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  1. I don't understand what the problem is. Isn't shipping jobs overseas to increase your bottom line Captialism at it's finest, and something every true Murican should be in favor of?
  2. It's not unheard of. I believe someone outed Steve for it, and there may have been others. Also, you don't seriously believe someone got ahold of Arthur Blanks personal email address? Impossible.
  3. How in the heck would someone get Arthur Blanks personal email address? I certainly hope it isn't true about the moderators participating in this sort of activity. The Falcons promote these message boards and use it for marketing. Certain advertisers could choose to not be affiliated with this web site, and the Falcons could lose advertizing revenue. I know of video game website that generates revenue through banner ads, and they have strict rules that are enforced. The banning feature isn't supposed to be a toy for bored people to play with and abuse. You're supposed to prevent the trolls not create them.
  4. Of course it was because it proved that the mods were involved in this ********. Sac needs to realize that the internet is forever. I also have this wonderful tool called SnagIt so I have screen captured the evidence.
  5. This is only my second name, and my first name was banned because the mods are a bunch of douchebags.
  6. I was Cali_Fan420 and would love my name back (even though I no longer live in Cali). I've had that name on these boards since Vick was drafted. I was banned by Sac because I called a fake accounts fake wife a bad name. Seems I should get an apology and an account reinstatement especially considering we now know the mods were involved in the alts.
  7. Might I remind you about slander barrister? Don't make me throw a hissy fit. Anyway, that last part was supposed to be funny, not serious.
  8. Here is the thing that bugs me about this. I've met most of you at the gatherings. I've shared my smoke with some of you. ****, I even like most of your personally. To know now that a few of you have been working these alts and acting like douchebags is disappointing. You mother****ers are playing with my emotions.
  9. I suppose you checked under my other account that was banned, on my Facebook, or in personal conversations I've had?
  10. Considering the Federal and Local goverments have a partnership with Microsoft to develop better COOP tools and capabilities, and the fact that the DOJ just dropped WordPerfect in favor of Word, I would say you're way off base lostone.
  11. How does cutting social programs that cost less than a few hundred million a year solve anything?
  12. Since you know he said that, would you mind posting a link to it so I can read it? I would like to see where he called a person with a $200k salary a millionaire.
  13. I use Ubuntu as a kiosk PC at my work. If you administer a Red Hat server, you should probably notice all of the updates that need to be applied constantly.
  14. I had a feeling about it a while ago. You sent me a PM because you thought I called you out about it before. That, and I wondered why you tried to have a conversation with me after I posted a picture of my drift boat in a snake thread.
  15. Thanks Acworth. I had a lot of fun out on my boat this weekend, but it's not as fun as watching you create threads using an alt, and then responding to yourself.
  16. Boy I tell ya what, crabbing on the Oregon coast is really fun. Especially when you bring home a nice large one. I found that a mix of herring and chicken works best.
  17. My Windows 7 machine at home hasn't been rebooted in like 2 months, and I don't have any slow down. Are you still running windows 95, or ar you just one of those anti-microsoft people?
  18. I call ********. These mods do not send out warnings.
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