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  1. The guy I'd like to return punts & possibly kick offs is still Robert Alford. We saw him muff a punt his rookie season (iirc) and that was all she wrote. Coming out of 'SEL' he showed he did have playmaking abilities in the return game. If Collins does show his tail and prove some worth to being outside and we roll with him as our #2 I wouldn't mind seeing what type of contribution Alford could bring to the return game. I believe it would also give us a better valuation on him to the overall roster moving forth in the Quinn era since both he and Tru will be coming up on deals next year.
  2. Falcon Man with the Gif of the year thus far, well played. To answer your question OP, With Irvin in play I doubt we go after Houston.
  3. A second? Somebody's been smoking the gregory.
  4. I don't see a need to drafting a prototypical box safety when we've already got Moore & Kemal.
  5. activate Allen or perhaps a Fair catch franks signing?
  6. It's evident Jake "ain't bout that life" haha...
  7. GREAT THREAD! Personal thoughts... - Renfree pulling ahead of of Davis, Solid. - Lack of a fullback still puzzles me.. - Sad to hear about this kid Boldewijn but isn't necessarily suprising.. - Tightend continues to be our biggest hole imo - Good to hear Ishmael is taking steps towards improvement & Lowery/Southward is going to be a closer battle than originally expected.
  8. his stock is now equal to that of cyrus kouandjio imo which is low.
  9. His locker along with Asante's have been emptied out #fact
  10. Although I'm under the impression he's done here as well, I am in the minority with Farmer2 I think DeCoud although not the greatest could certainly become serviceable with an adequate front line. He's not the type of player to come up and make the hit, he simply just wants to make plays on the balls that's all which hurt us this season and had him looking bad because there were a lot of times we needed him to come up and make the tackle, which I along with the rest of us realize isn't his strong suit. If we freshen up our front line, he can once again go back to playing the ball rather than s
  11. I'm thinking the same thing...
  12. Loved the Trufant smack, it's time we get guys that'll take a stand for themselves although like previously mentioned he did get caught on ice skates the following play with a screen but hey I'll take the emotions he presented in that play all day... as long as we don't get penalized haha.
  13. When we drafted him I initially thought that was going to be his role on the team, share nickle duties with Bobby Mac & Returns, **** a good chunk of his highlights at the draft were return plays. He's explosive enough to do so, I got a chance to chat with his brother last week at the game and asked him how Alford felt about being pulled from special teams and he simply replied "he's pissed."
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