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  1. FA One of these DE's: Michael Bennett, Lamarr Houston, Michael Johnson One of these DT's: Linval Joseph, Paul Solali, Randy Starks DE-DT Tyson Jackson Draft 1 - Mack 2 - Tuitt/Hageman/Van Noy 3 - Jones/Van Noy/Joyner In order of preference.
  2. I want us to sign a Joseph/Solali in FA and then draft Daquan Jones in the 3rd. If you want big bodies, go get big bodies
  3. The versatility of Tuitt is invaluable though.
  4. What if Tuitt and Donald are both there in the second? That would be a hard decision.
  5. After doing some research with the help of this thread and a few others, I honestly don't see how Mack isn't the pick unless by some miracle of god Clowney is there.
  6. just give it up old man. stick to nicknames.
  7. Apparently the difference in 6-8 inches completely changes to formation to him....
  8. Still curious as to what formation we are in if it's not a 4-3 under oh great knowledgeable one.
  9. He seems to think our 4-3 under alignment isn't a 4-3 under because Jelly is lined up in the 4 tech instead of the 5. Just semantics. Maybe if we actually had a 5 tech DT they would be lined up in the 5 tech position.
  10. Then why don't you go ahead and tell us what alignment we are in in that picture hot shot?
  11. The defense that Pete Carroll now employs uses the basic tenets of the Monte Kiffin 4-3 Under defense and mixes in a variation originally pioneered by the legendary George Seifert in San Francisco. Seifert wanted to create mismatches against the opposing offensive line so he started using his weakside defensive end to rove around and rush the passer from a two-point stance (standing up position). This was the beginning of the "Elephant" position and one that Carroll uses today. We also see this position called the LEO, and in the Hawks' defense can rush standing up or in a three-point stance. Notice standing up or three-point stance. You're arguing semantics.
  12. I'm just happy to actually see SOME football threads. I logged in today and seen two threads with actual football discussion in them and had to do a double take to make sure I was in the right place.
  13. You are wrong. It'd be best to just get over it before you embarrass yourself some more.
  14. We can easily fix this defense with the draft and a few select FA signings. Here is what I'd do. In free agency: Do whatever it takes to acquire DE Michael Bennett. We already know what he can do in the defense we would be running, not to mention he's a perfect fit. Bring in a fat hog @ DT. Joseph, Solali, ect. We have a few options. I'd prefer Joseph just because of age, but Solali has played under Nolan before. Possibly address the FS situation if there is enough cap space. We head into the draft with two new starters on the DL. It's time to fill out this defense. Round 1 - OLB Khalil Mack. Nolan has his new LEO. Another perfect fit. Round 2 - DE-DT Stephon Tuitt. Massive, scheme diverse, basically the Lamarr Houston of the draft. Round 3 - DT Daquan Jones. If we bring in one NT, we have to bring in two. No point in integrating a big NT into the scheme if all it would take is one injury to throw everything out the window. We'll have two massive hogs for goal line and obvious running situations as well. These 5 moves alone completely transforms this defense DE - Bennett DT - Joseph/Jones DT - Tuitt LEO - Mack Tuitt could also move outside and allow Mack to line up as a traditional LB as well. He would give us the versatility to move Mack and a few others all over the field. OLB - Spoon MLB - Worrilow OLB - ??? (This position could possibly be addressed in FA as well. I would really like Wesley Woodyard here. Could also be a draft pick. Bartu is another possibility.) <-------Now that I think about it, Kroy will probably man this spot. It would allow Nolan to create a lot of confusion as to who is actually the 'LEO' and who will drop into coverage.) FS - Decoud (ugh, maybe?) SS - Moore CB - Tru CB - Alford This defense would make me pretty excited.
  15. I would hope for Tuitt in the 2nd. Grab our LEO in Mack in the 1st, Tuitt in the 2nd and our defense is starting to transform.