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  1. Do you have a video or a link to any article about this aspect of Ryan? I want something to give people every time they say that he isn't a leader.
  2. 49-16 Bucs I don't think I have any good reason to feel things will be different from last week.
  3. I get it. I guess I don't look at documentaries the same way that you do. For me, they don't need to be a straight-line drive in terms of their facts with as little narrative as possible. However, they do need to be 100% honest in the perspective of the person telling the story and I feel that it does that. I get turned off when I feel there are things in the story that are intentionally misrepresented.
  4. Don't think the point of Jon Bois including this was to bash Trump. I think that he included the narrative in order to build up the feeling that it wasn't just falcons fans who were rooting hard for the Falcons. It's part of the grand narrative of the Falcons pulling the ultimate trick on the entire world with their play on the field. He refer to the franchise as a "trickster god" after all. The significance might have been a bit overplayed but I do remember that narrative permeating in the two weeks before that game. Jon didn't hide the fact that he wanted Hillary to win but I actually felt like he did a good job of including that without getting overly political. I think I remember him making only one or two political arguments throughout the entire series and he even took jabs at Hillary throughout the series too.
  5. kinda weird posting back to back in the same thread, but my goodness this one really brought back emotions that I haven't felt for years about this team. Seeing them point out that the missed block by freeman prevented a huge play for us that could have put the game away gave me anger that I haven't felt in years. The soliloquy from Joe Ali after Alford ran back the pick 6 and put up an A-Town down sign and the other ones giving the runaround about the plight of being an Atlanta falcons fan during the final moments the game almost brought a tear to my eye. You would think that would make me shy away from sports for a while but it made me feel reinvigorated for some reason that I can't explain. Steven Godfrey put it so profoundly. "This means that I can't give up now." That's the closest to how I feel at least. It's weird. 5 years later. I thought I was over it all and now I have energy again
  6. I was suprised that Jon bois predicted we will go to the playoffs this year near the end.
  7. I never realized how fluky our team was in 2010. It’s crazy how good we were without being that good at the same time lol
  8. Part of me enjoyed hearing that they they risked the game in order to try to get an extra touchdown on the saints in 91. In the moment that might have pissed folks off but I love the fact they were trying to rub the saint's nose in the fact that their worst enemy was about to send them packing back to the couch.
  9. Man, I can only imagine what watching that hail mary play from bartkowski live was like.
  10. Good god. If this is true he needs to be thrown under the jail
  11. Unbelievable amounts of copium being consumed on this thread
  12. That video just seemed like a breakdown of what happened more than viewing it from the falcons standpoint. At least from me watching only half of it. I don't think I could bear watching the whole thing.
  13. To be fair the falcons aren't the only team that deserve to be there.
  14. Do we know that Blank wants a “leader of men,” or is it just something that you want?
  15. Who knows? if Quinn and Dimitroff both get fired this off season, barring that Blank wants a culture change, this roster might get blown up if the next guys that come in don't think our current squad could ever win a Super Bowl.
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