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  1. R.I.P to one of the greatest to ever play the game
  2. I have been a Dan since 88, and I do remember the Rankin smith days. Blank isn't perfect, but I'm thankful he is the owner and not the clampets
  3. If he really lives in Bunker Hill village, I only live 20 mins from there. I will pick him up and buy his plane ticket (First class) to Atlanta
  4. Loser by Beck But I still watch every year And still for some reason always have hope
  5. This would definitely be a falcon move if true
  6. I wouldn't hire DK to pick plays for me on tecmo bowl. It would just confuse him
  7. If you are a falcons fan, being let down comes with the territory unfortunately
  8. If he watched tape of new Orleans it was probably Mardi grad & not actual game tape
  9. I would throw the coaching staff in with the rest of the dead weight
  10. If you are talking about Bill O'Brien I would definitely say no thank you, he set the Texans back more than a few years
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