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  1. This is fantastic. Thank you. It is something to think about.
  2. Reasons why we shouldn’t have a Championship right NOW. or Our Home field advantage.
  3. I was thinking of the potential spins he could get for an onside kick. Wonder if he could get it to land and roll backwards like in golf?
  4. You really don’t want to watch this. It’s pretty ugly
  5. I was hoping to see we sign a Kicker. I like it. I’ve heard he has had some struggles, but remember him being pretty good in college.
  6. False. Sorry man they’re not. They’re dogs. Dawgs wear red and black
  7. I’m thinking 10-6, but hoping for 11-5. Just get to the playoffs, and get hot. Go Birds.
  8. I got the impression he was upset that they kicked that far out to begin with. And that he wanted to go for the first down. Also, that maybe we left them with too much time as well.
  9. I like Bosher. He’s got fire, but yeah this isn’t the kind of thing you want to be known for. Maybe it’s his wind up? I feel like Armstrong maybe more of the issue though. I’ve kind of thought he’s been going to get the ax for a long time now... even pre-Quinn era, but next season he always ends up being the st coach
  10. That dude looks a lot like me actually, lol! But it’s not me..
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