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  1. Hi JDavvg just asking the usual heretic friendlies how things is. Don't mind your bff,, he's still a twit.
  2. So that would be a solid no, then, alrighty.
  3. Anyone else here play War Thunder?
  4. Just a nobody.
  5. Nice to see after all this time away there are still KB spats. I liked him so it's nice to see him doing this. Now if only they had Finnermans.
  6. So what's new? Just thought I'd pop in and see what ya'll been up to, how life has been treating you, and seeing if all my old peeps are doing well and hopefully still alive and kicking. Inspired by a Ton80Kid call and convo. Have I missed anything good? (Prolly Not) Talked to Troutsky the other night and he keeps pestering me to post, so here, Leon, HOPE YER HAPPY NOW. So tell me your stories. Iowahorse.
  7. Hi Leon. Big_Sloth haz founds you.

  8. I'm glad he's gone. This was inexcusable I never liked the guy from day 1. Pissed when we picked him. But what you came up with was just stupid as ****.
  9. HODOR!
  10. It's not that I find I mind it,..just don't like getting my fap on by surprise. Mostly. Sometimes. Whatever.
  11. Next time, Cpt. time.
  12. Azzhole. I was eating cheetos. Cleaning an orange pecker is time consuming. Thanks.
  13. Well he DOES have giants blood in him...That pasty screenshot still makes my eyes bleed. It's like Shrek had secks (Konshenshal a coarse) with the Pillsbury doughboy.
  14. "Hodor The Big Gay Bear" I think a children's book needs to be written.
  15. Multiple links?