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  1. I know it won't happen. But I am a bit concerned that Julio is not part of the jersey roll out with the Draft the next week. We have seen Matt, Grady, Rico, Debo even Ridley, so it is weird not having him in any picture. Hoping we do not pull out a Bill O┬┤Brian lol
  2. I like that we're going back to wearing black as the home jersey. And the Away is very nice too (would love to see them wearing it with red pants eventually). I have two problems: 1. The ATL is waaaaay too big. Smaller would've been a cool detail. 2. Every uni will always look worse compared to the retro (the one Ridley is wearing). And I don't think these will last as much as the previous ones.
  3. They look almost exactly as the ones they had now. Upgrade for them. Sometimes, simple is better.
  4. I'd take him or Fulton.
  5. He wasn't that expensive... surprised we didn't bring him back.
  6. He sucks
  7. The risk for me is that his money could've been invested in someone on defense who actually improves the team. We desperately need LBs and CBs.
  8. If Ruiz is there in the 2nd I'd definitely consider him. He's a stud.
  9. I don't like the signing. He hasn't done anything after 4 years in the league. Was cut last year and nobody picked him up. There are many WR in the upcoming draft who could offer more than him. Even Blake is better than him. Gotta sign more D guys.
  10. Bad decision. He's done, and the Rams have known for 2 years, since the SB run. Melvin Gordon should have cost similar $ and is way better. Sad to see Quinn and TD make moves just to content the fanbase. They are THAT desperate.
  11. Hard pass. He's done. Just watch last season and the Super Bowl run two years ago. Even in the SB they had CJ Anderson running almost the same plays than him. And he won't be signing for a vet minimum. I'd rather try to get Melvin Gordon. Better player now.
  12. I wanted Quinton Jefferson from Seattle. I really hope we don't sign Golden