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  1. Awesome. Going to make thanksgiving that much better
  2. Yeah, I️ wish
  3. F it, swing for the fences
  4. Bring him home. Guy is nasty, we need him
  5. Going for pats. In a way, it will make me feel better if another team gets their hearts ripped out by the pats. Plus I have some friends that are eagles fans and still hear 28-3 from them. So go pats
  6. Guess sark missed the blitz pick up and the dropped int as well. When are y’all gonna stop putting this on the coaches instead of the players executing?
  7. **** no. Did I️ want to win? Yes. Did I️ think we would win? No
  8. Leave it to us to **** the bed offensively the most important game of the year
  9. Unlucky? More like poor hand high coordination. Guy tried to knee a ball coming right at him
  10. Yeah don’t understand. Call a timeout just to give up a td, probably and easy one
  11. We gonna let ajayi do this again??
  12. Awesome play. Got me so hyped
  13. Was was gonna say the same thing. That was awkward