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  1. obvious bait, 2/10, please try again OP
  2. I know Ridley and Oliver can ball. If we can get our first 4 picks to pan out, this ends up a dream draft. Any more than that, it's winning the lottery.
  3. The falcoholic messaged me once and asked me to be on of their writers, so no -- i don't think they have any real writers lol.
  4. Woo, it's crazy how quick these boards will turn on a player.
  5. Yep. I'm on controller #4 since 2015 and my last one only made it 4 months before I needed to replace it. It's insane how cheap they are.
  6. I miss that feeling. I was like, insanely good at this game for a minute. It's a great game, I just rarely play it anymore for some reason.
  7. Honestly though, the writing was terrible. Natalie Portman is a great actress that was awful in Episode 3.
  8. It's a buggy mess, though. Lots of fun, got a huge base with some buddies but it's so unpolished.
  9. I have a feeling we're drafting a DE next year, honestly. If it ain't DE then it'll be LB or FS. But for some reason, I feel like we'll end up addressing DT outside of the draft or Deadrin will pan out. But no way we can replace Campbell, Jones, Beasley, Neal and Allen all in the same year. One of them will be replaced via first round draft pick.
  10. Not surprised. His biggest issues are him having to come off the field due to nagging injuries, not what he does when he actually gets on. It's funny, people say Antonio Brown is the better receiver but I honestly think if Julio were in Pittsburgh, people would say the opposite. Not because Big Ben is that much better than Ryan, more that Big Ben's touch on those deep passes is insane. I remember watching AB and Big Ben during the AFC divisional game against Jacksonville and thinking "****, Big Ben throws a pretty deep ball". Julio - at his best - is the best receiver in the league.
  11. I would have rather lost to the Packers in the NFCCG than have lost to New England in that way. It was just so...ugh
  12. This was beautifully written, that's essentially what a franchise QB is and why it's so valuable. It's like "we have a chance" with this guy. Hopefully, when Ryan is gone that we can find the next "our guy" quickly. I'd hate to watch us turn into the Raiders or Bucs where we fall off a cliff after our first Super Bowl win.
  13. Mularkey doesn't get that credit because even though he contributed in developing Ryan, he couldn't get Ryan to that next level. It's the same reason he was fired in Tennessee. He's a great coach for developing a young QB (Ryan, Mariota) but he wasn't the long term solution. Koetter was alright, but predictable and underachieved given the rosters he had to work with (Tony Gonzalez, Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Roddy White). I truly think Shanahan was the only great OC that Ryan has ever had. Koetter and Mularkey are good -- but just that. The rest of the elite QBs of the league have access to great OCs every year (McDaniels, McCarthy, Sean Payton). With that being said, KS is football mastermind (just look at his dad) and getting OCs like him are rare. I'm not blaming the organization for that at all.
  14. It's funny because I kind of saw the shift in 2013. Obviously, that season was a complete disaster but I remember the first game of the season against the Saints, I saw something change in Ryan's game. His whole career prior to that, Ryan would always go down on the first hit. He never quite made that second effort to keep the play alive like you'd see some other QBs do. He was more of a Brady-esque pocket passer in the sense that he was easy to bring down. In that first game of 2013 against the Saints, he was actually making guys miss and keeping plays alive. Like it was obvious that Ryan was bringing out all the tools to win. We still lost, the same way we lost the other 11 games that year -- due to bad coaching, a thin/injured roster and bad blocking, but I saw that something changed in his game. That he was making an effort to improve the lacklustre parts of his game. Even this year, with him going to that QB coach to try to improve his deep ball. Obviously, it didn't turn out as well as we hoped but the fact that he even TRIED is what impresses me. He seems like he's constantly trying to improve every aspect of his game, even after he's already become the franchise QB with the big-money contract. I wouldn't be surprised to see his deep-ball accuracy skyrocket this year because that's who Matt Ryan is. He's a competitor and is constantly trying to improve.
  15. Fortunately for me, the Falcons have always been competitive during my lifetime. I think I've grown tired of how close we get without winning it all. 28-3 was emotional torture. But I understand that the NFL is a very luck-based sport where a lot of things have to go right for you to be successful. I've witnessed awful Falcon play like in 2007, and obviously our post-Julio-draft fallout in 2013-2015. But I thankfully wasn't around since the Falcons early existence when they were mediocre.