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    FuhRealDoh reacted to Black Francis in Quinn wasn't feeling one jersey   
    I don’t like the gradient jerseys but whatever. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to vel in Dimi’ Presser today   
    Sometimes, yall have to move off the "unproven" line. A rookie is just as unproven, if not more. Would taking Queen make you feel better? Why? 
    They've seen Oluokon and know Oluokon. I'd trust them more if they think he's ready. He was an immediate upgrade over Campbell. I see him as a Stephen Nicholas type, a guy who's not going to be a big name, but a solid player who will just do his job. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to robertap in Do you think the Corona virus will ruin the 2020 NFL season?   
    If folks would stay home for a few weeks, only going out to get the essentials, then no, the NFL season would be just fine.  However, that's not what folks are doing.  The longer people ignorantly fight against the quarantine, the longer this thing is going to last.
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to papachaz in Falcons are expected to pick up QB Matt Schaub’s $2 million option for 2020.   
    finally a line that could hold up 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to LaurentRobinsonDaGawd in Albert Breer Speculation: Falcons part ways with Freeman   
    I think were making the moves to get Fowler in FA. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to Dr Long Shot in Anyone else feel like Hooper is gone?   
    I like Hoop a lot, but we are strapped for cash. At the end of the day, I think relying on defense will be a more consistent path to the playoffs and hopefully the eventual championship than continuing to load up on the offensive side of the ball. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to ATL_666 in Who dat? Wow. AP: NFL’s Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis   
    This is disgusting.  The owner of an NFL team is literally aiding to help a pedophile ring from being exposed and abusers from going to prison and victims from receiving legal justice.  This is sickening beyond football and my normal disdain for the New Orleans Saints and their fan base.  Hopefully their fan base will put tons of public pressure on this owner and the NFL to get this guy removed, much liked happened with the Panthers.
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to Francis York Morgan in Who dat? Wow. AP: NFL’s Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis   
    This goes above and beyond. Horribly sad. I know if something like that came out about the Falcons I'd have trouble rooting for them ever again. It was hard enough after Vick.
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to kschreck in Who dat? Wow. AP: NFL’s Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis   
    Stealing drugs, paying people to hurt other people, getting involved with covering up pedophilia....organized crime?
    No, the New Orleans Saints.
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to ParanoidAndroid in Who dat? Wow. AP: NFL’s Saints fight to shield emails in Catholic abuse crisis   
    Seriously, F the Saints. This is disgusting 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to vel in Do you think the Falcons will keep Vic Beasley?   
    They'll try because he's "their guy". Would I? No. Not in the slightest. He's not good for the locker room. When you constantly pay under achievers, it's a beacon to what's acceptable and what's not. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to MAD597 in James Franklin, PSU Players Named in Isaiah Humphries Lawsuit Alleging Hazing   
    Slap on the wrist, the last scandal was so horrific I think they should have just closed the school, but of course nothing really happened, nothing will happen this time and no one will be really held accountable
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to ya_boi_j in Saints got an exclusive Doritos flavor   
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to falconfanEST1989 in Bye bye Aints   
    My day has just been made...... thank you Vikings..... 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to Duff_Man in Jeff Schultz Interview: If You Could Ask Just One Question   
    I need to know how Ledbetter is still employed.
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to Sidecar Falcon in My way too early NFL DRAFT NETWORK Mock   
    And a consistent offensive line. Biadasz is a good player. Have him play one year at LG. When Mack retires he can slide back to Center. If history has taught us anything  it’s that you don’t want to have a sub par Center. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to Gbpack10 in Packer fan here   
    I wanted to say I hate the Saints. That is one awful cocky fanbase reading their boards. Also we owe you a Thanks for beating them a month ago. That gave us a bye. I know we were lucky to win both games against Detroit but still a big Thanks! Who you guys rooting for in the NFC and AFC. I hope the Saints choke again in the playoffs.
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to thanat0s in That win against the Aints   
    I’ve never gotten over my hatred of the Walsh era Niners, but I’m gonna be pulling hard for the Niners or Vikings in this playoffs, because I hate the rest of the NFC teams with the white hot fire of the sun. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to FalconFan1st in That win against the Aints   
    Cost them first seed. Now it goes through GB and GB gets the bye. 
    You are welcome swamp-rats!
    F*** the Aints. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to sandtrap in Quinn: “Koetter Is My OC in 2020   
    This was his first year with this group of guys. I for one think he’ll be a better OC next year than this year. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to Nino11 in Quinn: “Koetter Is My OC in 2020   
    I’m not a huge fan of Koetter, but I’m tired of the parade of OCs Matt Ryan’s has through his career. Changing coaches every year isn’t how you build a winner. 
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to JDaveG in Which one of you did this?   
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to papachaz in Not A Sexy Pick.   
    I remember the last 'center' we picked from Wisconsin that was supposed to be such a stud.....
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to AUTiger7222 in Moving On From Dan Quinn   
    The Falcons should have a championship already under Quinn and if the Falcons hadn't blown that game there would be a dramatically different view point on Quinn right now.
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    FuhRealDoh reacted to KRUNKuno in I want every hater to shut their mouths about Matt Ryan   
    that’s MY quarterback 
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