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  1. Says who ? Matt hasn't shown he can lead us over the top. They can take solace in knowing that they are at least progressing with that great draft class they had Divisionals 17 , Conference Championship 18....We are going backwards and hiring coordinators from our past ,in which we didn't have any success.
  2. They are at least taking a step in the right direction. They went from divisional round to conference championship in 2 years. They will go all in this year . The Falcons need to step the **** up or we will see the bucs take our spot.
  3. I bet they will go all in come the off-season. They'll end up bringing Jimmy Graham and Dez Bryant back or something. Unlike our front office, they'll attempt to make themselves a super bowl contender. I even heard a rumor of them going after Earl we shall see.
  4. I think they'll win it next year. NFL is rigged and it's set up for Brees to win it in Miami again on their 10 year anniversary and then retire as it's his last year on his contract. It'll be vs what I tell you
  5. Patriots Fans are out in the streets saying **** Atlanta and the Rams...these titles are going to their heads big time
  6. Screw the Patriots..there fans have been here all week saying **** Atlanta and the rams
  7. I Believe the Pats will play the Saints next year in the Superbowl my friends .The NFL is set up...each year, the saints have closed in the last 2 years and I believe the NFL will give it to The Saints for Brees last year in his contract ,plus it's in Miami where he would have won it 10 years prior.
  8. I'm at a bar and Patriots and Saints fans are saying **** the Rams and falcons..mostly Patriots fans surprisingly...Let's go rams
  9. Anyone thinks the NFL will help the Pats win to put a smile on Saints fans faces from 2 weeks ago and calm down the lawsuits?
  10. I sure wish the Rams win tonight. Because even then Pat's winning is a win for them.
  11. I can deal with them during the off-season, but they talk alot of **** during the season and Playoffs. His friend even had the nerve to say they plan on getting ****** up here and then leaving our aids infested city to head back to Massachusetts following the Patriots win to celebrate. His friend is a total ****.
  12. My Patriot fan friends are coming down and I need to make sure they don't end up in jail.
  13. I hate the pats ...A Patriots fan that I know sent me a text saying **** the Rams and **** Atlanta. He said that they will beat the Rams and celebrate at the expense of our city. God I hate the Patriots fans.
  14. Apparently NFC west team fans are. They hate the Rams and feel like they cheated.
  15. I have some Pat's fan friends coming down to Atlanta and they talk more **** than Saints fans. They said that they are about to take a big **** on Atlanta again by winning in our stadium and rubbing it in smh