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  1. 33 minutes ago, JDaveG said:

    We're good.  I work in a 2-person law office and am doing most stuff by videoconference, and my wife homeschools the kids.  Parents are holed up at home ordering food and supplies online or by delivery.  Just trying to ride this **** out.

    I hear ya. I'm just sittin here by myself erryday chillin'..watching my money fly away. (not that have much to lose lol). Trying to keep an eye on the oldie parents and doing their grocery runs and errands for them when possible (It's been tough making my dad sit still)  and making sure the GF and her kids have enough food and supplies while hunkering down. Was supposed to go to your brothers place and do some fishing in the next month or so but we nixed that and put it on hold. He and I talk on the phone a lot so that kills some time and we get some good laffs in. Prolly gonna break out the pellet gun and do some quiet ...."hunting"..to make up for the lack of edibles around here. :rolleyes: Glad to hear all is well with you and yours. 

    You can tell I'm bored as **** if I came hopping on here LOLOL I may stick around for a while, dunno yet. I was unsure about which profile was still valid heheheh.


    Let the games begin!





  2. 2 hours ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

    Same same. Buying she-it on line like I'm Rockefeller. Mainly fishing paraphernalia. Ordering dinner out/curbside to support my local restaurants. Staying the **** away from that their CV-19.

    Yeah I bought some new fishing gear too, was supposed to go to WY for some trout fishing later this month or early may. Scratch that now. So now I'm investing my time making the local community paranoid. 

  3. So what's new? Just thought I'd pop in and see what ya'll been up to, how life has been treating you, and seeing if all my old peeps are doing well and hopefully still alive and kicking.

    Inspired by a Ton80Kid call and convo. Have I missed anything good? (Prolly Not) Talked to Troutsky the other night and he keeps pestering me to post, so here, Leon, HOPE YER HAPPY NOW.

    So tell me your stories.


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