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  1. And Mularkey is the new TE coach lol
  2. Interesting what Vaughn has just tweeted...
  3. Just confirmed by Schefter
  4. Sucks but it looks like its going to be him.
  5. Seahawks Offense is thrilling again with him gone. Would hate this hire.
  6. I was hoping for someone more aggressive who blitzes more... similar of what you saw Ravens D this season.
  7. I hope its Kubiak
  8. I wouldn't be mad if given another year, especially cause looks like the players like him, but I would prefer someone more aggressive calling the plays.
  9. I hope that he didn't tear his ACL....
  10. For everyone saying Sark... our D is probably the worst in the league. another 34 points today. I don't like Quinn schemes, only works with elite D-line and secondary. His prevent play calling also helped in the SB... I think he should be in the hot seat
  11. Good day keeps getting better. We need 45 out there
  12. The D is weak and soft. Probably even worse than Smitty era. It only works with GREAT CB and edge rushers, if not, it looks how it looked this season. I don't like his scheme
  13. He's blind then. Richards SUCKS, it showed on the 2 games he's played. needless to say that Pats fans were relieved when he was cut. C´mon Dan
  14. He has looked even worse than Worrilow... dude sucks