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  1. Either one. At this point in their careers I feel they both offer the same thing. That spin move is STILL deadly though.
  2. So...........don't drop passes and block better for the QB and he will take more chances down field and his YPA will go up also. I think they are basing too much off one year.
  3. B+ Only because I don't think we filled our biggest need, which was pass rusher. But we got a faster on defense, so that grade might change if the players we drafted improve our team dramatically. If the pass rush improves, even though we didn't draft a specific pass rusher, but we get more sacks based on the speed of our LBs, then I give the draft an A-.
  4. Debo or Hooper. Got to be one of those 2 guys. Debo is dumb fast and we needed that. Hooper is a TE that can catch and will go get it in the air. How does he learn that at Stanford and Toilolo ends up with brick hands? LOL.
  5. Campbell, MIGHT be all those things, but he for **** sure is not "slow". I don't think he has ever heard his name in the same sentence as the word slow. LOL. You cant teach speed, but you can fix poor tackling, and bad angles. He will be fine.
  6. LOL. This is exactly why I avoided signing into TATF until the draft was completely over. Now, I'm going to go thru all the draft threads I missed the past few days, and let the arguments, butt-hurt, and harsh predictions entertain me. Happy with the draft picks this year, though. Now to wait and see if they can play at the next level.
  7. I would still resign Scho. If I could get him for cheap. Excellent, pick up though.
  8. EXACTLY!!!!! If he was being genuine he would have said, " I talk a lot of crap and I have good games against almost every WR, but Julio. He is quiet, and gives me that work each time we play."
  9. Enough said.....................I'm all for it. Bring him home.
  10. AND THE TAINTS WERE GOOD LAST SEASON?!?!?! LOL. The Superdome smells funny, your jersey, logo, colors, and team are all horrible, and wont be getting better anytime soon. Your team is officially irrelevant for the next few years. The Panthers, Bucs, and Falcons all have brighter futures than your team and your ancient QB at the moment. Do I need to bring up the ALL-TIME record against your squad? Or the fact you let Mike Smith sweep you the year before with a 6 win team. The Falcons might not have been a great team last year, with a new offense, OC, and HC. Most teams would have some issues with that, yet we won more games than the year before. But what's the Taint's excuse? It's all good though. Good luck next season. (NOT REALLY)
  11. Did not know who S'ua Cravens was until today. I hope we draft him.
  12. I personally think Spoon should be #56, but I also don't think Reed should have to just give it to him for any reason. They both haven't really accomplished much for the team besides being hurt, but Spoon has done more than Reed in a Falcon jersey. Just pick a number and play. The better player will get what he wants in the end. If they both don't play better next season, I hope someone new is wearing 56.
  13. He did good for the team last season. I say resign him.
  14. Bring Scho back, and get Zach Brown. I'm all for it. I don't know much about the other guy though.
  15. No excuses YET.............injuries might be a factor in the upcoming season, and of course if we cant stop anyone on defense that's always a legit excuse. Matt Ryan cant tackle. But other than that no excuses, time to win.
  16. I personally think that the purpose of the message board is for fans to express their opinions on the team, and give other Falcon fans the option to agree, disagree, or give their own opinion on the same topic. If we all got butt hurt over people disagreeing with our opinions here then, no one would post anything for others to see, and there wouldn't even be a "Falcons Life Message Board" at all. I personally don't know anybody on this board and could care less if they agree with me or not, but I still value the opinions of other Falcon fans. Sometimes, I'm wrong and the person disagreeing with me is right, and sometimes even though I don't agree it's just downright entertaining. Plus, even if you don't understand that, we're here to talk football, no one cares about the next man's feelings during a football conversation. You shouldn't either.
  17. I would love to have Bruce Irvin on the team. But, I don't think Charles Johnson would ever play for the Falcons, I think he has a personal vendetta towards the Falcons. I think he honestly dislikes everything about our team. It would be awesome though. I would love to have him too.
  18. Falcons and sometimes the Steelers. Every other team could lose every game and fire their coach every year, and I would be happy.
  19. IF he wants to finish his career in ATL, then he should. He has earned it. But at he same time, he has to realize that the team cant afford to break the bank to keep him. Roddy is a smart dude, he is gonna make all the right decisions to stay with the team and help them anyway possible.
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