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  1. 2 more years is about what I expected out of Capela so this is a good deal. It's both player and team friendly. Really like what Schlenk's doing
  2. Wow! We got 14(!!) national TV games. (The 5 that are on NBATV don't count) That's for sure gonna top in the top 8. NBA has a lot of faith in Trae to be entertaining I guess.
  3. These were the numbers last year, for reference Only real outlier I see on here is the Pelicans having 14 games just because the NBA wants to push Zion. That team was horrible, what a joke
  4. I'm gonna go with the 5-8 range. Getting opening week and Christmas day games is a good sign, tho. But we aren't at the level of national awareness to be at 10 or more(which is the number the big market powerhouse teams usually hit)...yet
  5. The point is that even though Bruno was only around 240, he was built like a brick house. In the dire moments of that Philly series, I almost wanted to see him be thrown at Embiid just cause he was bullying Clint and JC so much. And he also could jump higher than anyone in the gym. I guess he was just a classic case of an athletic freak who didn't really know how to play fundamental basketball. We see a lot of those. It's easy to be able dominate using your gifts alone playing vs. college aged children, seems like grown men strength and NBA level athleticism were just too much for him to dominate consistently with him not having good basketball fundamentals
  6. Imo Cam does not have a higher ceiling than Hunter. When you look at DeAndre, it's already hard to find flaws in his game and he's only 23. He's an elite (is it too soon to say that?) guard and wing defender. He's shown prowess in guarding bigger guys as well (clamped Randle up). His 3pt shot off the catch is there. He's got a sensational pull up middy and a great post fade to take advantage of mismatches when smaller guys are on him. He didn't finish at the rim as weak this year as he did rookie year. The kid does it all man. I see a pepsi version of Kawhi in him. I pray for his health.
  7. Deal is done! 5/125, player option on the fifth year. Seems like the hold up was over the extra 5 mil. Seeing as the first deal reported was 5/120, and then the reports came out about talks slowing down
  8. I knew Dieng was a solid outside shooter, but wow, he shot 42% from three last year! ****. That's a great number on wide open shots. He's also a solid defender and rebounder. I like it.
  9. Spurs, Mavs, and Heat, the biggest threats to take Collins, have all signed players and spent good amounts of money already Should be a pretty clear sign that JC is a lock to be a Hawk next year. If he wasn't, I would presume those teams would hold off on making too many moves before the Collins domino fell. But this could indicate that the league feels he's going nowhere
  10. A lot of noise coming out with the reporting as of late, some reports say we're closing in on a 5/120 deal, other reports like this say we're not even close
  11. All I know about Delon Wright is he's a good ball handler with some size at 6'5 and shot 39% from three last year. Probably the stopgap option until Sharife is fully ready Presumably, this means Lou is gonna be gone
  12. Really like the trade. Dunn could've been great for us but injuries just got in the way and with Sharife on the way and Lou coming back there was no room (fwiw I prefer Dunn over Lou) Bruno showed promise as an athlete but he never had time to develop with Capela, Okongwu, and JC in the rotation. As for TT, he's a clown off the court but he's a good, cheap option to fill in for Okongwu in his absence. You can never question his rebounding ability, at least
  13. Jalen Johnson AND Cooper. Wow. What a draft
  14. Teams seem to be down on Cooper, which isn't surprising tbh given his lack of shooting and size. I think us Hawks fans are just more in love with playmakers than most cause we get to watch one of the few true PGs left in the game work his magic
  15. And as mentioned, he's athletic and long enough to even fill up some of Gallo's minutes, considering he was so injury prone last year.
  16. I'm at the point with Schlenk that I have full faith in his decisions at this point. Giddey was already kinda a pipe dream and OKC shocked the world by taking him at 5. Cooper was my favored pick, but the fact is JJ has way more upside and Cooper was never going to be anything more than our backup PG. I'm fine with it. I'm very glad we didn't take one of the Springers/Thomas combo guards
  17. Haven't looked at much on Jalen Johnson because I didn't think he'd get here, but from what I've seen he's a 2-way point forward who is a great ball handler, has great court vision, and could attack the rim like crazy. He's also 6'9 with a 7'0 wingspan and is crazy athletic, so he can play the 4. Major weaknesses seem to be outside shooting and intangibles. Wasn't he a top 10 prospect before deciding to sit out?
  18. Moody going to GS is a steal.
  19. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that pick.
  20. The Hawks do not even make the playoffs without Clint Capela playing like DPOY this season. He literally led the league in rebounding, guys. We don't need to replace him just yet. Just because Embiid (a generational C talent) had his way with him doesn't mean we should throw the baby out with the bathwater
  21. Can solidly say I don't know what the Lakers are thinking. Not sure what Russ brings to the Lakers they don't already have in LeBron. And he provides no spacing whatsoever and will take the ball out of LeBron's hands for tons of the game. Especially if they keep Drummond. How clogged will the paint be? Harrell, KCP, and Kuzma aren't the best of role players, but they aren't scrubs (Harrell might be). So they'll likely have little to no depth as well. I'm not seeing the vision.
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