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  1. Actually, it is Joe Burrow, not Burrows. Sounds like Bengals may take him.
  2. If we keep him, he is definitely going to cost us big time this year. If we want to get to the Super Bowl, we won't do it with a kicker like Tavecchio! He has got to GO!
  3. Congratulations and welcome to our newest fan!
  4. Sending lots of love and prayers for Tandy.
  5. Tandy, I am so sorry! Sending prayers and heartfelt condolences.
  6. Will keep you in my prayers and hope for good results from your latest tests!
  7. Yeah, also Todd Gurley, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, AJ Green, Roquan Smith, to name a few other losers from the Dawgs. Sarcasm intended. Any player from any college can be a bust. I really don't see why some on this board automatically discount players from UGA. I would really like to get Elijah Holyfield in this year's draft!
  8. What makes you think Freeman can stay healthy? I think we really need to consider Elijah Holyfield! He is a beast!
  9. Falcons have zero chance of reaching the playoffs this year. The Saints could play all their second string players on Thursday and still beat us. We will likely lose to the Panthers and probably at least one or two of the remaining games. I still love the Falcons, but let's face it, we are toast for this season.
  10. I know I was guilty of not giving Sark any credit in the past. It's good to see Sark and the players gelling and good things falling into place.
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