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  1. Right man, I’m sick of hearing about the missed calls already. I didn’t put any blame on anyone but ourselves for our epic playoff meltdowns.
  2. I hear he’s got a bad Attitude, late to team meetings, late to rehab, and out of shape.
  3. All you can do is laugh at this point. Everyone else in the league does might as well join them
  4. Sark fumbled twice. What an idiot
  5. Yep, I’d do the same thing
  6. Well, they are 7-2. So they have that luxury to have a bad game and be fine. Falcons have had to many bad games, so, I don’t see the point..
  7. I think Tak is legit. Has anyone seen Beasley rush the OT only to fall down and have the Ot just either lay on him or hold him down with one arm?? Rather amusing
  8. This team isn’t out of it yet. When you have the weapons we have, they can be in any game and win any game. I think it will basically be up to the D and the o line to just not F up as much as possible. Saying all that, I’m not getting my hopes up on those aspects of our team
  9. If someone went up to Julio talking about his deep route running, or any route running for that matter, he would laugh in their face
  10. What problem is that?
  11. What? **** you pay him because he commands the double and bracket coverage. They guy still has the most receiving yards in the league over a large span regardless the coverage. Bigger question would be why pay freeman. I’m a freeman fan but I think it’s clear that contract was a mistake
  12. I give up