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  1. And the list is even more selective when you filter just DTs. 1. John Abraham, 2006-12 102 68.5 2. Chuck Smith, 1992-99 123 58.5 3. Patrick Kerney, 1999-06 120 58.0 4. Travis Hall, 1995-04 133 41.5 5. Vic Beasley, 2015-19 78 37.5 6. Brady Smith, 2000-05 80 32.0 7. Lester Archambeau, 1993-99
  2. precisely - the only thing to do is keep the high risk ppl away. If you are young and healthy, time to get to work!!!
  3. It took this long to figure this out and/or be brutally honest? Agree...
  4. What in the everloving world is New Orleans doing?
  5. Also a consistent contributor for years in the SEC - facing incredible competition. Looking forward to how he is used.
  6. I expect him to slim up some but not sure how much camp we'll see...I agree thats a good compromise weight.
  7. Yes to allow Hennessy to learn from the best. If he is that good, he'll beat out Mack.
  8. Agree and a lot of his tape (that i've seen) shows him outside. Gonna be a mauler!!!
  9. Going to be a helluva season to watch (i hope!!). I'm getting more and more excited about the defense. I'm hoping we see Davidson used in multiple ways - relieving Takk some, inside next Jarrett etc. Hope push the pile and press!!!
  10. Rather than tear stuff down. I honestly would like to see some people break down how each of these new pieces might be utilized. Time to understand and talk about the new chess matches!!
  11. I agree wholeheartedly. Excited to see this season materialize. I'm over the criticism (guilty as charged, too). Curious to see how camp (hopefully) plays out.
  12. I completely calmed down about our 1st pick with Marlon as our 2nd choice. Relentless motor, athletic. I'll take it!!!
  13. Doesn't really matter what anyone says now....He's a Falcon. Time to make it happen!!!
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