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  1. More so taking about the plays that leave us all scratching our heads wondering who threw the pass, if it was Ryan, our “Franchise qb”, or what looks like a 6th round pick getting a spot start
  2. I get that. Wish he had the guts to call an audible In the Super Bowl. Jkjk no, it was a good audible, I just can’t wrap my head around the 3 ints in that game and wish he would protect the ball better sometimes given the situation
  3. Great play by him.
  4. Whatever, ryan tried his hardest to give that game away. Oh he threw a 10 yard pass to where block where perfectly executed to a monster of man, congrats
  5. Haha get bailed ryan
  6. Out of all things, we shouldn’t have to worry about our qb, but...
  7. You sound surprised. This has been happening for years
  8. Can someone explain to me what #2 is doing
  9. Good stuff Ryan, keep handing the eagles points
  10. That’s 3 bad ints so far this year
  11. What in the F is goin on ?!
  12. Wouldn’t matter if we had Larry Allen there, this team has to many holes all over the field
  13. Is it not weird to anyone else, that just a simple eye test, Minnesota looked faster, bigger, and stronger, and just bullied the falcons all over the field? Yeah, expect more of the same rest of the year, no fixing what I saw today
  14. Lol these guys are just flat out embarrassing