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  1. Portrait of what happens any time you're asked to spell a word? Matt Ryan - Millionaire pro athlete Swift - Dumb message boarder than can't spell prepare.
  2. Funny because once Lewis left the Ravens didn't even make the playoffs, much less win the super bowl.
  3. Didn't you know? All QB's that win super bowl are gods. All ones that don't suck. It's too bad swifty wasn't on Wilsons jock last year. He only rides their jock AFTER they win, not before. You can never be wrong that way.
  4. When you guys have these circle jerks who is the pivot man? Do you take turns?
  5. this tells us nothing new at all. we all know the texans 'could' deal #1. they 'could' also take clowney, a qb or anybody else..
  6. We need to put a pass rusher inbetween the two OTs if we did something like this 1 - OT 2 - OLB (Attaochu, Van Noy, ect) 3 - OT - J. James Would look better imo.
  7. Lewan is easily the most risk Robinson is easily the highest ceiling Matthews is the least bust factor.
  8. With the Raiders dumping Pryor already I don't see how they don't go QB. Cle might go BPA since Hoyer looked alright. The Jags are the other team I think that will take a QB. I still think Mack falls to 6.
  9. Same things being said when we interviewed Verrett and Byrd was a 2nd. 42nd overall actually.
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