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  1. This would be my choice, get more picks and have a chance to draft Lance.
  2. Indeed, 100% trade down. Will help with the cap situation and hopefully net a few players who will start. Also not against taking Trey Lance after a trade down if he falls to us.
  3. I listed to the game on the radio, can still remember how great it felt when he homered Great player and great person
  4. Not the same, Quinn had the assistants play musical chairs to decide where they coached.
  5. Wrote this after waking up way too early. whether the combine is cancelled or not , hoping Falcons get their scouting and assistants hired quickly. If there is a trade down, that is a lot of draft picks we need to hit on.
  6. Falcons really need the scouting, assistants, etc. together quickly. I know this makes it harder for all the teams to draft but with a trade down We will have a lot of picks we need to get right.
  7. I think that is the key here, Brady realize what he does well and surround himself with coaches who will take care of the rest. I also think too many head coaches try to control everything, have a plan and trust your assistants
  8. He will not be traded, not to Falcons , not to anyone. Probably just trying to gain a little say so on who Texans hire as coach. But in an alternate universe somewhere Falcons get him !
  9. Here's my take on next year. No matter who the GM and Coach, no matter who we draft, we are only starting a process to get back to where we want. So, we need to be thinking further ahead. If they think we can get a franchise changing QB at 4, gotta pull the trigger. The better teams are planning 2 or 3 years ahead maybe more.
  10. Both Matt and Julio give there all every game, always have. Age is any enemy that none of us will defeat, as we get older the hurts we have hurt more and last longer. Their time playing for Falcons or whoever is soon coming to am end. I want to win every game but I want these two great Falcons to be treated with the respect they deserve. Disappointed you ? , I think they have given their best. Just my take on what has been and what will be.
  11. The team is clearly playing hard, I think with the right assistants he would do a good job. A good job is less than what I want, an awesome job would make me much happier
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