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  1. Per @JDaveG Cap and salary -- who took what? So I keep seeing these posts about "the Titans took all Julio's cap hit" and "the Titans took his dead money" and all that. Then there are the others that suggest we only clear enough to sign our rookies, which is driving into the other ditch. Here's how the cap breakdown works and who pays what. Julio is owed currently: Pro-rated signing bonus -- $23.25 million Guaranteed salary -- $17.30 million Falcons pay: 2021 prorated signing bonus -- $7.75 million 2022 prorated signing bonus - $15.5 million
  2. I Just came this article. Haven’t seen it posted but they are really trying stir the pot. Thoughts? https://t.co/TmsUtSl2W0 “I’ve got some little birdies who have been talking to me. One, the reason Julio Jones is on the trade market, his relationship with the Falcons is terrible, it is bad right now… [the other reason] he [Julio] wants to play with Cam Newton… he [Julio] thinks Matt Ryanhas lost a little zing on his deep ball.”
  3. Lmao dude i will never forget the days of james stone and your being done here. Lol literally made thread about leaving.
  4. He was doing it last year and this year. Maybe its scheme
  5. The safety we drafted in the 3rd round of 2013 or 2014. Everyone kept comparing him to richard Sherman because his measurements. Ill link some of the threads
  6. I hate when players are compared to greats or popular players because of physical traits and size. Like when everyone was comparing Desmond Southward to Richard Sherman lol
  7. That goes into the "protecting the team manta". If Riley had done his job, kazee would not be concussed.
  8. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/3/29/17175872/atlanta-landing-spot-for-odell-beckham-jr-the-ringer-can-the-falcons-make-it-work-blunts-and-blow
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