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  1. I really had them being 1-5 or so without brees and us in 1st place. What the **** are they doing over there that we arent?
  2. We havent been mathematically eliminated. So I think we should rally the troops and keep fighting. I think we can still win the division. Trufant is a top 3 cb in this league, we have the number 1 LB and we. What do you say we go out and win this division guys ?
  3. Dude we lost to the colts without their best wr not playing the entire 2nd half. This **** is still mind boggling to me. We truly have issues with the AFC and we have 2 upcoming games against afc teams. I see them both as a loss followed by a L to the rams.
  4. We need to get rid of Quinn asap. A coach prepares his team and I can't believe what I'm watching. I had this game marked as a loss for them and I see carolina and tampa leading as well. We may be in last place tonight
  5. Saints just need to win 3 out of the next 6 games and be 500 and then brees gets back...not sure us losing to afc teams will help with 2 coming up followed by the rams.
  6. Wouldnt that be helping the saints until brees gets backing every team loses every weekend?
  7. Based on what I've seen from this team. Saints just need to win 3 games while brees is gone and be at 500 when he gets back and of course he is scheduled to come back when we play them. I thought this team would take advantage of the saints situation, but based on our level of play vs afc teams. I can see us losing 3/4 out of the next 5 games unfortunately. DQ has no balls, matt ryan is looking to break a int record, and we just lost neal. Tank and let's get a qb in the draft and a new coach. This mediocre **** wont cut it.
  8. This was yesterday and they were inviting her today to their tailgate. They may be staying at a hotel in buckhead.
  9. To be honest with you, I work with some saints fans and they talk smack, but it's just game related and fair. Eagles fans are real life dickheads
  10. I wasn't with her. I sent her to the liquor store for me to get some alcohol. She said that were disrespectful to other women in there as well and were eagles gear and had a eagles towel on their shoulders. It may have turned into a fight If I was there. My gf said she saw 1 eagle guy invite another woman to their hotel while her bf was in another aisle looking for vodka smh
  11. My girl shut down some eagles fans trying to hit on her. She said they invited her to their tailgate and said the falcons were trash and that she needed to be with the winning team smh
  12. Because this board will turn into a dumpster fire like the panthers board is right now. After what I saw in the preseason, yes the preseason. I don't see how some of you came to the conclusion that this team would be a superbowl contender. Our o-line is in disarray and we kept the wrong CB. I'm sure more people will come to their senses and lower their expectations once d jackson blows past Oliver or tru for numerous tds.
  13. I'm a big Falcons fan but come on now..I won't even compare the 2. Brees is tier 1 and ryan is a high tier 2 qb. Take off the homer glasses
  14. I want them to lose also, but I put a bet down yesterday and have them winning. I think the nfl will make it up to them and they have jared cook this year who destroyed the rams last year while in oakland. So I'm gonna think logically on this one and not with my heart.
  15. You are insinuating that we will actually beat the eagles.
  16. After how this team played. We could be possibly 0-4 going into week 5. Eagles and titans are physical and we play at indy and they arent a slouch either.
  17. When the **** did the Saints get Jared Cook ? He is a pro bowl tight end...****
  18. The saints are stupid..they could throw it to Michael thomas every play. The texans db reminds me of tru
  19. I'm not a troll idiot. You want me to take a picture of the falcons flag on my truck here in brookhaven ? I mentioned those 2 teams. Because those are the 2 teams I see people talk about most on here when it's a falcons forum and I'm tired of them talking about it. We shouldnt have brought back DK and we should have paid alford. I won't mention Oliver and drafting a o lineman with heart issues. Smdh
  20. I'm very pissed today. I was against the DK hire from the start and all I read and heard was people attacking me for saying that he was washed up and figured out in Tampa. Everyone thought I was crazy for saying that we let go of the wrong cb and should've given money to alford. Trufant is trash , our o line is trash, we can't tackle to save our lives. I am very pissed.
  21. I was against the Dirk hire. We haven't had real success with him,so why bother now. We will get figured out just by other teams using old Tampa bay game plans from last year. Falcons look bad
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