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  1. Great point about the hit he took against Clemson. I was impressed how he played after that one
  2. While I’m not the biggest Ryan fan by any means, we can’t move on from him yet. I’d rather have Ryan than be in cap **** for years
  3. Lol, more rah rah talk. Believe it when I see it. So that was the problem all along?? They just needed to be reminded to “run and hit”.
  4. Yeah, as bad as DQ has been, I really feel like he just didn’t have enough talent to work with.
  5. While I hear what you’re saying, it’s a little different for him to do it than us to do it
  6. I don’t know, but there can be a lot of addition by subtraction on this team. We have so many spots that we have wasted to much in
  7. Best thing we could have done. I look forward to the future
  8. To be fair I’m a quitter too, first time ever I’ve not watched a game when I have nothing going on. Had no desire to
  9. Been thinking that for years, always seems like we’re getting pushed around and bullied
  10. I don’t believe in the players not wanting to play. Their incomes and lives are at stake every play. I think it’s just complete lack of coaching, combined with lack of talent
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