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  1. It's been awhile. I'm really loving what this team is starting to look like. Our core seems pretty good: Dennis - Great driver, sees the floor well, plays very good defense, but, needs to get a better shot and fix his turnover problem though. Nothing this season has shown me he can't be our PG of the future. Remember, this is the first time he's getting a full-time job. He'll get better. THJR - I remember myself and everyone else on this forum completely ripping Bud when we traded Oubre for him in the draft. Now we all probably feel stupid. Timmy has shown this season that he can be a legitimate #1 option when he gets hot. His shooting and driving ability are the best on the team, and he makes great passes as well. He seems to be a pretty solid defender as well. What he needs to do is turn those "hot nights" into "every night". He can be like our version of Bradley Beal in the future. Just healthier. I definitely want to see him and Dennis as our backcourt going forward. Tauren Prince - This kid has been everything he was billed to be back when we all wanted to draft him. Great defender, great shooter, good on the glass, smart on offense, just a great all-around player who plays hard every night. I love it. Baze - See above Millsap - Still our best player, and considering how great our young pieces are, I'm really not sure if I want him gone this offseason or not. Part of me wants him gone so we can develop our young guys better, another part of me loves his game and attitude so much that I want him to retire here. Whatever contract he demands will decide this Dwight - In the twilight of his career, and has done well given the circumstances. He's staying no matter what so I say definitely keep him. Muscala - I am in love with this kid. He's been hurt all year, but when he has played, he's been one of our best all-around players. Solid shooter, solid rebounder, solid defender, pretty much done well in every aspect of the game. He's your quintessential stretch 4 for today's NBA. Keep him. Malcolm Delaney - He stands out as someone who is painfully average. Does a lot of things well but excels at nothing. But, since he's a backup player, that's actually a good thing. Keep him. Bembry - Hasn't played much, but has been very impressive in his few minutes. He definitely seems to live up to his gadget player reputation. Keep this kid and you can develop him into a backup/starting guard/forward for the future. Endless potential. Thabo, Jose, Kelly, Ersan, Humphries, Mike - All of these guys can go. They just don't fit. Though I wouldn't be upset of Thabo or Ersan stayed around. All in all, this Hawks core looks like a great young group Dennis, Delaney, Bembry, Baze, THJR, Tauren, and Moose make for some really awesome young pieces. For the first time in awhile, I am excited about the Hawks future. Not just the present. By the way... PAY THAT MAN!!!! Both Tim and Musky.
  2. You're acting as if he's on a one year contract and won't ever get better. Baze has streaky offense but plays very good defense and can still space the floor and make athletic plays when needed. What needs to happen to fix him is a.) Get better at dribbling the ball or b.) Make the offense more suited around drives from Dennis/THJR and have him spot up more The only reason Baze looks bad a lot is because he dribbles too much and forces the issue when he has the ball. He needs to play more like Thabo. Less like Dennis. He's a spot up 3&D guy, and I honestly can't help but blame Bud for not telling him to stop dribbling so much. Maybe next offseason he'll develop an off the dribble game, but right now he's just a more athletic DeMarre.
  3. The media votes on these, and they tend have a hive mind that penalizes players for missing games in these votes. See Tom Brady this year.
  4. Agreed, I believe he has far better chance than Vic does at DPOY. The only other rookie who's been close to him is Jalen Ramsey, and his team got knocked out the playoffs 4 weeks ago. It should definitely be his award.
  5. I'm hoping we move Alford over to FS (Quinn has changed many positions with this roster already) in which case he can more accurately use his skill set and we could still have a nice Tru-Collins-Poole-Goodwin foursome with Keanu and Alford in the backfield. Doesn't sound too shabby.
  6. If anything, this should manifest a positive. Hopefully Quinn doesn't make the mistake of letting his foot off the gas in the second half whether or not we are up huge.
