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  1. Y'all can't talk **** about Gruden anymore, that team is LOADED with picks. He as a 10 year window and he knows it, he's gonna build his team.
  2. Having Mack + a franchise QB contract on their team would've been impossible. He's gutted the team, but honestly they had that same roster last year and were still bad. Not to say I agree with his decisions, but it's going to be really interesting to see what he does these next two years.
  3. Probably? Who's even in the discussion with Belichick?
  4. We did pretty bad even when Freeman was in, though. Blocking is a bigger issue, imo.
  5. I'm envisioning Riley trying to tackle Barkley as we speak. It's an awful image
  6. That first week was so pathetic he deserved every bit of criticism he got. He's rebounded since then and deserves props. Haters, including myself, need to enjoy this crow. I'd rather see him ball and eat crow than be right and see him play terribly.
  7. We'll pull out 3 at the most, I doubt we win all 4 this team is not disciplined enough. I wouldn't be surprised if we dropped one to the Browns or Redskins. I think we can handle Dallas and New York.
  8. People pretending like the #8 overall pick being a complete ghost isn't an issue, SMH
  10. Someone told me Takk would be bested by Beasley this season. Can't remember who that was. Takk is a dogg, you could tell from his first sack. Beasley has been a one-trick pony and even his 16 sack season was underwhelming because he had almost zero impact during the playoffs.
  11. Right, which again -- is why I said "IF". Because let's be honest, it would not be unlike this organization to come out and lay an egg after high offseason expectations. SBLI took it out of me. I still love the team, but you'd have to be crazy to get emotionally invested or even worse -- optimistic. We're good. But so is our division and the rest of the NFC. And we're also really unhealthy. We could pull it off and go on a run like the 2011 Giants, but that's what every team that starts off bad hopes for. On the bright side, if you do catch me being optimistic then it means we must have one **** of a team.
  12. Don't finger-wag at everyone else that's not at optimist, that is YOUR choice as a fan. And I said IF because I do still have a slither of hope they can get it together to at least break .500 We could come back, but that would require us surviving until DeBo gets back. It's a crapshoot. I just want to have an engaging discussion, and offseason talks are more fun to participate in than the constant crapfest of negativity and fan gatekeeping that's around these boards when we're losing games.
  13. God, I didn't know how bad the QB class was for this draft. Hard pass.
  14. Ridley and Ito look good. We overpaid Freeman. We overpaid Tru. Oliver looks a little raw, but the ability is there. There are positives to this season. Our rookies look good, that's what keeps faith alive for the future. Takk looks great. Our defense is still good but we're down two safeties and a borderline all-pro ILB in DeBo. Only so much you can expect after that.
  15. It wouldn't be a sexy pick, but it would be great to pair Matthews next to a young stud if we had a shot at one. Why do you say no to OG? Gotta remember we gotta build the trenches on the offensive line if we want to get value out of Ito and Ridley. Yeah, Ridley's been going off but he'll KEEP going off if we keep building the offensive line. A top notch center wouldn't hurt either as Mack is approaching the near end of his career.