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  1. You'd think in America, the supposed beacon of capitalism that we'd just be DYING to open up more industries. Yet weed is still illegal and so is prostitution. I truthfully don't understand this country sometimes.
  2. I could care less about clicks dude, I don't make money off this **** lol. It said he was arrested in the original twitter thread I saw, but I quoted this tweet and posted without fact checking first.
  3. Good depth signing, I ain't mad at all. btw, feel the bern
  4. We got shutdown in the playoffs every year with him. Hard pass.
  5. Chiefs vs Saints woulda been more entertaining to be honest. still glad they lost the way they did tho
  6. I said overrated but meant to say underrated. No receiver is "overrated" cause they're white lol my mistake.
  7. Yeah, edelman is definitely overrated because he's white. Also because his QB is Tom Brady.
  8. That's how I feel about country music to be honest.
  9. That no-look pass he made still blows my mind. I have NEVER seen that in the NFL.
  10. CTE in it's most severe forms are developed from boxing and from football. Soccer, NASCAR racing, basketball, etc. are all sports where players will pretty frequently experience concussions. The issue is, CTE is mainly formed from sub-concussive hits, not concussions. So, picture repeated blows to the head over and over again. The effects of these hits in isolation are minor, but accumulative sub-concussive hits result in effects that are very similar to that of a full-on concussion. Essentially, you can develop CTE without ever receiving a diagnosed concussion. Research has shown that playing in one football game has similar concussive effects as being involved in 62 car crashes. The physician who discovered CTE said this: "The issue is not about concussions. A concussion is a very severe type of injury that would manifest immediately with symptoms. For one documented concussion, there are thousands of sub-concussive blows. It is not about concussion, we should make that very clear. “It is about exposure to repeated blows of your head, repeated blunt force trauma of your head over time with or without concussions. With or without a helmet, you stand the risk of suffering irreversible brain damage.” Sorry man, I LOVE football but the reason people focus on football is because it is one of the primary causes of CTE along with boxing. Not a few concussions, but several sub-concussive hits. Which is what football is all about.
  11. Just to add on to my last post, there was a study done by Boston university that examined the brains of 111 ex-NFL players. 110 of them had CTE. If the military had a 99% mortality rate, we would have banned all wars at this point. link to that study:
  12. If you play from Pee Wee all the way to the NFL, the chances of you developing CTE is VERY likely, it's only the question of how severe it is. The chances of you dying in war (or at least the wars we're currently fighting in the middle east) is pretty low even if you're a marine relative to the chances of someone with a full football career developing CTE. In this example you use, I'd wager playing from age 6 to, say, age 32 is more dangerous than enlisting. Obviously, the consequences of the army are graver as you can sacrifice limbs or even die, but that isn't at all a guarantee. Playing a position like linebacker or lineman (on either side of the ball) for 18+ years almost guarantees that you will develop CTE at some point in your life. Once there is a reliable way to detect CTE in living patients (I'm not sure if this is possible as I'm not a neuroscientist), the NFL is absolutely done. Most parents I talk to now that are football fanatics say they are not going to let their kids play football. First, the talent pool will shrink, then the quality of the product will continue to shrink, the fanbase will shrink and then there could be state actions against it.