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  1. Simply “played well” for one of the worst franchises in the NFL in that point despite no protection or teams around him. His first 6 seasons, he had two 40 TD seasons. Ryan hasn’t done that once his entire career. He was considered a top QB in the league every year he played. My point was, scouts were not wrong about Luck. He WAS a sure fire franchise QB, he was just the worst protected QB out of his class and over performed given the circumstances. That’s why he was a bad example. Just say Ryan Leaf or something if you want to talk about busts or ppl scouts were wrong about, Luck was not one of them.
  2. Baaaaad take, there’s a trillion other QBs you could’ve picked for an example that didn’t live up to expectations, Andrew Luck was absolutely the wrong example. The scouts were right about everything when it came to Luck, the only things that derailed his career were injuries and his own decision to retire. He was the sole bright spot on a horrible franchise and put up better numbers than most could have done in his circumstances. And if Ryan is considered a HoFer by this boards standards, then Luck absolutely would’ve been too, had he continued to play.
  3. We know the one factor in the way of a full rebuild but no one on this board can admit it.
  4. We’ll be married to him until the wheels fall off. In the Falcons troubled franchise story, he’s the only thing that’s given the Falcons stability. The only remaining player from the 2008 roster for a reason. with that being said, I’ve had this feeling I can’t shake that our last and best chance at a super bowl was 2016. I think Ryan is past his best playing days, but still has some gas left in the tank. It just sucks we could’ve fully committed to a rebuild this last year with a new HC but have one foot in the door and one out with Ryan at the helm.
  5. Honestly, there’s not much that can be done to deflate Julio’s trade value than what Julio’s already done. I know it’s uncertain if he would’ve said it knowing he was on air, but that got the cat out of the bag and it ain’t going back in.
  6. I saw fifth-year option wasn’t picked up after the draft, I thought this was the fifth year of his contract, my mistake.
  7. Hayden Hurst not with the team anymore unfortunately.
  8. Also Cincinnati have had quite a few legitimate teams in the same span Ryan has been in the league and they have the same amount of championships.
  9. The team sucks. You can get sensitive over the terminology but they have been mediocre-to-awful in the past few years. Julio is 31 years old, he has a few prime years left. If he doesn’t want to play here then that’s his decision. Most of us expected a middling season, why would we be surprised that Julio wants to play for a winning team? I support all local sports teams and don’t think it’s right to police how other fans speak about the franchise. We’ve had two playoff seasons out of the last 7, it is what it is. Comparing ourselves to the Jaguars and Lions will only do so much.
  10. 😂 hurt fan base that adored Julio as an all-timer now says he’s overrated because he doesn’t want to be in Atlanta anymore. It hurt when he said he was outta here, Julio is a genuinely great player who’s consistently a player at his position. But I’m not gonna hold it against someone I’ve never met because that’s childish. RISE UP but Julio ain’t do **** to nobody.
  11. Nahh, I support the team and respect the players. But the team sucks, and has for a while. 2016, 2012 and some of the early Mike smith years were bright spots in a long history of BS. The guilt tripping is kinda cringe tbh
  12. They’re going through the 7 stages of grief right now, they just made it past denial now they’re angry lmao. Now the whole board gonna pretend like Julio not one of if not THE greatest player to put on an ATL jersey. Criticizing one of the toughest WRs that plays through injury more than anyone else just because he doesn’t want to play for a poverty franchise anymore.
  13. I wouldn’t want to spend the last prime years of my HoF career hoping Matt shows up in a new system either. Go somewhere he can catch TDs, with a QB that can make plays in the red zone.
  14. I saw the title and almost rolled my eyes then saw the clip was from Jackson Krueger. Always sound, technical analysis from that channel.
  15. I’m not really buying the whole “Julio can’t track the ball that’s why he can never catch it in stride” argument, it seems to shift the blame from Ryan’s tendency to put too much air on deep throws, something he’s undeniably struggled with his whole career and somehow makes it Julio’s fault. The few clips that support this narrative aren’t really sufficient evidence. Ryan has two main weaknesses in the red zone that attribute to his downfall in the red zone IMO: The way he throws the fade and his inability to make plays with his legs. If you’re a pocket passer and you can’t throw the fade then your other go-to is usually a safety blanket TE ala Gronk or TG. With Pitts on the team, we’ll likely see Ryan’s numbers in the red zone go up this year. Julio’s will probably be the same. Also Julio drops at least one TD pass per year in spectacular fashion. Not enough to be a causal factor, but is that some of it is on him. However, I’d chock more of it up to Ryan than Julio. Julio likely has quite a few more TDs playing somewhere like Pittsburgh or Green Bay.
  16. I ain’t tryna be cute or clever dawg you’re the one writing dissertations complete with sassy gif reactions, I’m just stating facts. Nowhere outside of TATF will you find people asking if Ryan is better than Brady. Even at this point in his career, he’s still been better. If he declines this year that’s a different story.
  17. I mean, we could compare last years stats and Brady still had one of his best seasons ever. Nowhere else but TATF is this even a discussion.
  18. I think we just didn’t have the EDGE guys we wanted at our pick and had there been a Garrett/Chase Young type of pick we would’ve taken it. Hopefully we re-visit that position next offseason cause if not, we may be in for some 2015-2016 Saints type years with high scoring and record breaking my bad defense.
  19. How do you complain we have no depth but are opposed to trading back ? They’re trying to make sure that our roster isn’t paper thin.
  20. We need some guys on defense pretty bad atm. If it’s another offensive player it needs to be RB, otherwise it’s BPA on defense. Preferably a DB.
  21. I’m hoping for two outcomes, but I fear a third. The first is that we’re great under AS, and we manage to win a super bowl within our 2-3 year window. The other outcome is that we stink and get an opportunity to draft another QB in 2023-2024. The outcome i fear the most is that we’re just a middling team with middling draft picks because that’s when you sink into pure mediocrity. I can’t stand 8-8, be a contender or suck bad enough for me to at least not take them seriously. The middle ground sucks and drags out the rebuilding process.
  22. Taking a break from TATF and laying off the Ryan debate threads during the off-season is the best thing one can do for themself. Turns into a cesspool very quickly.
  23. Imagine feeling vindicated when the contract literally made it as clear as day lmao
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