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  1. The crazy thing is, it’s his biggest supporters on here that think that.
  2. I'll just never be mad at a pick in the trenches on either side of the ball at this position in the draft. Either Debo needs help staying clean on defense or Ryan can always use more time on offense. I don't think you can go wrong at either one.
  3. Don't know if this has been shared yet. Saw some mocks with him going to ATL at #4.
  4. It’s really beyond idiocy and mortgaging the future for some last ditch. Take note from the Packers and Chargers. Get your replacement while you can. Now is literally the best tone to do it
  5. Can’t feel too bad about it, just moved up the draft boards babyyy
  6. @JD dirtybird21did y’all remove the other thread about the “trade” ? I clicked my notifs and it said it wasn’t unavailable.
  7. If we trade Ryan and Julio, that would literally be tanking lol. We don’t even have a permanent HC or GM yet I HIGHLY doubt Arthur is making moves like this, unless someone slipped adderall into his pistachio.
  8. The QB draft thing pretty much depends on our placement. If we’re not top 5 there’s no point of even really discussing it unless there’s some project QB that would be worth developing but at that point I’d just go pass rusher. Lawrence won’t be a Falcon and I don’t think fields will either. IF you get the opportunity you don’t pass it up but that’s a massive if.
  9. I keep telling ppl the Falcons are so much easier to watch when you’re not emotionally invested. I just watch for individual player performances, seeing how the young guys are coming along and I don’t mind us taking the Ls as much. I figured this was a lost season as soon as Quinn kept his job after 2019.
  10. So what’s the verdict on DQ? Great coordinator but bad head coach? Or a coordinator that rode the coattails of an extremely talented Seahawks roster? It’s puzzling just how bad of a HC Quinn might have actually been.
  11. We get ONE win and y’all forget that we’ve never had a pass rush in TDs entire career and a top 5 offensive line only once, maybe twice.
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