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  1. Oh Bother... -Eyore
  2. Been calling him AutoMattic for the last few years. He’s earned it. Happy birthday, get yourself another aquarium or something #3
  3. Matt would never approach another GM and tell him to do something like this.. I, for one, am really glad he’s not that type of player. Rodgers needs to get on with his life?? I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy. Dude, you make a boatload. You’re about to make more. What’s the issue? Not like it won’t happen. Take a deep breath Aaron. ****, I’ll take one too, but sounds pretty juvenile to me.
  4. I think it is amusing that people want to dictate how others protest.. ”You’re not doin it right!” what??? it doesn’t matter how much money you make. If your message makes enough people uncomfortable, you are silenced.
  5. Yes.
  6. Seconded. He’s got the skills. Sounds like he might not have the time.
  7. Lurking since 2008. Joined maybe the next year or two. These days I’m back to lurking mostly.
  8. Actually, I keep having the feeling we are going to curb stomp the saints on Sunday.
  9. No. Yes. No. (In that order)
  10. I actually think Free got another minor concussion last night that wasn’t noticed. One of those big hits he took fairly early on seemed to daze him. He shook it off after a teammate pulled him up real quick, but I remember thinking “oh no”.. yes he put up some great numbers last night, but those fumbles and drop are not typical really of the way he does things. Hoping I’m wrong here.. Did anyone else see this by chance? Or did I have one too many?
  11. People skills?
  12. Until he got let go, I'd say Hageman. I'll agree about Jarrett.
  13. We. Will. Take it. Pretty sure Ryan will hear all about this one, over and over, during his next vacation with Stanford! Go Birds!!