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  1. A lot of people talk about their speed, their potential, their talent. But this guy brags about his motor. You have to love it. Because you don't prove you have a good motor one day out of the week, or one game out of the season. You prove you have the best motor by competing as hard as you possibly can every single hour of the day. And this kid is making a statement that he has the best work ethic out of ANYONE in the 2017 class, and he's willing to back it up. GET TO THE QUARTERBACK MAN.
  2. We've got a tough group of players in Atlanta, man. Ryan is **** near never hurt, Julio constantly playing through injury, Alex Mack playing a broken leg in the Super Bowl and now Takk playing through his whole senior season despite nagging injuries. Luckily in Atlanta, we've got more than enough depth to keep him fresh and ready to go. Ordering this guy's jersey as soon as I can.
  3. For those who didn't watch, let me summarize what Dimitroff said: It's cause he GETS TO THE QUARTERBACK MAN
  4. It's one of those cuts that look better with the helmet on.
  5. Yeah, that was...uncomfortable, to say the least.
  6. Look, I know TD has said that Schweitzer has made strides and I understand that a full off-season in the NFL can produce leaps and bounds of improvement in a young player BUT We're transitioning from Kyle Shanahan (hate him or not, his system worked all the way up until the last drive of the Super bowl) to Steve Sarkisian and we have to expect some offensive downturn. I'm not saying we're going to majorly regress, but there's a good chance that some of the flaws we had last year that were covered up by the system may be exposed this year. And there's a good chance one of those flaws is going to be the interior of our offensive line. Our defense will almost certainly be better, but if we don't draft a guard to come in and compete with Schweitzer, the odds are not in our favor. He's a 6th round project pick and you'd have to be knocking on wood to not be skeptical. I want him to do well just as much as anyone else, but is anyone worried that if we don't pickup a guard at some point in this draft that Ryan will be spending more time on his back ala 2015?
  7. Mann, our DL is DISGUSTING this year. No more of Brees barely stepping into the pocket. No more of Cam casually slipping out of the pocket. No more Jameis Winston breaking 3 tackles in the backfield to pull off some circus pass. NO. WE GOING TO GET THE QUARTERBACK MAN. FINE ME LATER!
  8. Thank God he wasn't a Falcons fan, or else he probably would've died from a broken heart after our Super Bowl..
  9. Competitiveness is one of the traits that Quinn always hammers on. It's one thing to hear from college coaches how "competitive" a player is, but if you take two first-round prospects and pair them together in drills, you can see just how competitive they are for yourself.
  10. I doubt Adoree will fall too far now that Sidney Jones has a torn Achilles.
  11. Can't remember a time I was ever this excited about our defense. We're gonna get after some *** next year on defense, I think Quinn has made that his mission. Fast and physical!
  12. Special teams could certainly improve in the return game.
  13. I'd just hate to pass on Baker. I think the guy has potential to be really productive in the right situation.
  14. If we drafted Cam Robinson in the first and traded our 2nd and 3rd to move up in the 2nd to get Budda Baker ? I'm not sure on Schweitzer, but Robinson would give us a long term solution at guard while also being able to move to tackle if need be. Drafting Budda Baker would give us the out fielder we desperately need at FS.