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  1. Calvin Ridley is straight trash. He is by far the worst receiver in the league with his fraudulent 239 yards and 4 touchdowns
  2. We said this after super bowl 51. No lead is safe with the Falcons.
  3. We said this after super bowl 51. No lead is safe with the Falcons.
  4. If we touch the ball before the ten the cowboys can jump on it too. That’s why they kicked the ball so slow. The fist line needs to come up keep the opposing team from getting to the ten. Whomever comes from behind should pick the ball up
  5. “I have a home in Atlanta. I might sell it now. I don’t want nobody to know I’m from Atlanta.”
  6. Yes that’s why who ever is behind needs to come and pick the ball up
  7. When he saw the way Zuerlien was going to kick the ball he probably called a timeout to tell the team not to touch the ball before the ten because the cowboys strategy was probably to bait the Falcons into touching the football before the 10. I don’t think what I’m going to say is against the rules, so what I would have told the front line to do was to hit any cowboys player that came near the 10 yard mark before the ball got to the 10. It was so weird that everyone just stood there doing nothing.
  8. We are ahead of the game with finding new ways to lose.
  9. We blow so many leads that it feels like every game is scripted
  10. I dunno. Earl Thomas is talented of course but I don’t know if he would mesh well with our locker room culture-wise. We might have a falling out in less than a year based on what I’ve heard about him in the locker room. The guy has skipped out on team meetings and been late to them for things like washing his car. It’s alarming that he’s managed to get kicked off of two teams who are known for having strong, close cultures (Seahawks and Ravens). I love the idea of having Earl Thomas on our defense but some issues in the locker room make it seem like it might not work out the way we think.
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