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  1. All the wins and losses seemed to be hair pulling, close to a heart attack, wtf are you trying to lose this game?!!... only a couple were blow outs one way or another. Really tired of the play to protect the lead.
  2. No I can't say I feel bad for him. I have a lot of respect for him, but this team has lost a lot of games playing not to lose (protecting the lead, trying to run out the clock) rather than doing what was working.
  3. LOL since I can not 'like" your post that is
  4. Wonder why? Could it be lack of evidence??
  5. Did her parents attempt to sue Shembo or Notre Dame at any time for their actions.. or lack of actions?
  6. Not sure about that.. said that he is good at pass blocking. Not a A Smith strong point.
  7. Do you think he is getting so much attention because of our crappy record, or do you think he deserves it? Personally I think he deserves the attention. Notice how we have two starters.. or has been starters playing on special teams now. He doesn't remind me of anyone.. he is who he is. Will be fun to see how much he progresses in the future. I can only think that he will get better.
  8. Because he is one of our best special team players.. Makes me wonder why he is not returning kickoffs and punts though.. Not good fielding/catching? Don't get me wrong I like him, but don't think he can block as good as our other rbs.
  9. Can he block yet? With the O-line he needs to..
  10. Yep.. but not every player was focused on Turner at the time either.. Turner was great for us, but not so much last season.
  11. So why post at all?? Nothing to prove or no way to prove it... either way doesn't really matter. If you do not feel the need to educate the uneducated stop posting.
  12. Fayette Maine.. Went to school in Dahlonega
  13. I will be living in Maine.. Might have to make that trip if the wife and I can afford it.. and if we get someone to take care of the pets for a few days.
  14. Thankful it is not.. looks like a big toilet seat from the top view...
  15. That would explain why Antone Smith got so many snaps last year at rb..
  16. I don't post here much... mostly a reader. One thing I do understand unless things have changed, if you can't or don't block you do not get much play time with this team. They have expected everyone to be able to block in the past... not to just to catch or run the ball.
  17. So much for Statistics....
  18. I calmed down after I realized that we had 35 seconds left and only needed a FG to win..
  19. Better to be able to turn down a job when offered.. rather to say you have no interest before its offered. I think/believe Nolan will be here for a bit longer.
  20. I know of it from second hand abuse. Not personal. Take it for what it is.
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