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  1. Yep, with constant pressure to boot. Mad props for staying in and taking some shots.
  2. I didn’t understand what he was doing on the one play where he left the wide out go basically uncovered for a big gain. Other that, pretty solid game
  3. Can we scratch the tight end screen from the playbook?
  4. That almost killed us. Embarrassing performance by special teams
  5. It seems to be everyone. Seen both teams mouthing off. Some of the time you can see smiles but it seems like most of the time these guys are pretty pissed off at each other
  6. Pete carrol has no right to ever complain about a no PI Called
  7. Need gif of the Sanu hit. Anyone? also, the hit on Julio seemed to have the most bad intention. Shot right to back if the neck/head area while already almost down.
  8. Need gif of the Sanu hit. Anyone?
  9. Lol. Keep em coming
  10. Yep. And all I hear now is the excuses.
  11. Home field advantage?
  12. Immediately forwarded to all my cowboy fan **** talking friends. Good work whoever
  13. Anyone know where I can see the video? I can’t find it anywhere. I saw I live but want to show it to a friend who didn’t see
  14. Super Bowl bound
  15. Oh I'm sure. I stopped reading the game thread a long time ago. To much Bs to sipher through
  16. That's what I'm saying. Im just saying why people will justify being pissed at hooper and not mentioning Julio
  17. It's the truth though
  18. Probably Bc Julio is one of the top WRs in the NFL and has meant a lot to this franchise a good part of the last decade. Hooper, not so much. Not an excuse for julio, just saying how people probably feel
  19. That was actually pretty funny
  20. No ****. Of course we would have liked to win 45-0. But this is the NFL. I'll take any win, especially on the road, in terrible conditions.
  21. Yeah I saw some good things. Gonna give the dropped balls by the TEs the benefit of the doubt.
  22. I don't know, maybe. I do know they look very frustrated and also like they are playing tight and like they have to make up for everything in one play
  23. Easy to do when your getting dragged 5 yards trying make a tackle, whiffing blocks, having balls sail over your head, blowing leads, getting shut out for what seems to be weeks at a time lol hopefully we get this train back on track starting this week
  24. I wish we didn't have to worry about fundamentals at this time in the player's career. Really wish we didn't have to talk about poor tackling, catching the ball if it hits you in hands, overthrowing or underthrowinf a wr 7 times in one game, whiffing blocks, late hits, getting off the field when your being substituted, and so on, and so on
  25. I don't see how he would help things at all here