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  1. I didn't mention them because 2 of them have played one regular season game and Neal has been injured. I have to see more from them to consider them "promising."
  2. I'm starting to feel like by the time most of these young guys develop Ryan will be on the downside of his career & Julio will be just exiting his prime.. and call me pessimistic but I'm not liking what I'm seeing from the young guys on defense outside of Jarrett & Trufant.
  3. Then demote Dimitroff to "salary-cap manager." Or get a GM that can handle both personnel AND contracts, because, ya know, that's a GM's job and why they are paid millions.
  4. sigh... I just want TD gone. Like I don't care what you think of his drafting ability (or lack thereof) or his salary cap "savvy" - I just want him gone. The dude gave Tyson ******* Jackson a 5 year 25 mil dollar contract.
  5. Can the mods ban these from being posted? They offer literally no points of discussion. Matt Ryan is literally THE most politically correct person on this planet. you will NEVER hear him speak out of turn during a press conference. what you'll hear is cliche after cliche.
  6. If your system relies on top talent you're not a very good coach. What's the point of having a coaching staff if all you have is top level talent? Coaches are there to make the mediocre guys see their full potential. Quinn isn't doing that and neither did Smith.
  7. I would rather get beat by a blitz than get beat because the quarterback had 19 seconds to complete a pass.
  8. That's the joke. Completely different regime but same story. Quinn refuses to accept our front can't get pressure, and also doesn't want to move Tru around even though our #2 corner (whoever it is that week) gets picked on.
  9. The Falcons are running a defensive scheme that doesn't fit the personnel we have. Sound familiar?
  10. Quit staring at the **** stat sheet.If you actually WATCH the games, you'll understand that Ryan is having an extremely down year. It's not hard to complete a high % of passes when most of them travel about 4 yards past the line of scrimmage. The stat sheet doesn't display how many wide open throws he misses, or how many plays he rushes the throw because he THINKS he's gonna get hit when in actuality the pocket is serviceable.
  11. The quicker people come to terms with Ryan never getting better than he is, the better.The dude is 30 years old. He's as good as he'll ever be. What you see with Ryan is what you're gonna get the rest of his career which is: A good, not great QB who will never give you more than 30 TDs, regardless of who lines up at receiver. A QB who suffers from tunnel vision, which leads to a lot of batted passes and defenders squatting on routes. A QB that lacks killer instinct which leads to us getting into the red zone at a tremendous rate but consistently settling for field goals. Arm strength is incred
  12. I disagree, you can put a large percentage of this loss on Matt Ryan.He is to the point where not only can he not complete 5 yard out routes, he throws to Julio in triple coverage when Roddy is left alone down the left sideline (most likely BECAUSE defenses now know Ryan has tunnel vision)
  13. No. Without going into specific detail, he is an insult to the word "linebacker" and I don't normally **** talk players by name... but the way he carries himself (like he's the hottest **** on planet Earth) then gets run over by a tight end every week gets on my last nerve.
  14. Flat out, no. The offensive line is just not good enough for Matt Ryan. He's the type of QB that really does become too anxious in the pocket with a bad OL. Some pocket QBs don't let it phase them. Teams like Seattle can get away w/ a ****** o-line because they have a very mobile QB and are atleast serviceable when run blocking. Don't even get me started on the o-line's ability (or lack thereof) to open holes in the run game. People keep saying our RBs suck - NO running back will succeed behind that **** you're seeing. This team is still too reliant on the Ryan to Jones combination, and while
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