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  1. We. Will. Take it. Pretty sure Ryan will hear all about this one, over and over, during his next vacation with Stanford! Go Birds!!
  2. Shockley and Wire don't bother me, but Kutcher is such a tweasle
  3. If the Falcons moved, the entire league would be dead to me.
  4. During the game, at least near my place, I kept hearing these long rolling sounds of thunder that just lingered, due to the storms. I have been calling our Falcons the A-town Thunderbirds ever since.
  5. Timing is everything. If this were done around the first time we played the Packers I wouldn't even care that much.. But the championship game, the day before? Stupid. I'll never go there again. Dead to me. I hope radio stations, bands, other events, etc go elsewhere moving forward. Rise up!