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  1. Welcome to Atlanta where the players play
  2. I'm ok with it. I'm curious on the trade what the draft pick point (value) comparison was. never mind ... someone had a topic on it
  3. when Jamie dukes said the falcons might take him at 30 I just about threw up
  4. 1. OROY - Tyler Eifert 2. DROY - Dion Jordan 3. 1st round bust - Bjorn Werner 4. Surprise 1st rounder - Matt Barkley 5. Can't miss prospect - Tyler Eifert 6. Sleeper pick - Knile Davis 7. 100% Falcons draft - Lattimore
  5. only Eifert in the first ... otherwise 4th round or later
  6. did anyone see the Bjorn Werner draft journey? He struck me as pretty 'Luke-warm' I know not everyone is going to have a hallmark story, but he just seemed like he wouldn't care if he was playing football or not.
  7. Mathieu doesn't have something to prove, other than maybe he's not a complete dumb***.
  8. I was thinking about this today. You hear them talking up Millner and ever Mathieu (for Christ's sake), but I don't hear any talk about Rhodes and I haven't seen him in any interviews. Maybe he feels like he has something to prove ... I actually like Rhodes (FSU fan) and if he or Hayden was the pick I'd be ok with it.
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