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  1. It is and i think Drew knows it. I cant and wont speak for all Saints fans, but this one knew last year should have been his last. ( physically ) We were kinda saddled with the inability to keep defenses defending the long ball. You can get away with that thru the regular season. But in the playoffs, DCs are at the top of their game. Tampa condensed the field, played primarily man and dared us to go deep. We never did. Drew just doesnt have that arm any longer. We brought in Jameis for that 50 yd TD which was all you needed to know. The reason Drew returned last year was that NO ha
  2. So you gonna sit around thinking that MAYBE 30 other teams may offer you something similar next year? or the year after? This is a GM position. there are 32 of them in the NFL and MANY dont come open on a regular basis. So if you were silly enough to let your "fandom" come in the way of career advancement, chances are, you wouldnt be advancing much anyways.
  3. But we giving you FONTENOT! cmon ....just once? please? lololol
  4. I get it...coming from a deeply rooted place of disdain for your rival. He isnt coming there for 3 years to destroy the franchise at the behest of Saints or Saints fans. They will get over it soon enough.
  5. Yep part of having success in the NFL. He should be a good one for the Falcons. Gotta hope we retain Ireland now. We lost both and will have to replace from within. Hopefully that conveyor belt still working lol.
  6. A lot of the scouting/drafting credit has to go to Jeff Ireland. Not only draft picks, but FA signings - he was responsible for bringing in Okafor in like 2016 or 17 who ended up doing quite well, tore achilles, but now playing well in KC. We have a beast of a rotation on the D line- Davenport/Rankins/Onyemata/Jordan- Hendrickson/Roach/Tuttle/Granderson with Glasgow and Malcom Brown in there as well. Ireland does a great job of finding talent. Sadly, i dont see how we retain him going forward.
  7. some of that no huddle success can also be attributed to keeping the defense in base cover 2. You know what you have play in, play out with not allowing the defense to substitute/rotate players or call exotic defenses. The Gurley play. I just watched it on twitter. That play was doomed by #93- his move upfield caused Hurst to have to bubble around that mass and completely blew up the timing of the blocking. By time Hurst arrived to his assignment, the play was effectively done and Gurley chose to bounce it out ( which he shouldnt have ) sometimes, its simply an individual effort th
  8. He sure did. And if you followed the Saints you would know that after they announced they had no QBs, Sean Payton changed the game plan. We ran the ball 44 times out of 60 plays. for 240 yards. Hill is what we thought he would be in this offense.
  9. Thats, in part, why teams lose - Hill isnt some 3rd string scrub QB. Teams that continue to think that way will continue to get punched in the mouth until they wake up. By then, its too late. I thought the Falcons played MUCH better yesterday than the first match. I think in that first match, they really didnt know how to defend Hill and protect Ryan. Defensively, the Falcons came to play. It was clear yall would not let AK41 have his way. He was all but bottled up for a good 3Q. Where we made our mark was the passing game. Hill has been w/ Drew now for 4 years. He has learned fro
  10. Great rivalry game. Yall protected ryan much better and glad DK called a run down there. Almost as bad as SP calling pass when we just had to run run kick fg to ice it. (fumble instead)
  11. Since I can't start a thread... Great rivalry game yall. Yall protected Ryan much better Good game.
  12. RTJ my pick would be Call Ticketron but this will work too.
  13. Mannie Fresh from 31 years ago lolol ( note the MANNY - with a Y LOLOL )
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