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  1. Takes a loser to embrace an attitude like yours. I'll pass. Keep on with those Girl Scout Cookies tho, yer doin' a good job.
  2. F you sadsacks about not having full faith. I do every year. You will never see the day 365 I don't show at least some falcons gear lettin' the world know. Nothin stops till the whistle blows. TRUTH!
  3. Yeah, but things change. That's why they cross-train. Who better than Matthews if Baker is out? LT is harder than RT. Just askin'
  4. Just sayin' Baker may be done. Ain't looking great.
  5. Not sayin'...just sayin'... Creepy..like when Tom Cruise laughs.
  6. I've read this three times and I'm still dumbfounded.
  7. Don't know about the former, but the latter two I think are related to search engines picking up key words for search purposes.
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