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  1. Wait, Jimmy G had a $37m cap hit? Jesus ******* christ that is insane.
  2. Quinn doesn't want to bring in a coach that's competent enough to possibly take his position.
  3. The only receivers out of that bunch that would see the field on our team are DJ Moore and Samuel. Cam is apart of the problem but Funchess and Benjamin weren't exactly worldbeaters either.
  4. The kid's good enough to compete in the NFL. Now get him a line.
  5. Then you're a fake fan!!
  6. What's more important to you? Two first round draft picks or beating the Panthers? C'mon man
  7. I'd argue top-level draft prospects would be even more healthy for the organization.
  8. Y'all are really arguing that pointless wins are more important than extremely valuable draft position. There is a HUGE difference between #11 and #4. If rooting for my team when the season is over makes me a real fan, you can call me plastic cause that **** is stupid. The fact that y'all can fix your lips to call anyone that watches this team a "fake fan" after SBLI is a whole joke.
  9. The team will never intentionally tank, players/coaches are trying to keep their jobs. With that being said, these wins are absolutely meaningless and do more harm than good.
  10. Wouldn't be opposed to this. Not that many good prospects on the market for OC rn.
  11. I'm mad that this team looked competent for 3 straight weeks and got my hopes up more than anything.
  12. used maybe at payless
  13. I really don't care what you have to say. The statement "Julio would be average without Ryan" is a sentiment that you would only ever hear on TATF. It's an insult to Julio, that man would be dominant no matter what jersey he put on.
  14. Wait, Vel, I get that we were bad in drives per game -- but what defenses did we have that were better in that metric? The 2012 defense maybe?
  15. Ryan is good, but there are clearly QBs that are better, more talented, can do more, etc.. Julio is pretty much THE bar for a dominant NFL receiver. He's so **** good most people don't even grieve about giving up the farm for him. He just needs to match his current production for another few seasons and he's almost guaranteed a HoF spot. Can't say the same for Ryan. He'll be competing with Rivers and Romo. Don't bring down one player to prop up another, that's all I'm saying.