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  1. So heartless,,,sigh...And to think I love all ya'll
  2. I hear ya. I'm just sittin here by myself erryday chillin'..watching my money fly away. (not that have much to lose lol). Trying to keep an eye on the oldie parents and doing their grocery runs and errands for them when possible (It's been tough making my dad sit still) and making sure the GF and her kids have enough food and supplies while hunkering down. Was supposed to go to your brothers place and do some fishing in the next month or so but we nixed that and put it on hold. He and I talk on the phone a lot so that kills some time and we get some good laffs in. Prolly gonna break out the p
  3. Anway, aside from my typo, it's pretty good.
  4. Sub without a doubt. Dorohedoro would suck *** dubbed. I could rattle off a ginormous list of anime that would suck subbed or does suck dubbed.
  5. It's what you get for 30+ plus years of horse training and rodeo. It's kinda like footsballs, nobody walks away unscathed. So I don't complain, I earned it. Anyways how's you and the famblies?
  6. Yeah I bought some new fishing gear too, was supposed to go to WY for some trout fishing later this month or early may. Scratch that now. So now I'm investing my time making the local community paranoid.
  7. Not much mate, just piddlin around these days. How's you doin?
  8. I'm back to make you all unsad while quarantined.
  9. Hey Jdave...just chillin, I've just been shmucking around. Had back surgery, it failed. So I've been Killing time doing not much. How's you doing?
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