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  1. Lmao what
  3. Interesting thread
  4. "iF yOu CaRE abOUT CLiMaTE cHanGe sO mUcH, wHY dO YoU DrIvE CaRS?" "iF YOu wANt hIGHeR TaxEs oN tHe RiCh, WhY dON't YoU SeND tHE IRs MoRe MoNey" I hate these kinds of arguments so much. If you care about the border so much, why don't you go down to Texas and protect the border yourself? It's ridiculous.
  5. Honestly my timeline before this was almost exclusively left wingers. I put some s’more more right wingers, specifically ones that I don’t usually listen to on my Twitter so my feed isn’t a total echo chamber. I’m learning this guy is just some empty talking head that just spits out conservative propaganda in each tweet.
  6. Why the **** do I follow people like this? Are we cheering for football teams or something? I didn't look at these stories and go "Awww shucks my team is doing bad!".
  7. It's like they just do what they to trigger the libs and only to trigger the libs.
  8. That pump fake was nasty
  9. This is one of the best troll accounts on Twitter
  10. Looks like someone's still bitter lmao