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  1. they still have Ryan Fitzpatrick or Patrick fitz Ryan either way he sucks in more ways than playing football!!
  2. they should have took a first and second from this yr and a second from next year and and just take the saints first rd pick from this yr from the pats haha
  3. cus we would be in way better shape having to look for another franchise QB... i dont get it wishing career ending injurys on our starting qb?? matt would start for all but a hand full of teams in the nfl if they had the chance to have him and he has one of the brightest futures among young qbs in the nfl.
  4. dude take off ur vick jersey and realize Ryan is our franchise QB.
  5. brees took the cover in 2011 and the entire game was all about the saints, worst madden game ever... hes on it this yr in not buying it
  6. agreed everyone else is suspended right now y not loomis???? BS!!!
  7. i used to hate Goodell tell today hahaha NFL DAT!!!!!!
  8. he should go to miami like he was going to b4 sean p blew him into goin to No
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