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  1. He's way better than Oliver. I think he's a really solid nickel
  2. Probably the only good news we will have this week. Only a MCL and will miss just 1 week. I also liked the way Gono played though.
  3. I'd go with someone not succeeding because he's coaching the highest NFL player ever. Nagy looked good too but reality is they look good because of Reid.
  4. Not surprised to see Senat performing well. He did too in his rookie season. I hope he continues to get playing time even with Davidson coming back
  5. I don't know if im in the minority but to me Tori is a HUGE downgrade from Jason Butt. I follow other reporters from other teams and the difference of insights and reports during training camp were abysmal. If you compare the notes from every practice of the Chargers reporter for instance you will see what I mean. If it continues this way I will not renew my subscription.
  6. He hasn't been the same since the injury, but DQ is too loyal to his average buddies to replace them. Nothing new. I
  7. I think he got tossed around a couple times. Unnoticed
  8. I´d have preferred to see at least another game with the red gradients tbh. Especially against Raiders made more sense than going black. Anyway, excited to finally see the new unis in live action!
  9. I don't know how they can keep signing people with their cap situation but looks like they are pushing hard.
  10. Hopefully there is a fair competition and contract/draft position do not play a part in the decision, cause I really think he should win the job
  11. Not bad for depth, but I still hope we get another EDGE
  12. Even adidas do not believe in him, so why is he so salty? Dude hasn't lived up to his 1st round status at all. He wants the team to pick up his option when he hasn't done anything to justify it? Childish. Can't wait to see him gone for good.
  13. Solid signing (hopefully we get official confirmation soon). We needed CB depth, and he should be our starting nickel right away. I've heard good things on Twitter from Bengals fans about him. Doubt its possible now, but if we can add Griffen or another veteran EDGE I would feel way better about the D.
  14. This guy... Man, if you don't love football just quit, but to not even communicate with the team who is going to pay you 9 million is unprofessional and disrespectful. No class. Just like last year when he left DQ hanging.
  15. On the other side, the girl who replaced him at The Athletic is not good at all. Big downgrade going from Jason to her. Already considering unsubscribing. They recently did a projected 53 roster and they did weird things (5 RB and a fullback, an UDFA tackle over Gono, only 4 CBs...)
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