the biggest of course is; if you wanted to show out... you showed out, not this shite talkin to strangers on a mb noise...smh
  2. This should explain why the poleece are the ENEMY of the people...all people, just as much if not more than the protector of the people. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InyCNDZJOGA In case you didn't catch it....seatbelt violation...the driver smmfh
  3. 'those' people will never understand it's not what you make, it's what you keep. (they get RESPECT from Katy Perry for spending rent money on bottle service...this is how we do)
  4. Better than being a bitter financial snob judging people sitting in front of their keyboards
  5. If we win, I'll probably let out a whoop, pump my fist, then show my wife at least 25 states
  6. Statistically, especially scoring D, we've had a couple good years, but I've yet to see a Mike Smith D pass the smell test
  7. Every year I remind the Super Bowl homers we don't have the D...they're all caught up in a few teams with crap D who've won the SB combined with this whole QB driven league thing lol...it's been a QB driven league since the AFL/NFL merger Doesn't mean you can play Matador D
  8. I imagine there were plenty of naysayers back in 1348 "relax, nothin to see here" they said "we got it under control" they said :D
  9. I assume their angle is to kill the strain and thus keep their rep clean lol
  10. I don't mind motivational stuff, but I do hate the "if you think blah blah blah then repost" maniacs
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