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  1. I was hoping you misspelled the name and meant tommy as in tommy harris.We could use a big DT guy to help open up our pass rush a little more now.
  2. I would still like to see us sign a few more if we could.I noticed that tommie harris and shaun rogers are still there.That would be awesome if we could get those two monsters as our DT'S,that would really help the passing game some.
  3. I say a little of A and B for both offence and defence.While we brought in new coordinators,they will have brought in a new playbook as well I assume.The coordinators can't play the game for us all they can do is come up with the plays for our guys to preform. I think we'll also see that were missing a piece here and there and we'll fix it next year and be better.
  4. The year baker was drafted,I was thrilled.He was a good lineman in college,and I thought we got our selves a steal,and at first we did.He did pretty good he's first season here and I didn't think he did all that bad in his second,but after that it seemed to have all gone down hill. I remember watching him last year and screaming at the tv wondeing why they were keeping him in the game,he was sucking it up sooo bad.Now I'm hoping he can get his act together and come back as the o-lineman of old and make us forget last year.
  5. I'm just glad to have some kind of pass rush on the d-line.I pray to the football gods that edwards will step up this year and have a great year too.Maybe we could get a hole clogger of a DT and our line will be pretty much set.
  6. ****,That's with any atlanta pro-sports team.
  7. If that's the case we should have about two 1st round picks and a bunch of other picks through the draft,because that's how NE does it.
  8. Very good points.We as fans of this team have been through alot over the years,is it wrong to want better? If us fans can see the problems but the coach's can't somethings wrong.It's the same ol,same ol every year.I like nolan,i think he was good hire,but he isn't on the field making the plays,he just calls them.We got to have the players that can make the plays he calls.
  9. It would be nice,and ray edwards seemed to play better with allen on the other side of the line so maybe he would wake ray up again.But I wouldn't brake up the team to get him.No way.Maybe a player and a pick are two,but nothing more.
  10. If the falcons feel good about where they are,then they won't trade up.I don't think they should,because any rookie coming in isn't going to really have that big of an impact first year,unless they play QB are maybe RB. I would stay where I'm at with the picks we have right now and hope that we can get some good production type players out of it and still try to win a playoff game. If not,well we would have some picks to play with next year.
  11. They will still have to bring it all together under a new head coach,and a new system.When they do,they will be the second best team in the nfc south.As bad as it hurts to say that,it's true.The saints are still the team to beat.Yeah they lost nicks but they gained grubbs.So no big lose there. It's weird the falcons can't ever seem to have the whole team at the right point to be a threat.We'll have a good o-line but not a good d-line.Are we'll have a good d-line but a crappy o-line.When will have it all together? The buc's could go after richardson in the draft,and if they do,it's going to be
  12. It shouldn't surprise non of us really,that the falcons haven't signed no big name free agents.It seems non of the big atlanta teams want to spend any money on getting a big name player here in atlanta. Who is the biggest star to sign with the hawks? Who is the biggest star to sign with the braves? Who is the biggest star to sign with the falcons? Now I know breaking the bank won't make you a over night success,"look what the eagles did last year" but we do have holes that need to be filled and waiting for the draft to fill them holes won't help us in the first year and might not in the second
  13. I would try to sign abe on a one year contract maybe two depending on the money involved,and try my best to get ryan some protection by signing a center.Maybe we could still get the guy from GB.
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