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  1. Sometimes I think this org and some of these fans really don't deserve Julio. It's really rare to find a WR that is an all-time great, a leader, and a person who can completely avoid all the drama and talk for his whole career. Ju, Calvin, Fitz, these guys are in a league of their own in history.
  2. Yeah he cleared up that this was about fans getting after him after games.
  3. Yeah, and last I checked the anthem is before the game is played. So what's the problem? Also. what's "unprofessional" about kneeling? This is a sensitive issue on both sides. I could easily say people who are standing in solidarity and showing loyalty to such a brutal country are being "unprofessional".
  4. You should be able to, and that's the point. Your boss, or "owner", should not be your personal God who lords over you at every second.
  5. Yes, I do know that for a fact.
  6. At what point are we gonna start talking about the coddled, snowflake multi-billionaires who have enough wealth to end hunger several times over but yet just can't help but want to restrict the civil liberties of others because they might make 9 billion instead of 12 billion in that quarter?
  7. You don't protest at work because you're a nobody who doesn't have a platform of millions of people watching that you can get your message out to.
  8. I remember that Banker went on quite the rant in one of his last posts. I don't think he very much cared or enjoyed modding this place in his later years.
  9. Quite a shocking take considering the source.
  10. I’d like the hear the explanation that her grabbing a performer’s butt while he was performing in any way negates her story of abuse.
  11. The Libs need to really ramp up their anti-gun rhetoric just so one of these rubes eventually ends up killing themselves brandishing one.
  12. I would actually like to know how a former general who once ran Gitmo and certainly abetted war crimes in Iraq is not a piece of ****.
  13. Can I please have this madman’s many phases and reconciliations of this day made into a galactic brain meme?
  14. You're wrong. What actually happened was that the mastermind known as Donald Trump purposefully hired Manafort(who he knew was actually a secret evil liberal lizard that will soon be exposed as Hillary's long lost son that was grown to adulthood in the same test-tube that changed Obama's birth certificate around) so that he could trick the libruls into thinking something was going on between him and Russia, but what he really wanted to do was own the libs by using the exposure his campaign gave him in order to get him investigated for the totally relevant Uranium One scandal and ultimately, ge
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