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  1. Is Lindstrom out for the season? I saw he underwent surgery but never saw news on how long he was supposed to be out.
  2. The next time Matt has a multi-INT game I'm posting that rex grossman meme but with Ryan instead.
  3. fixed that for you
  4. tf does Arizona have that many picks against us?
  5. I honestly couldn't help but feel bad for Vic here. how does that happen?? also, click the full image to see just how ridiculous it is that Wentz got the throw off. His knee is a centimeter off the ground.
  6. bad ryan is elite confirmed
  7. wait until you tell him about Dan Marino.
  8. Freeman inexcusably missed a block, Shanahan inexcusably kept calling pass plays and Dan Quinn inexcusably didn't overrule him. You can say a lot of things about Ryan. He sucks throwing off of his backfoot and he's as mobile as a statue. But you can't say he didn't play his *** off every game in 2016. The man had like one bad game that year and it was against Philly (when Julio and Matt Bryant also sucked for some reason).
  9. I would only take pre-2012 playoff Eli
  10. Ryan had the highest QBR of any QB that has lost a Super Bowl. It was a **** near perfect game.
  11. Shanahan got us there, too. We put the L on him, but no single man is at fault. The team collectively choked.
  12. I'm skeptical of anyone that gatekeeps like that. Like who tf are you to call anyone someone else a "fake" fan. It's just a lazy argument to avoid any criticism. I saw some guy on here the other day that wrote about how much the Falcons disappoint him and how he has no hope for the future and how this franchise only brings him pain, etc.. but for some reason the dude still watches every sunday and even posts online about the team. Is that healthy? No. Would I do that? No. Is he a real fan? absolutely. No sane person would go through that kind of self-harm if they weren't a fan.
  13. you think the people with THOUSANDS of posts on a message board dedicated to the Falcons are the reason we have to pump noise into the stadium? ok
  14. thought you were going to make a piss drinking joke, that probably would've been funnier.