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  1. Are we seriously talking about this ? It's a week 1 loss, how about let's see a few more games before we panic.
  2. Was joey harrington our qb in this sim ?
  3. I think he is barry larkins nephew
  4. With more picks that kinda helps with the depth propblem Granted not all picks are guaranteed to work out
  5. You would think a starting job in the nfl on a potential playoff team would be enough motivation
  6. He's consistently inconsistent
  7. Been a fan since around 88/89 And tired of my team choking
  8. Rip to one of the best to play the position for the falcons Fralic was the man
  9. You can also blame our GM for not drafting some good OL
  10. I have been a fan since 88 Not holding my breath for a falcons superbowl. Ga sports teams just don't finish in the big game
  11. The braves have 1 WS championship
  12. He's not even good enough for special teams in my opinion. He needs to be flipping burgers....
  13. I think this defense needs to make plays and tackle instead