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  1. I agree. How dare they not play ball on a completely wasteful, ludicrous project which serves no purpose other than to be a monument to xenophobia and racism that will only make people who think MS-13 thugs are right at their doorsteps feel any better? I say they should go ahead and let trump fund a new agency to stamp down on the sharia law coming to America, too. It’s a big threat to both sides. No need to be partisan about that
  2. When your politics are based solely on and motivated by the idea of a grand revenge act and a cynical hatred of society and all of its empathetic parts this is the type of craven **** you hope for
  3. Watching this absolutely repugnant man break down and solely destroy any chances he has to achieve one of the highest offices in the land is somewhat enjoyable.
  4. Is funny because the rhetoric of “illegal aliens pouring over the border” is absolutely hateful. All it does is strike fear and activate all the pleasure centers in the right wing brain where they get to imagine that the couple speaking Spanish in the grocery store are likely members of some sort of illegal invasion source “pouring” into our borders to destroy our values or the white race or whatever. Its invasion rhetoric designed to paint an entire sect of people in our county as an evil entity antithetical to our idea of civilization that henceforth don’t deserve humane treatment or respect as an equal person under the law or in public spaces. But I suspect that you are far too deep into Facebook meme mind disease to even grasp that.
  5. Can someone explain the obsession these guys have with posting stats like this? It doesn't show me you have any knowledge of minority communities or the minority experience in America post-Trump, it just shows me you know how to google. It's also a very feudal thing to do. Do you think King Trump waved a magic wand and said "let the blacks and brownies make small business again!"? (because he's shown to be such a selfless and giving guy) You must, considering this was your response when asked how a supposed independent could support a clear and obvious right-wing demagogue and his far-right political party. You probably think black and brown people "owe" him a vote for waving that wand too, don't you? I'll just link the post I made when g-dawg did this last time because it's still true. Google stats won't change how the culture and institutions of right-wing politics are, and will continue to be, inherently slated against minorities. All you posting these random stats tells me is that you don't actually have positive argument to make in the other direction.
  6. Just because someone is an incoherent bafoon who doesn’t spit typical “political talk” doesn’t remove them from having a clear ideology and political agenda, and in Trump’s case specifically, certainly doesn’t make them “pragmatic”. There isn’t one single pragmatic thing about Trump’s agenda of furthering the stark economic inequality in this country, of continuing the endless imperial bombing of countries and the waste of resources that entails, of furthering racial prejudice and enforcing with the law a one race hegemony with the use of ICE and policies such as the Muslim ban, and of his appeals to Christian and Zionist extremism with concerns to his SC picks and his policy towards Israel. There isn’t any pragmatism. It’s the attempt of him and the GOP to turn America into a right-wing fever dream. To claim to be an indepedent and support this is either a display of dishonesty or naïveté, and is especially unbelievable considering you come in here and a post a poll a day about just how doomed the opposition is going to be in the midterms.
  7. Do you consider yourself a conservative with half a brain?
  8. Breaking this down between parties and who is a member of what and who did what is so ineffectual. Its not about individuals or individual parties, it’s about ideology and those who adhere and exercise it. Conservative ideology and worldview will never take into account the problem of races other than whoever is the power group, because conservatism and capitalism is dedicated to creating a hierarchical society wherein the most protected class is the class on the top. And, in a world today that was mostly ravaged in its most advanced state by the colonialism of the white imperial powers, the priorities of the white and wealthy shall always take point and thusly, the hierarchy constructed via capitalism and it’s acts of political power shall always be inherently racist in how they organize and distribute wealth and resources. You can be a conservative who is pro-gay marriage or whatever progressive cause you choose but when you advocate for fiscal and economic polices that, due to the generational impact of slavery, Jim Crow racism, or whatever other racist politics, that have left the poor in this country disproportionally black and other people of color, you’re actively engaging in economic (and therefore power and agency) alienation of a massive minority class, an alienation which serves to serve a powerful, white, racist elite class which has no thought of helping anyone but themselves. “Racism” isn’t just saying the N-word or flying a confederate flag. Showing heartless apathy or some other extreme lack of care which would lead one to follow the econonic ideals of conservativism, which seek to keep the poor as beaten down and in their place as possible, you are definitely engaging in some form of racism when one would care not at all for entire groups of people who were intentionally forced to the bottom of economic hierarchy through racism and prejudice, a bottom which your ideology has no want for them to escape from. An considering the Republican Party is the most conservative by far, it’s easy to explain why they have the rightful stigma of racism attached to them.
  9. Not sure what this diatribe has to do with the ludicrous idea that """""the left""""" is scared as **** because of some stats about unemployment, even though as I said Trump, and all conservatives, have stood and still stand with every cultural ideal and institution that has done the most to try and make the black experience a living **** in this country. Perhaps you'll get your black conservative revolution when all the purveyors of the ideology aren't running around spouting out **** like "welfare queens" or "blue lives matta" or wanting black athletes fired because they didn't want to stand for an awful anthem representing a country that hates them with a passion, you know?
  10. All black people are just one monolith that love to keep up with statistics paraded around online by people in forum arguments to prove why the guy calling other humans animals and complaining about "infestation" isn't racist No mind the actual material status and living conditions of the majority of the community. No matters the fact that Trump stands in solidarity with every single cultural movement and government institution that have done the most damage to the black experience in America. They're not going to vote against a party that proudly displays the flag of people who fought with their own blood just to enslave them because of some unemployment statistics. You know what black people really love? Being told to show deference and told over and over what some old rich white guy is "doing" for them. They love it even more when his fellow white guys tell them to show that deference.
  11. Yeah, and last I checked the anthem is before the game is played. So what's the problem? Also. what's "unprofessional" about kneeling? This is a sensitive issue on both sides. I could easily say people who are standing in solidarity and showing loyalty to such a brutal country are being "unprofessional".
  12. You should be able to, and that's the point. Your boss, or "owner", should not be your personal God who lords over you at every second.
  13. Yes, I do know that for a fact.
  14. At what point are we gonna start talking about the coddled, snowflake multi-billionaires who have enough wealth to end hunger several times over but yet just can't help but want to restrict the civil liberties of others because they might make 9 billion instead of 12 billion in that quarter?
  15. You don't protest at work because you're a nobody who doesn't have a platform of millions of people watching that you can get your message out to.