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  1. Relax guys, our line sucks so it’s ok to be horrible this year. As long as everyone has fun and learns
  2. I think we had a big 4th down stop while we were still in the game, and you could not hear any cheering lol
  3. Lol, this guy will never get a ring. If it didn’t happen in 16, not happening.
  4. What happens if we don’t score a touchdown next week? Will we say it’s only week 2? When will the heads roll lol
  5. Doesn’t matter. Ryan Isn’t the best in the world but it doesn’t matter as long as we have linemen letting guys through virtually untouched.
  6. I think this D would have trouble facing me at qb..
  7. These guys suck lol, time to just have fun with sundays and just “embrace the suck”?
  8. I think I heard he set all kinds of lifting records in highschool
  9. Lol big 4th down stop and you could hear a pin drop. Great crowd
  10. I see what you mean but it’s got to be because our line just isn’t capable of it? Idk I know it’s boring to watch little 5 yard curls
  11. How’d I know the first thing said about the falcons would be about Julio
  12. Enjoy! You’ll really enjoy walking into the stadium your first time.
  13. Saw him put on a great move last night. He’s got some potential
  14. Best of luck. Hurricanes are no fun.
  15. Bc Atlanta overall is a terrible sports town… I don’t blame the fans one bit for the way they feel.
  16. Not sure what the big deal is. We’re screwed if Ryan goes down regardless. I don’t think there’s enough talent on the roster
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