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  1. These guys are a lot of fun to watch, no matter how bad the nba has gotten
  2. It takes away from the substance of the question and response. All I hear is that annoying voice I’m sorry
  3. Watching this guy play in person, he can be just as physically dominant as 11 was. I don’t think we skip a beat with pitts, maybe even be more creative because of him.
  4. That’s the beauty of it. I’ve excelled at other sports in my life and still been trying to get better at this thing for 10 years now and it’s like I stay the same lol
  5. It would be awkward if one of those recruiters was a part of the trade
  6. Good pick, I wasn’t in love with a lot of players left really. Weird year
  7. Don’t worry man, we can compete next year. We had a lot of addition by subtraction
  8. He hit about .200 in over 1000 at bats I believe. Not great..
  9. I wouldn’t be mad. I had the pleasure of watching him in Jacksonville MOSS my dawgs repetitively.
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