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  1. @JD dirtybird21did y’all remove the other thread about the “trade” ? I clicked my notifs and it said it wasn’t unavailable.
  2. If we trade Ryan and Julio, that would literally be tanking lol. We don’t even have a permanent HC or GM yet I HIGHLY doubt Arthur is making moves like this, unless someone slipped adderall into his pistachio.
  3. The QB draft thing pretty much depends on our placement. If we’re not top 5 there’s no point of even really discussing it unless there’s some project QB that would be worth developing but at that point I’d just go pass rusher. Lawrence won’t be a Falcon and I don’t think fields will either. IF you get the opportunity you don’t pass it up but that’s a massive if.
  4. I keep telling ppl the Falcons are so much easier to watch when you’re not emotionally invested. I just watch for individual player performances, seeing how the young guys are coming along and I don’t mind us taking the Ls as much. I figured this was a lost season as soon as Quinn kept his job after 2019.
  5. So what’s the verdict on DQ? Great coordinator but bad head coach? Or a coordinator that rode the coattails of an extremely talented Seahawks roster? It’s puzzling just how bad of a HC Quinn might have actually been.
  6. We get ONE win and y’all forget that we’ve never had a pass rush in TDs entire career and a top 5 offensive line only once, maybe twice.
  7. Where else do you find QBs? Ryan was also “one of the kids in college” at a certain point in his career, I’m not sure what you were getting at with this post.
  8. You kind of just contradicted yourself in the first sentence. “Blank never makes decisions..except when he approves or disapproves of them” how does that make sense ?
  9. Ryan’s biggest legacy will be creating consistency for Atlanta and ultimately paving the way for the next QB. The attitude that he’s the best QB we’ll ever have is flat out disrespectful to Arthur Blank, who has done a great job as an owner. There’s been some hiccups but you can tell the dude actually cares about his team and city. And what did he say about Ryan’s future? He said he’d leave it up to the next coach and GM. Yet certain high and mighty posters around here who fancy themselves “football understanders” think they have more insight than the owner himself. Ryan’s future in
  10. It’s possible to acknowledge what Ryan has done for the franchise and also question his future with the team. Rivers was a great QB for the Chargers, but they didn’t miss a beat when they had the opportunity to replace him with the QB of the future. The blatant golden boy syndrome some posters have when it comes to Ryan borders on idolization. Ryan doesn’t pay our bills, we don’t owe him jack ****. He’s good at his job, but how good he’ll be in the future and at what cost remains in question.
  11. I hope Ryan balls out and lives surpasses expectations. I just wish it weren’t with the Falcons. TD being gone means a potential full rebuild, and there is nothing more in this world that I would want to see than a dynamic QB in Atlanta with a new bright young coaching staff. Thank you Ryan, but the packers didn’t wait around for Favre or Rodgers to completely suck before drafting a replacement. The chargers didn’t wait. The cowboys didn’t wait for Tony Romo. Not everyone gets their happy ending, and we should jump on the opportunity to get a QB of the future if possible.
  12. Goff was the weakest link in that Super Bowl and the rams would probably be better off with a QB that can actually move. Derek Carr runs a 4.65 40 and Roethlisberger has a better arm than Ryan.
  13. Ryan Tannehill runs a 4.65 and was a WR in college.
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