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  1. heard on the radio coming home from work that freeman just overheated/dehydrated. they said he was fine.
  2. i'm just saying. i would think for all the hype surrounding him he would have made some plays against their guys that most probably won't even make the team. maybe i just have unrealistic expectations of him.
  3. i will admit i didn't watch every single play of the game, but i didn't see us in a 3-4 front a single time. did i just miss it??
  4. at 1st they said he wasn't playing. he did come in in the 2nd half though and was very unimpressive against the phins 3rd stringers. that gives me an uneasy feeling.
  5. I hope roddy makes his peace and then directs his focus towards football like a laser and has an incredible season that he can dedicate to his bro. I hope this doesn't sound selfish - yall know what I mean
  6. I agree 110% about gonzo. he did some great things for us, but i swear he hindered ryan's developement.
  7. i don't even like talking about this sh!t. all it takes is a few key injuries and we're 4-12 again.
  8. he will be he11 on those WR screens and bubble screens we love to run so much.
  9. what if we trade up twice and get clowney AND barr. we pretty much blow our load as far as the draft goes but add 2 elite players on D. then we use the $13m we have left in cap space to sign draft picks and add quality depth players after the draft or after june 1 cuts.
  10. replace the TE with FS and replace one of the RB with another OLB and we're good.
  11. I'm with yall. I like the little I've seen of ewing. if he can stay healthy, I think he will be a good one.
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