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  1. I thought Richie was going to start day 1, and honestly there hasn't been as much buzz about him as I thought.
  2. I don't think anyone should be surprised by Andrews performance. He was not resigned by one of the worst teams (if not the worst) in the league, very low grade by PFF and signed for the minimum. I hope we sign some capable veteran or Ryan will get destroyed
  3. They must sign someone on the D-line or we will have the fewest sacks in the league
  4. I like the pick, but this was a need pick not BPA. What I don't like is he will be a 24 years old rookie
  5. If they draft one I just don't want a change of pace. I want a feature back
  6. Watch the list above. He was good drafting top 15 talent but not better than TD overall. And only 4 playoffs appearance in 11 years as a GM. That is not a successful GM to me.
  7. Agree. The last thing we need is continuity. We need a fresh start and AB would be lazy if he sticks again with a regime only because of a good finish. Especially with good candidates out there.
  8. He hit big time on some 1st rounders (Watt, Watson, Hopkins, Brown), but looking at the rest of the players nothing stands out, not many starting caliber players to be honest. I don't think he's better than TD was.
  9. I´m all in for diversity but the fact that all the candidates mentioned by Schefter are black seems a bit forced. Especially when the favorite is Smith who is not a good GM. Rick Smith is way worse than Dimitroff, and you can check his draft class as a proof.
  10. This franchise is a joke. I can't believe they didn't trade him last week and now they just waive him. Another confirmation of why McKay should stay away from this rebuild.
  11. Arthur Smith is my favorite candidate right now. Proven experience calling plays, and the job he has done in Tennessee is amazing. As for DC, I would love Wade Phillips. He always turns bad defenses into good ones fast. Pees is retired.
  12. Terrible and sad news. Vaughn was the best beat reporter of the team since I started rooting for this team 12 years ago. I even had his Twitter notifications activated. Reading Twitter, seemed like he was as a good person as he was a reporter. He will be missed Rest in peace Vaughn.
  13. Keep Reddick in the booth please. I want someone with experience in a front office. Give me Ed Dodds
  14. At least its not Koetter. But I am surprised people think he's a HC candidate when his defense is the worst in the league and he didn't try to change nothing. Same mistakes. And regardless of his performance, Oliver still plays lol
  15. He should be moved to WLB and let Foye be the Middle. His lack of size was eventually going to hurt him.
  16. We can agree that it was time for DQ and TD to leave. But Takk liked on Instagram the post of the team announcing the firing. Only guy in the roster doing so, implying he's happy with the decision. Even if you agree with the decision, he should be professional and a good teammate. He's salty that didn't get extended, which is proven to be the right decision as he's incapable of being healthy and not worthy of an extension right now. Its not the first time he has liked anti falcons stuff on social media. I'm just tired of his childish attitude. Hopefully someone offers something for him before the trade deadline and we get rid of him. BUST
  17. I´d have kept TD. I think he's good at evaluating talent. All GMs have misses but you can't deny the talent he has brought to Atlanta all this years. To keep McKay and not him is embarrassing by AB
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