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  1. I like the pick, but this was a need pick not BPA. What I don't like is he will be a 24 years old rookie
  2. If they draft one I just don't want a change of pace. I want a feature back
  3. Watch the list above. He was good drafting top 15 talent but not better than TD overall. And only 4 playoffs appearance in 11 years as a GM. That is not a successful GM to me.
  4. Agree. The last thing we need is continuity. We need a fresh start and AB would be lazy if he sticks again with a regime only because of a good finish. Especially with good candidates out there.
  5. He hit big time on some 1st rounders (Watt, Watson, Hopkins, Brown), but looking at the rest of the players nothing stands out, not many starting caliber players to be honest. I don't think he's better than TD was.
  6. I´m all in for diversity but the fact that all the candidates mentioned by Schefter are black seems a bit forced. Especially when the favorite is Smith who is not a good GM. Rick Smith is way worse than Dimitroff, and you can check his draft class as a proof.
  7. This franchise is a joke. I can't believe they didn't trade him last week and now they just waive him. Another confirmation of why McKay should stay away from this rebuild.
  8. Arthur Smith is my favorite candidate right now. Proven experience calling plays, and the job he has done in Tennessee is amazing. As for DC, I would love Wade Phillips. He always turns bad defenses into good ones fast. Pees is retired.
  9. Terrible and sad news. Vaughn was the best beat reporter of the team since I started rooting for this team 12 years ago. I even had his Twitter notifications activated. Reading Twitter, seemed like he was as a good person as he was a reporter. He will be missed Rest in peace Vaughn.
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