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  1. DQ will be gone after this year. This team is looking the same year after year.
  2. Happy for Julio, well deserved. Now lets beat Minnesota. Rise Up!
  3. If his injury isn't serious (I really hope it is not) he should be in the 53 and active on game days. Has won the battle against Paulsen clearly
  4. We should get a good nº 2 TE, if Hoop goes down we will be in trouble
  5. He looks really slim now and I think that benefits his game. I don't think its crazy to think that he might be #2 at the end of the preseason
  6. Already cut lol
  7. Big loss in the front office, his experience was valuable and I´m sure he's helped TD a lot. Looks like he wants to be a GM again, and I think he'll get a chance soon. Vaughn tweeted that he had big influence in the pick of Lindstrom.
  8. I want Shane Ray
  9. I would like to get Porter Gustin
  10. Tre Lamar was a good signing... ouch
  11. D Seems like we reached on every pick except on Sheffield. I think this is might be TD worst draft since 2012. I can't believe that we didn't address EDGE, disappointed.
  12. He is not. HUGE reach. Cody Ford is way better, and this guy was going to be available at the end of the first. Big time disappointment
  13. Greedy wearing red
  14. I love him, but I think we have other bigger needs. But if we're trading up for someone I´d rather get him than Wilkins
  15. I like Wilkins at 14, but I definitely would not trade up for him