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  1. Worst part about this loss! I was riding first class on the Mike Smith/Dimitroff train but to **** with that! What can we do now as fans to show we're fed up with this crap?
  2. If Falcons "Fans" would go to the game and not just buy and then sell tickets for profit it wouldn't be like this!
  3. The last time I used one of these screensavers we went 4-12!
  4. Highlights on our 5th round pick! I like him! Could be a great nickle-corner once Nolan gets to him!
  5. 1. Saints 2. Florida Gators 3. Auburn Tigers
  6. To many issues! I knew him personally from when he was at Georgia. I had a few classes with him. The last thing we need is him in a falcons jersey.
  7. Defensive Line - Romeo Crennel (Currently Unemployed) Tons of experience working with defensive linemen, just the coach that could probably keep Clowney in line and bring out his full potential. Offensive Line - Don Mahoney (Tennessee Vols) Has coached many great offensive linemen, while at Cincinnati he's coached 5 players to All Big-East selection. Also at Cincinnati they led the Big East in scoring offense (27.1 ppg), total offense (417.3 ypg), passing offense (260.7 ypg), first downs (21.9 ypg), third-down conversions (45.6 pct.) and touchdown passes (27), This year was his first year at T
  8. I would have smacked Sherman too! I knew he could talk but dang! http://www.nfl.com/v...Richard-Sherman
  9. It's just frustrating! Ryan needs to step up and say SOMETHING!!!! Call a players only meeting if you have to! But I think this is the reason we are playing like this! No one is playing for the team!
  10. Todd McClure who was the veteran leader on offense and was probably the reason our offensive line did so well in the post season against Seattle and that NASTY defensive front in San Fran. (Retired) John Abraham and Mike Peterson who were the veteran/hype leaders on the defense, one released, and one retired. Who was suppose to step up and be the next leader of this team? It seems like once these guys left, the spirit of this team went right out the door with them!
  11. Russell Wilson passes for 411 yards, rushes for 115, 4 passing touchdowns, 1 Rushing touchdown, along with a Marshawn Lynch rushing touchdown. Matt Ryan passes for 315 Yards, Jackson 23 rushing yards. 3 TDs. Seattle wins 42-21, the forum goes into complete meltdown just like the O-line.
  12. Curtis who? He played for us? Doesn't ring a bell.
  13. All of our deficiencies are TD's fault! Everyone is sick and tried of having the same issues for years! plus no depth anywhere else! if anyone deserves the boot its TD!
  14. Many Atlanta Falcons fans are fuming over the team's 1-4 start to its 2013 season. After spending an offseason dreaming about the Falcons making their first trip to the Super Bowl since 1998, they've suffered through four painful Falcons losses and watched injuries expose the team's limited depth. However, in spite of the anger that is permeating throughout the Atlanta fanbase, fans shouldn't expect Falcons owner Arthur Blank to fire Atlanta head coach Mike Smith—even if the Falcons fail to show much improvement during their last 11 weeks of the season. Smith is the winningest coach in Falcon
  15. I'm not complaining.. Seams like Levine Toilolo is doing okay under Gonzo! But what happened to his supposed breakout season Smitty was talking about? Has he caught a ball yet? I was looking forword to the 3 tight end sets that could really help our running game!
  16. And they get pressure on the QB!!! Who ever heard of that in football??
  17. TD built the team really well in 08 its just not being maintained properly! Over paying Injury-pronged second rate linemen will not do!
  18. But really! I'm worried about him! How can you give someone a 100 million dollar contract and not put someone decent on the line to protect him? Like buying a Range Rover without insurance! RIDICULOUS!
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