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  1. Fellow Gator...Thompson never put it together like Matt Jones....too many fumbles. Huge measureables and hope he gets a shot in the league.
  2. I think mods should start dumping some of these whine fest threads. If someone wants the team to be remade in their perfect vacuum maybe we start another sub forum.
  3. Get over it. In the past. Be a corner back and forget the past. You'll be happier.
  4. A combination. But there are certainly Quinn/Seattle trademarks all over our picks. Agree?
  5. Is he a great player? Absolutely. But you are fixated on your allegiance to a collegiate team rather than a franchise.
  6. Exactly but can the two of them sustain the grind?
  7. Maybe but if he gets hit.....He is a streaker - not sure about one cut and being in the secondary -this is the NFL, not the NCAA. I like the pick however, I want to see what Shan does with the OL first.
  8. Lack of talent?
  9. Wha??? Frank Clark??
  10. Same but you need medication. And need to be ok taking said medication.
  11. And a crazy amount of problems. If he is indeed bi-polar then his meds will kill his athleticism.
  12. unlikely.
  13. Derek Thompson ‏@Dtrent23 2m2 minutes ago BREAKING: Randy Gregory suspended under the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy after lighting up a joint to celebrate being drafted by the Cowboys
  14. Maybe but we shall see.
  15. That is a nightmare. Hardy could crush that kid's psyche.