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  1. Sometimes I think this org and some of these fans really don't deserve Julio. It's really rare to find a WR that is an all-time great, a leader, and a person who can completely avoid all the drama and talk for his whole career. Ju, Calvin, Fitz, these guys are in a league of their own in history.
  2. Yeah he cleared up that this was about fans getting after him after games.
  3. Post it again grand dragon, I don't feel like scrolling through pages
  4. So you post on Stormfront. Good information to know.
  5. You posted a links from Stormfront and a website called Jewsnews.
  6. Point out where he did anything threatening. I'll make it easy for you in your little mind, imagine he was a little white boy. You probably won't see anything threatening because there wasn't.
  7. I didn't see any BS in my post. Apparently you think this cop is in the right in the way he pulled a mobster-style drive-by murdering a little child. I would say I hope your kids don't run into any cops anytime soon (for their sake), put then again I assume you are white so the cop would probably just tip his klan hood and move on with his day.
  8. Of course, the sane, rational reaction as a cop to driving up to a 12 year old black child in the dark with what you THINK is a gun in is to shoot him immediately with zero verbal or non verbal warnings or non lethal tactics applied. Surely there wasn;t anything else motivating him to murder a child which he couldn't confirm any wrongdoing of on sight. That's what cops are trained to do nowadays I guess. See a black guy? Shoot! It's the normal, sane thing to do now.
  9. I wonder what would happen to me if I pulled up on a 12 year old white kid playing outside with his BB gun and shot him dead in cold blood when he gave zero threatening actions toward me. Black lives just don't matter to white america. Much less police. What a terrible world we live in.
  10. Best case scenario is Lou Williams. Worst case is John Salmons.
  11. >wants to add shooting >it's our best attribute **** wilcocks
  12. They are Bust and Wilcocks until further notice
  13. Teague Dennis Mack Korver Baze Jenkins Where is there room for this bum
  14. Meanwhile Portis is going into a great situation with Chicago