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  1. Everything tastes better with the munchies. Gads I luvs my weed.
  2. Stirring incidents in the life of a British soldier: An autobiography By Thomas Faughnan
  3. What do you mean..."So?" How awesome is that? Thank of ABF and it's will to never die...,.You Sir,..do not not see the forest for the trees. FREEDOM! fries
  4. Former Titans kicker Rob Bironas dies in car accident Kicker passes away Aaron Wilson Former Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas has died in a car accident. Bironas hit a line of trees while speeding in his SUV. There was no evidence of alcohol or drugs at the scene. Bironas was cut in March after nine seasons. He recently worked out for the Detroit Lions. Brironas holds the Titans' record for game-winning field goals with 11. "Rob made a significant impact as a player in his nine years with the team and more importantly touched many lives in the Nashville community off the field," the team said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Rachel, and his family during this very difficult time." Bironas married Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw's daughter, Rachel, in June. Bironas was the fourth most-accurate kicker in NFL history.
  5. HOW the **** do you get "close game?" at 24-3 in the 4th. Shut it homer.
  6. Not losing like this. We got punked. You can take your rainbows and stuff them back up your ***.
  7. Yeah I know it's 24-3 and there is time left in the 4th. Too bad. We suck balls. WTF is this? Long ******* season ahead. But hey we went 4-12 last year, it seems there is no reason we can't do it again. Hooray for us.
  8. Honestly,..not the best. Actually the ingredients are fine,..bread has always sucked. If they could do better bread they would awesome(ish) Can't compare them to Firehouse (never had it, not one around I know of) But I will say this, most subs are better, BUT JJ's delivers, (literally, if not in taste) so I can't *****, and I was gonna order it anyway, but that mega bacon made it awesome. Think drunk frat night catch as catch can eats and that would be about right. Still good tho.
  9. Don't look at me, I work fer my monies. And I'm broke as ****, Day in, day out. No worries. I'll pay mah bills and only eat good on Sundays. No worries here mate.
  10. I was talking to an un-named poster last night (unless he wants to come forth) who lives a few states away. We was drinking....DRINKING!..duh. and he's all "so what ya doing?" I'm all like, "Gonna get me some Jimmy John's delivered." Next thing I know he's telling not to order ****...and a sammich shows up like majik!! With PHUCKING EXTRY BACON! I owe this man a small Asian prostitute. Friggin sammiches with bacon bacon bacon. Love is in the air.
  11. Yeah The Replacements was dumb as ****,...but still nowhere as bad as Wildcats. I mean that's sorry 80's "I can see why high school kids wanna bang that. So get yer *** fired if not in a lawsuit movie" Horrible.
  12. I'm building myself up. Gonna find me a scalper and he can sit his azz alone way up there.
  13. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand my tight-azz cousin bought **** seats. I paid ******* almost 300 hundred bucks for a two night stay..he has the balls to tell my he got great cheap tix up in the nosebleeds for 60 bucks when THE ONE THING I told him was I'll pay any price over his limit (which was 100 bucks a seat, so he said) NOT to be stuck up there. ONE PHUCKING JOB BUDDY, YOU GOT ONE ******* JOB........And ya screwed the pooch. Angerfist everwares. ONE PHUKING JOB!!! AND I'D PAY FOR IT!!!! ******* ******* evarwares.
  14. And BTW, Phallusy may be my gnu fav. word. I gotta work that in at a Long John Silvers order. Esp. if I order the Phish
  15. So Imma been drinking, getting ready for some footsballs. On a youtube whim, I watched the old movie "Wildcats" with Goldie Hawn, Big Mistake. Gotta be the most inappropriate football movie EVAR. Sucks X 10. Absolutely everything sucked and was wrong on so many levels. If you have a worse one, let's hear it.
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