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  1. Sometimes I think this org and some of these fans really don't deserve Julio. It's really rare to find a WR that is an all-time great, a leader, and a person who can completely avoid all the drama and talk for his whole career. Ju, Calvin, Fitz, these guys are in a league of their own in history.
  2. Yeah he cleared up that this was about fans getting after him after games.
  3. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    Best case scenario is Lou Williams. Worst case is John Salmons.
  4. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    >wants to add shooting >it's our best attribute **** wilcocks
  5. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    They are Bust and Wilcocks until further notice
  6. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    Teague Dennis Mack Korver Baze Jenkins Where is there room for this bum
  7. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    Meanwhile Portis is going into a great situation with Chicago
  8. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    He is a terrible defender and will only show up offensively for about 35 games. Awful.
  9. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    We gave up one of the best wings in the draft for ******* diet Lou Williams
  10. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 34s35 seconds ago The Knicks are trading Tim Hardaway to the Hawks, who will draft Jerian Grant for the Knicks, league sources tell Yahoo Sports.
  11. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    Who traded him? Bud or Wilcocks?
  12. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    Another bad draft
  13. Willy Mo

    Nba Draft Thread

    Washington will send Atlanta the No. 19 pick tonight and two future second-round picks for Kelly Oubre, league source tell Yahoo. WHAT
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