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  1. Unbelievable amounts of copium being consumed on this thread
  2. That video just seemed like a breakdown of what happened more than viewing it from the falcons standpoint. At least from me watching only half of it. I don't think I could bear watching the whole thing.
  3. To be fair the falcons aren't the only team that deserve to be there.
  4. Do we know that Blank wants a “leader of men,” or is it just something that you want?
  5. Who knows? if Quinn and Dimitroff both get fired this off season, barring that Blank wants a culture change, this roster might get blown up if the next guys that come in don't think our current squad could ever win a Super Bowl.
  6. Here is our remaining schedule: @ Green Bay V. Carolina @ Minnesota V. Detroit @ Carolina V. Denver @ New Orleans V. Las Vegas V. New Orleans @ Los Angeles Chargers V. Tampa Bay @ Kansas City @ Tampa Bay
  7. At this point I’m numb to us choking leads. I was so upset and shocked at the Dallas game because how quickly we lost that game after being up so much. After the bears game I was just laughing at our incompetence. You might think that makes me a bad fan but it’s the only way I can keep myself from being distressed about the team without checking out completely emotionally.
  8. This is the guy who can't even stay on a roster in the XFL. Seriously, who is worse? This guy or Isaiah Oliver?
  9. I know everyone here is just as frustrated as I am about this team. Blowing leads in games is a hallmark of bad franchises, but we've been special at it. Even when we are good, we always seem to give up leads at the end of games. We had this problem even during the Mike Smith era and before, but this problem has gotten even worse since we hired Dan Quinn. Any notice any glaring things that make this problem seem so transcendent besides obvious things like lack of talent and bad coaching?
  10. Why the **** do we keep leaving people by themselves to deal with Mack? We’re gonna get Ryan killed
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