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  1. Ok, being as completely objective as I can be... I brought this up last year. I'll bring it up again. Thank me later. I think Payton is wussed out since the suspension. Before the suspension, the Saints were not only a powerhouse, they would step on your throat. Especially in the 4th quarter. Opposing teams HATED Payton cause he was relentless when it counted. The Saints domination in the 4th quarter was becoming legendary. Last year, they dominated 2 4th quarters. This year, they have led in the 4th quarter and been caught in each. Teams feel like they are still in the game in the 4th quarter... its Payton's approach. In fact, it was about the time that he took the playcalling reins from Carmicheal that this trend started... Is Carmicheal even still with the club? He was the new genius on the scene... now, you never hear about him. How do Saints fans think this affects their fourth quarter output?
  2. Pierre Thomas fits what Payton wants to do more than any back on their roster. The offense seems fine though and the more time Brees gets to work with the new guys, the better they will become. Part of having a good defense is keeping them off the field, a commitment to the running game could help that, but who could complain as a Saints fan. The offense is producing at a high level... why tweak it... if anything... it will likely get better. Saints will be ok, just a rough start.
  3. so glad to see him out of the NFCS... that little dumpoff pass from Brees was DEVASTATING. The way Kelly uses his backs could make Sproles comeback player of the year
  4. Isn't Ingram in a contract year? Are the Saints intentionally trying to keep their #1 draft choice numbers down?
  5. Do you think he was pissed about the loss or the play-calling? He's been involved in losses before. Dude seems like a passionate guy. Kinda odd with all the 'anger management' issues floating around... will be interesting to see how the Saints spin it.
  6. good responses by the Saints contingent. It will be interesting to see how they adjust. Not all of us get to see the Saints games as much so we rely on Rivals to give us the inside scoop and point out the nuances. It appears to be an issue with communication, especially on defense. Thats valid, the season is still young and thats the type of thing that can be fixed during the course of a week.
  7. Scenario C: Lose 4 straight... has to be the worst and since it has happened, there are actually people outthere that can vouch for it.
  8. Best Thread title ever. All the rest, just be glad Reeicce and NYG4 arent here to crank this to the next level. Congrats Panthers.... well done for the first eighth of the season... since both your wins are in NFC, you lead in tiebreakers as well. Ride that T-Rex... ride em
  9. the rotation running back strategy is turning these guys into fragile dolls... sitting on the sideline and coming in for one or two plays in a shot... Marshawn Lynch is really the only RB who's coach insists on getting him all lathered up during a game and finishing teams off with him. All the hits he takes and dishes out, and he gets stronger as the game goes on.
  10. Even 2 games in, carolina is looking scary. 2 seasons ago, they found ways to lose. Last season, they had a horrible start and got their act together and raped the division from the Saints. This season, they have had questions going into both games and forced their will in each contest. The next 6 games are the toughest part of their schedule, after that, it gets EXTREMELY favorable.... beware the Panthers
  11. wfw is right. If the union doesnt file this, Ray Rice could sue the union. And he would win. This is ALL about justice. Just let it play out.
  12. Its a good analysis. In rewatching those plays you gotta wonder... when Ryan and Hester get their timing together, its gonna be nasty. Most throws to Hester were behind him. That said, when Brees and Cooks get their timing together it will be equally nasty as well.
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