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  1. Excuse me. Ryan called the play. And stuck with it. When KS was out the door.
  2. And will always be remembered for the biggest choke job in Super Bowl history. Name all the excuses you want but he’s the one who snaps the ball.
  3. He may be a great, charitable guy. But we need production, and not someone who wants to pout in the tunnel during a game
  4. I mean, what do we even need Sanu for anyway. Anything invested into this team going forward, needs to be on the defensive side. While we still have a capable QB and a generational WR
  5. Sell the farm!!! Get whatever you can get
  6. I’m from out of state, so every year we buy tickets and go to a game, do some shopping, get some new gear. Needless to say we will probably just go for a couple quarters and meet up with some old friends
  7. Really mad I bought tickets to next weeks game back In like July.
  8. Not really, been a terrible ride. One of the worst collapses in sports history followed by a couple embarrassing seasons at best
  9. Maybe give a hint to the fans that constant failure will not be tolerated and that ownership is taking it seriously. Idk seriously
  10. Looked like no one went to help freeman. Pretty telling..
  11. Meh, the cardinals would have drove down and scored anyway
  12. Fantasy world we live in
  13. Kyler coming out party
  14. Exactly how I feel. Ryan is more than capable of winning games. I’m not the biggest fan either but I know it’s possible to win with him. The Defense and play calling make falcons football unwatchable
  15. By the way, living out of Georgia, and not paying outrageous amounts of money to watch at home, going to a sports bar to watch us hella annoying. Everyone else is having so much fun watching their teams play decent football. And I find myself bouncing at half time