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  1. True - Agree it's good to see glaring weaknesses. Regardless - tough to watch Matty get thrown around.
  2. I couldn't stomach it. It was bad enough I was watching the Braves get bombed in the first 3 innings and then see Matt getting pummeled made for a lot of whiskey drinking.
  3. I hope you are correct but I don't believe so currently.
  4. Fine. No. Interesting exercise but the team has evolved too much into more of Koetter build.
  5. Can we trade you for another poster that has thought this through a little more?
  6. Just hope that McGary can handle the pass rush.
  7. So obviously we’ll go DB in second because you think the draft is lousy w DL.
  8. ********. Smells like utter ********. It’s likely Arthur saying protect #2
  9. And have rings —- what’s your point?
  10. With who running the ball? Devontae isn’t Turner. Might as well call Mike Smith.
  11. Our D is ShT - zero run defense.
  12. Cool story. Can he play DL and tackle a running back?
  13. Awful pick. Did we lose the last 3-4yrs because of offense? NO!!!! DEFENSE has sucked for 5yrs plus. Sick of this FO. Quinn is a puppet. We go 9wins then I’m all for gutting this staff.
  14. Last guard taken this high was DeCastro IIRC. Just happy I don’t have season tickets NOR have I gone to a game at the new stadium.
  15. Awful pick. We’ve been **** on DL for YEARS and we go guard. Doesn’t matter if we score 35 if we can’t stop them from scoring 36. DumbAF.