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  1. I definitely got ahead of myself reading mocks. I'm just ready for the the offseason to shake out and scared somehow we miss out on a big time edge player, offense or defense. One player I just started trying to watch and check out is Winovich from Michigan. Classic crazy physical competitive guy, just lacking that elite athleticism. Possible day 2 guy?
  2. Based on the reading I've done and mocks I've seen, it's starting to look more and more evident to me that if we stick at 14, we're running a risk of losing out on all the top tier lineman. In a year that I believe is as good a chance for us to make a run as ever before, I think we absolutely SHOULD move up to grab one given the chance. Those 7 top tier guys in my eyes include Bosa, Quinnen, Gary, Allen, Simmons, Oliver and Jonah. From there I see a slight drop in talent, but having said that, this D line class is DEEP. I do believe that we could stand pat at 14 and still end up with at least a second tier O/D lineman (Sweat, Ferrell, Lawrence, Taylor, Ford, Risner). I don't think we'll be able to get a big time DE in FA. Maybe Ford or Ansah, but I just dont feel good about it. I'm praying for Saffold myself tbh, for either RT or G but I digress. With that said, are you willing to chance losing out on one of the big 7 and the FAs? Personally, I'm not. I really think someone (DEN/MIA/etc.) will trade above NYG into top 5 for Haskins/Lock/Murry, which will leave NYG + another team scrambling for the other 2. Ultimately, I expect at least 2 QB to be taken by 6. That leaves at minimum 2 of the top guys @ 8. ################################### Are you willing to trade: ({}=chart pts) 2019 1st + 2019 3rd + 2020 2nd = {425} *for* 2019 1(8) + 2019 5(135) = {421}