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  1. I was actually surprised after Vic was drafted, the announcers started playing clips of how lazy he is. I was kinda hoping he slipped to us but, I was actually thankful he didn't. When they are drafted, that's the time to prop up the player and discuss how good he will be. That wasn't the case last night and the footage showed his laziness and poor run defense.
  2. Yeah, I didn't realize he was such a lazy player. Glad yall got him.
  3. Hmmm, I didn't realize how lazy he was. Good pickup!!
  4. Just 2 prime times? Heck, we were 7-9 and have 3.
  5. It's roster bonuses spread out evenly throughout the life of contract. 1-3 guys a year get this, which they love bc it's money up front. What's so hard to understand? I know, I know, TD doesn't quite get it yet. He's still learning. After another crop of TJ Yates and Tyson Jacksons maybe he will become tired of mediocrity.Hey, like I said in another post, he's not making it easy on himself. He just does what he's gotta do to get good players. Another thing, why in the world are yall sitting on so much cap when the best pass rushers are flying off the board? Orakpo has pretty much moved on. TD is just scared to pull the trigger!!
  6. As much as I clown that he is dumb, I'm sure it's just that he is conservative. Which is safe at the very least. Hey, I'm not saying Loomis makes it easy on himself every year. Gotta be taxing to do that shizz every year.
  7. That's hilarious!! Did yall get in any trouble for that? As with our "pay for performance" I'm sure many teams do it (pump in noise).
  8. Yeah, he's been doing it since he got here. All it is really, is restructuring a contract. Paying the guys upfront and spreading the cap hit through out the life of the contract. Just did it with Gallette. Guys like it bc they get their money and it frees up cap room. Do it to one or two guys a year and it helps out. May be a little too complicated for TD tho.
  9. Remember, better to get rid of a player 1 year too soon than one year too late. In your case, let's pick up a guy in FA one year too late (Stephen Jackson).
  10. He'll be fine. He's the least of my worries. You know he's a baller. Gallette, Vaccaro, #2 cb, mlb's are my worries. Mickey's got something up his sleeve, I'm sure. I hope it's FA because we haven't been able to draft defense since SP got here.
  11. Send TD over for a week and Mickey Three Thumbs can teach him a little bit about what it takes to be a GM. Lucky for him, moves like TJ Yates and Tyson Jackson doesn't require cap creativity and half a brain.
  12. Looking forward to this years T.J. Yates and Tyson Jackson FA pickup! #Blockbuster
  13. Good news for us Saints!! Can't believe Rex didn't want to come to Atl. Decent Qb. Great Wr. Come to think of it, I guess he would still have to build around Julio. Not much else around him.
  14. As a Saints fan, we would much rather Blank goes for the "splash" move, "exciting" coach in Rex Ryan who hasn't proven anything and is actually a distraction with his mouth. The smart move is the hungry coordinator who actually coaches. Look at all head coaches that change teams. Their records always stay the same. Please bring on Rex!!
  15. Yeah, he just looked like he had possession and forward progress. In all honesty, I didn't even notice his feet. It is what it is.
  16. Nah man, if you'd have watched our games this year, you'd have known how it was gonna end. We're predictable on offense and flat out bad on defense. Y'all came to play.
  17. It's certainly possible. Dem boys gave it their all today!
  18. I thought so but, you're right, it didn't matter.
  19. Yeah he struggled. That hurt but even Hageman, Babineaux, and Peters got that push up the middle against 2 previous pro-bowl guards. That may be it tho..."previous".
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