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  1. I say this all the time. As long as billionaires have a a shared stake in the NFL, it will continue to move. Even if it ruins the lives of many. I played football for 12 years. My memory has worsened, I have several mental health issues that I'd rather not disclose, I struggle to assemble sentences at times when I vividly remember being more articulate at a younger age and often have troubles focusing. I'm 20 years old. I don't know if this all because of football. Maybe it's genetics. Maybe I don't read enough and it's caused my vocabulary to go down. Maybe I don't diet well enough and it's resulted in some mental deficiencies. I don't know if it's from the years of concussions and constant contact two-a-days. But if there was a sure-way of knowing if I have CTE or not, I would do it without a doubt.
  2. Snelling was a little swiss army knife. Had great hands too. Seemed to always be there for a clutch 3rd down conversion.
  3. When was the last time their entire LOB was healthy against us? Could be tough in the rain. Definitely need to establish the run early or we could be in trouble. Their offense, however, has no running-gain and we do great against mobile QBs.
  4. I like how everyone in this thread basically said exactly what I said in my own post. I know he spies the QB and limits mobile QBs. But when we go against pocket QBs with half decent edge protection, Vic is often nowhere to be found (case-in-point: the Super Bowl). If his role isn't to be a consistent edge rusher (if you look at his stats from last year and include stats such as hurries and QB hits, he achieved sacks at an unsustainable rate), then I guess it's on Takk. I'm not disappointed per se, but really wonder if his role will continue to expand or change in the future. This whole "with us or against us" hivemind attitude on this board is way toxic and doesn't actually promote discussion. Not everything has to be overt homerism.
  5. You know I was disappointed with Reeds' play early in 2016, but I was never once disappointed with his hair.
  6. This is not a thread to discredit or disrespect Vic Beasley in anyway. I love the kids athletic talent and his humble attitude. He's a phenomenal athlete and I'm well aware that he led the league in sacks last year. But are we going to see more consistent pressure from the 8th overall pick Vic Beasley? He's great at stunts, he can hawk down QBs like Dak and even drop back into coverage -- I'm not doubting that he's played a role on our defense -- but when are we going to see Beasley develop into the consistent pass rusher? Someone that offensive coordinators constantly have to account for? Is that potential there at all for Beasley? I couldn't help but wonder this when watching Clayborn run wild on poor Chaz Greene. I know Greene is a d-list NFL tackle and all, but Beasley has 4 sacks through 7(?) games and has yet to have a day where he really takes over.
  7. Say it again for the people in the back.
  8. Don't you dare insult Maury Povich by comparing him to Colin Cowherd.
  9. Dak was mincemeat by the 3rd quarter. He didn't want to run.
  10. Mark my words. We are the 2014 Broncos. Dan Quinn is and always will be a defensive-minded head coach. He wants (and most likely will do anything that is needed) to acquire a top 5 defense. The Seahawks defense in their prime was the defense under Quinn. That level of dominance definitely declined after Quinn left Seattle. This defense has been steadily improving since Quinn has arrived. Matt Ryan has never had a defense this good since 2012, and that was a very bend-don't-break defense. It was not nearly as talented as this one. With Beasley, Jones, Neal, McKinley, Clayborne, Campbell, Jarrett, Alford and Trufant - this defense is young and as fast as ever. And it's not even close to done. Quinn has relentlessly drafted defensive players with great athletic talent and I have no doubt he will continue to do so in the future. We had a historically good offense in 2016. The Broncos had a historically good offense in 2013. With a defensive minded head coach, they slowly transitioned to having a great defense with a capable QB and they won it all. 2017 is not our year. I'm not trying to be a negative nancy -- I'm simply sharing my opinion based off of observations made off of historical trends. This offense is clearly going through a transition, but the defense is steadily improving while also being loaded with young talent. 2018 will be the year that the Falcons are Super Bowl contenders. It will be a fun season to watch in 2017, and plays will be made -- but overall, this is not our year. This is pure speculation and anything could happen within the next 7 weeks but just by looking at the numbers and what Dan Quinn is all about -- I think we needed a rebound year after last year's super bowl.
  11. I was a young buck at the time of that game against Green Bay. But I still remember how dominant Vick looked. Such an unbelievable talent.
  12. You know you can't blame me for tapering my expectations after last years Super Bowl. For the record, this team has all the talent in the world to go on a streak ala Giants in 2011. It's there. It's just rare that things like that actually happen. We have the same talent. If Sarkisian finds a groove, watch out. BUT that's a big if given what we've seen from him. Our offense has only really shined against Detroit, Green Bay and today against Dallas. They looked GREAT today, and I really enjoyed watching them. But it will get harder from here on out. This team is gonna have to make serious strides. That win against Dallas might've been what we needed.
  13. We looked good. The defense made good plays and didn't commit stupid penalties. The offense beat up on a battered Dallas defense just as they should. But Dallas was missing Tyron Smith, Ezekiel Elliott and Sean Lee. That's the equivalent of us missing Julio, Alex Mack and Deion Jones. It was a good team win, similar to the win against Green Bay. And a win is absolutely a win. But if you're determining our chances of winning the division based off of this game and not the 9 games we've played as a whole, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. We could get it together on offense and become a threat. We could learn from our mistakes and minimize penalties/turnovers and win the division. But doing those things are difficult and there's no guarantee it will happen. And using this game a determinant for the rest of the season would be a big mistake. With that being said, stop ****ting on our defense. It's not the problem and hasn't been the problem all season. Last year our defense sucked and improved mid-way through the season. This year our offense has sucked and desperately has to improve mid-season. It's possible and if it does happen, we could go far. And even if we don't go far in the playoffs (if we get there), this team has a ton of potential and you certainly shouldn't lose hope in the organization.
  14. We were lucky to get Ryan after the Petrino disaster.