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  1. Ryan and Julio will take up a combined 25% of our cap lol. The idea that they’re not massively contributing to us being in cap hill is ridiculous.
  2. Can’t let the past determine your future.
  3. Remember when Chase Young was a potential future Falcon? That was a nice alternate reality.
  4. No, we “almost” made it to the NFCCG. We got stopped short in the divisional round. In the last 11 seasons we’ve had one super bowl appearance and a bunch of whoopsies and almosts. We were up 25 pts in the Super Bowl with Kyle Shanahan leading the offense. Now he’s lost another super bowl, and we’ve failed to make the playoffs two seasons in a row (with a veteran QB and practically the same roster) Ego or not, he’s still a very good coach and a better option than DQ.
  5. “No way should Hull have been that wide open down field” SOO many people have uttered this sentence after losing to the Chiefs lol. If you grabbed 50 of the fastest people in the world, I’m almost certain Tyreek is in that group. Dude is unreal.
  6. Ah, thank you sir. I don’t pay attention it much, but I’m glad some others agree. Hating a coach then seeing the next coach fail and missing your previous coach is PEAK NFL fandom. Especially if you’re a Falcons fan.
  7. Vic is so **** soft I’m glad his *** is gone. All athleticism and no toughness.
  8. I don’t dispute this but people around here act like we’d already have a Lombardi if it weren’t for Shanny and that just isn’t true. Also, I still blame Quinn for not overruling him.
  9. It’s SO wild to me that people think Shanny “costed us” the super bowl. As if his 7th highest of all-time scoring offense wasn’t basically the sole reason for us being there. There would be no super bowl without Shanny lol, stop it.
  10. If it weren’t for that guy, Ryan would be ringless and MVP-less. He was the only coach that got elite production out of our offense and maximized Ryan’s potential. If his two biggest failures are that he lost to other really good teams in the super bowl, then he’s still better than every single head coach that has ever been in Atlanta.
  11. Your first sentence is so key. He was able to improvise in crucial moments. And they were running options! Crazy stuff, man.
  12. Talking about the passing porn threads? Yeah, they’re annoying and part of the reason I spend more time on r/nfl or twitter than these boards. Literally EVERY day there’s a “hehe, wait until the Ryan haters hear about THIS one super specific stat” thread and it’s unbelievably boring. It’s like posters come back every day to circle jerk about the exact same thing.
  13. QB wins and yards are always irrelevant. Only efficiency matters!
  14. Long may they reign. New Era.