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  1. Then I am an a$$hole and wrong. However if he is wrong he is just a "true fan" right?
  2. Trust me when I say the results of that evening were not so super.
  3. Hey I think it's great if he thinks he will win but some of this stuff that is completely out if left field that gets posted to simply get "likes" is laughable. Then this weekend will come and go and we will most likely lose but anyone who said we would lose is a troll and anyone who said we will win is a true fan. Now if we win Oakland the positive guys will be out in droves with the "I told you" threads and the negative posters are still trolls...maddening. I'm negative because the team and organization made me that way. Far cry from the guy who got in bar fights in Denver defending the team(granted I was smashed) before the 98' SB. Hey I wonder if that makes me a Superfan??
  4. SUPERFAN in the house... Because posting utter non-sense(positive) makes you the best fan.
  5. It ended when McKay's players got too old and TD year after year drafted garbage.
  6. I think one of the 36 Ex-GM's handles the cap. McKay used to do all the contracts too but I'm not sure who that went too. TD is in charge of the equipment though and player affairs!
  7. You know he doesn't handle the cap or do the contracts right? Apparently not....
  8. Their coach is their GM...maybe you heard of him??
  9. Sweet burn champ..I am actually inconsolable here at work. BTW..you over cooked my fries and there is pi$$ on the toliet seat in the bathroom....chop chop.
  10. Better than having no stats and losing. What was Vic(less)'s stat line? I'll save you some time...0
  11. Can you hear those whispers... http://www.upi.com/Sports_News/2016/09/15/Vic-Beasleys-arrow-pointing-downward-for-Atlanta-Falcons/3341473915849/
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