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  1. Dontae doesnt even know his simple mafs. CJ is 22. not 28. I think what really irks most knowledgeable Saints fans is that the Vikings took the Falcons defensive game plan from week 8 and employed it and we were not prepared to combat it. Ive always wondered why teams simply us the last 4 games as a reference. Zimmer went back 8 weeks and we had no answers for it until adjustments were made in the second half and by that time, the die was cast.
  2. Oh snap... AN AU and Falcon fan??? Dang ur football season sucked. Lol
  3. We trolled the shirt out of yall, because prior to that, no TEAM IN HISTORY let a 28-3 lead go in the Superbowl Much less with 3min left in third quarter. But the Falcons seemed to find a way to be on the wrong side if history. and yes its supposed to be comical....isnt that the point? to get a laugh or to laugh? The Minny miracle or the PI not called is one play. Happens in an instant. Would you rather die instantly ( minny miracle ) or slowly drown ( 28-3 ) ? You Falcon fans had to wait 45 plus min and watch as your team slowly did what you previously thought could never be done. Thats agony. So when you point out about our past playoff failures, while as tragic as they are, nothing compares to the slow played loss you had vs the Pats. I can live with a fluke, instant play. losing the game after leading by 25 with 18 min to play? that sticks to ya. And as the previous 2 seasons have shown, its not easy to shake off.
  4. No thats faaaaaar from the difference. ( besides the 1990s look and handful of emoticons, no link to giphy etc etc ) Trolls get banned when they dont add to the discussion. ( as im CLEARLY doing here- since this is a thread about the Saints - amirite?!?! ) as ive pointed out here before, ive been called worse by better people, so.....ignore away. Enjoy your weekend. I know i will
  5. watching teams that arent the Falcons in the playoffs? Good news. You get to do that AGAIN. Lucky you. And if you are pinning your hopes on Kirk Cousins and this years iteration of the Vikings, god bless you.;)
  6. LOL still day dreaming. I get a kick out of reading this board on days like today. One where the rival team is cleaning out lockers, preparing for exit interviews while the other is preparing for playoff game. good stuff.
  7. Ahhh...they are just a tad salty because Quinn and TD were retained another year, have to pay PSLs to sit and watch that product, no rings, were talking draft and coaching changes in NOVEMBER and now get to spend playoff watching their most hated rival while they day dream of what could have been. oh and they are hard at work at a NEW slogan. LOL.
  8. I think this is simply the Saints doing their "due diligence" - he is here for interview and workout. thats it. kicking the tires. See where his head is at. I doubt the NFL is close to wrapping up investigation, but if so, we have done the leg work to get him in quick.
  9. this Saints fan is https://tenor.com/view/4th-dancing-speedo-of-july-gif-5635468
  10. And does so when every opponent schemes to NOT let him get open. Its one thing to simply out run your defender. Its a whole other to have to use skill and technique to do it because you dont have the greatest of speed. Thats what makes CGM great. He has had to fine tune his abilities to mask his one weakness. Top line speed. Leads the NFL in receptions and yards. And some say is "force fed". Watch him play. He isnt force fed. 90% of the time, he is open.
  11. Lol fan of a 4 win team calls coach of 11 win team moron. Good irony early this morning.
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