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  1. You're not wrong but I wish you were.
  2. He's most likely a bust. It sucks, it would've been ideal if him and Collins could've panned out. Collins can't stop being an idiot and Riley just looks lost at all times. Next up.
  3. wtf does Kellyanne Conway know about football anyway?
  4. LOL I was waiting on somebody to mention it
  5. eh, I think I'll settle for some humble pie instead BUT I thought I was gonna be robbed of getting to see Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones side by side. You already know that would've been heartbreaking
  6. Let me clarify a few things first: I love this team through and through, and I think Arthur Blank and TD have overall done a great job as owner/GM. With that being said, I am so incredibly disappointed by our team's management these past two years. Devonta Freeman -- despite us having Tevin Coleman and plenty of draft stock -- received the highest paid contract for a RB in the LEAGUE. Desmond Trufant, despite missing the entirety of 2016 and our defense actually improving -- received an incredibly lucrative contract. Tevin Coleman has been reported to receive his money soon as well. If you thought this was going to be an anti-Julio thread, you might as well walk out because I'm about to BLAST this front office. Y'ALL MADE SAM BAKER one of the HIGHEST PAID TACKLES IN THE LEAGUE. SAM MOTHER****ING BAKER. HE HAD DINOSAUR ARMS, A BACK MADE OUT OF GLASS AND ONE PRODUCTIVE YEAR. ONE. Y'ALL ARE WILLING TO DISH OUT HUGE CONTRACTS TO PLAYERS THAT HAVE NOT EARNED IT AND THEN WHEN PLAYERS WHO ACTUALLY DESERVE BONUSES NEED IT, WE'RE ******. To the fans who think it'll be as easy as just trading Julio away from some draft stock..listen closely because you don't get it. You can replace Devonta Freeman and Desmond Trufant. You can't find another Julio. Sark was TERRIBLE in 2017 with the best receiver in the league, how bad do you think he's going to be without Julio drawing double teams? If TD ever lets DeBo walk, I'm retiring my football fandom. I'm furious, and I know a lot of y'all are too.
  7. ..y'all really tryna cope with the trauma, huh?
  8. He really said he didn't know the league was compromised of majority black players. Have you ever watched an actual game before???
  9. If Brandon Fusco is better than Schweitzer was last year, we're alright.
  10. I love Vick, I'm not saying he's a layman when it comes to football, he's still a former professional football player (which requires a foundation of knowledge in itself. Players are good at their specific position but may still be students in terms of learning all components and facets of their game in other areas. Vick was an absolute freak of nature, but I don't think he had a thorough enough understanding of the game to really shine as an "expert".
  11. His playstyle relied heavily on his athleticism, so I feel like he could never naturally progress into an 'expert' because he just didn't really start developing a knowledge of the game until he was on his way out of the NFL. He's still very much a student if you think about it.
  12. HA! must be
  13. If Ridley doesn't make our offense dynamic, all **** will break loose.
  14. Hey man, I sniff bath salts responsibly
  15. [bold] I've never looked it at that way. I'll look into that poll business, but this was really interesting to me. My family used to do a lot of private contracting so used to work with illegals all the time. They're great people fleeing a terrible situation in their homeland, but it really is a mess because it has a negative effect on the current citizens just from them being here. Not from them committing crimes, but that's just the effect they have on the economy. I've worked with a couple of legal hispanic citizens that were born to illegal parents that were deported so they were forced into independence as early as 17. Which is crazy to me, because I always had support. I couldn't imagine how hard it would've been or how hard it would be CURRENTLY if I didn't have both parents let alone losing both. Just like most issues in this country, I don't think the challenges facing young black men today are going to be changed until there's a strong majority desire to actually change it. A lot of people don't even understand why black crime is an issue or why just having "more police" doesn't work. People have to be aware of WHY these issues exist, and a lot of people are simply not. Also, don't mistake me for a liberal. I'm left-leaning, but I honestly despise both parties and the majority of corporate mascots that run them. I tend to make excuses for Obama because I respect him simply because I can't not have respect for someone that was president of Harvard Law Review and also the first black POTUS which is a huge achievement in and of itself. Obama inherited an economy that was in it's worst state since the great depression. That's the only reason I don't go in on him is because I know he wasn't just playing golf all day. As for Trump, I will never forget when he said his solution to black-on-black crime was to enforce STOP AND FRISK. Man, Gazoo I think you have good intentions, but I don't believe for one second that if we substituted every democratic congressman and city leader out with a republican that somehow black crime and poverty would be closer to being resolved.