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  1. None of those 2nd tier QBs can see my dude Matty Ice. Eli, and Flacco got a legit argument cause they got rings. But based off individual numbers Matt's better than them too. If Romo is 1st tier, then Matt's definitely on that part of the list too. REALLY?!?!?! Cam Newton and Jay Cutler, and Colin Capernick are better QBs Matt Ryan?? WTF has he been watching?
  2. Im out. Don't crush the OP, too bad. And Tuggle, you should not have to break down the rules, for grown ups crying over petty things. Some of ya'll are too sensitive to even be here talking football.
  3. Its funny how everyone enjoyed Bawse and his "Gurlie" campaign. It was entertaining. The "Gurlie 2 Atlantie" thing will forever be remembered on these boards. Even if you were totally against drafting Gurley. But everyone seems to really be fed up with the OP. That says a lot. Maybe people don't care about the fact that the OP wanted to draft Gurley. I think people are just tired of the whining, and the bashing of the guys we actually did draft.
  4. OP is getting ethered right now. Shout out NAS. LOL. I'm just enjoying reading the posts.
  5. Just buy a Gurley Rams jersey and get over it. Coleman is gonna be nice.
  6. JET LIFE til the next LIFE! #DirtyBirdin'

  7. This is perfect. He is a pass rusher and his favorite team growing up was the Falcons. Dude, is gonna ball just because of that. This is perfect. He is a pass rusher and his favorite team growing up was the Falcons. Dude, is gonna ball just because of that.
  8. I think we go pass rush in the 1st, and Gurley gets drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. And I think people are sleeping on Ajayi. We can get him later in the draft and have the best of both worlds, in my opinion. A more improved run game and pass rush.
  9. I've gotten into it with guys who have WAY higher post counts than I do, I don't know if I have ever been reported. But I haven't gotten banned, yet. I don't take it too serious though. And it's hilarious how the guy got banned during this thread. Some people don't think at all.
  10. I don't like the idea of drafting a currently injured player in the 1st round, and expecting or assuming he will make a immediate impact on the team in any way. I know it makes too much sense for some people. Bawse has been hilarious though.
  11. You won't have to wait a decade, If you use your draft picks wisely and fill much needed holes. Instead of drafting players because they played for certain schools or to please the fan base of the local college. If you draft to make your team better based off what your team's immediate needs are then you won't have to wait long. Some fans don't want to have to wait for their first round draft pick to heal up, before he can contribute at all to the team, even in practice. Especially when the position they play makes them useless and ready to be replaced after 4 to 5 years in most cases.
  12. The ONLY one who came, here for Falcons Football, not to make cyber buddies. "Lame is a disease, there aint no cure and it's hereditary. So blame your Moms."

  13. I'm not gonna kiss you @zz cause you played for UGA. Since when does that make you a great NFL player.

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