  7. Mind you, we were a gimmie throw in the endzone between Collins and Thomas that probably should've been caught from potentially trailing in this game (had the rest played out as it did)
  8. Bad Argument/Myth #7: The climate has changed in the past, so the current warming is natural. It’s the sun, volcanoes, Milankovitch cycles, etc. Reality: We have tested the natural factors, and they cannot explain the warming This is probably the single most common argument against climate change, and it is often accompanied by ridiculous questions like, “who was producing CO2 in the past? Dinosaurs?” However, despite its common use, this argument is extremely flawed. I explained this one in detail here, but in short, the fact that climate changed naturally in the past only tells us that it is possible for the climate to change naturally. It does not indicate or even suggest that the current warming is natural (i.e., this is a non-sequitur fallacy). You have to provide actual evidence that the current warming is natural. Additionally, we have carefully examined the sun, volcanoes, Milankovitch cycles, etc. and none of them can explain the current warming trend (Meehl, et al. 2004; Wild et al. 2007; Lockwood and Frohlich 2007, 2008; Lean and Rind 2008; Foster and Rahmstorf 2011; Imbers et al. 2014). Indeed, numerous studies have used statistical models to examine the possibility that the current warming is natural, and they have consistently found that natural factors alone cannot explain the current warming. When you add anthropogenic greenhouse gasses into the statistical models, however, you get a tight match between the observed and expected values (Stott et al. 2001; Meehl et al. 2004; Allen et al. 2006; Lean and Rind 2008; Imbers et al. 2014). To put it simply, we have tested the natural factors and we have tested the anthropogenic factors, and the anthropogenic factors are necessary to explain the warming trend. This is extremely clear evidence that we are the cause. Additionally, several studies have found that CO2 was actually the major driver of past climate change (Lorius et al. 1990; Tripati et al. 2009; Shakun et al. 2012), so it should hardly be surprising that we can cause the climate to change by producing CO2. Finally, as I will explain in #9, we have directly, empirically tested the notion that our CO2 is causing the planet to trap more heat, and (spoiler alert) it is (see #8, 9, 10, and 11 for more about CO2). I short, we know that the current warming is not natural because we have tested that hypothesis and it failed. That is how science works. When a hypothesis fails, you reject it and move on. This figure from Hansen et al. 2005 shows the effect of both the natural and anthropogenic drivers of climate change. Notice how only anthropogenic sources show a large warming trend. Also, see figure 2 of Meehl et al. 2004. Jump back to the top Bad Argument/Myth #8: During past climate changes, the CO2 follows the temperature increase Reality: Temperature leads CO2 at first, but CO2 soon overtakes it and drives most of the warming This argument claims that when we look at past climate changes, we see that the temperature changes, then the CO2 changes. This is true at first, but it is only part of the story. There are numerous feedback mechanisms involved in climate change. In other words, one event can trigger another event, which triggers another event, etc. In this case, what happened in the past was that a small amount of warming (usually regional) from factors other than CO2 (such as Milankovitch cycles) caused the oceans to warm up and release the CO2 stored in them (Martin et al. 2005; Toggweiler et al. 2006; Schmittner and Galbraith 2008; Skinner et al. 2010). Then, that increase in CO2 caused the majority of the warming (Shakun et al. 2012). So CO2 was actually the major driver of past climate changes (Lorius et al. 1990; Tripati et al. 2009; Shakun et al. 2012).
  9. About time we got his going. He has balled all year and become such a big weapon for us with his speed, deep ability, and YAC ability... Seems like a nice humble kid, and got plucked off of football heII known as the Browns and has been arguably our second best receiver this year. Major props.
  10. It makes much more sense to have Baze and Thabo in the starting lineup for defensive purposes and for Korver to come off the bench for spot minutes when we really need threes so he is both rested and ready to run, and an unexpected game changer as well. THJR should definitely be getting more minutes than Kyle at this point. His offensive and defense game is just better. If I was coach: PG-Dennis-31 minutes/Delaney-17 minutes SG-Baze-25 minutes/THJR 17 Minutes/Kyle-6 minutes SF-Thabo-27 Minutes/Prince-14 Mintutes/Baze-7 Minutes PF-Paul-34 Minutes/Moose-14 Minutes C-Dwight-34 Minutes/Moose-7 Minutes/Humphries 7 Minutes That sets a pretty solid and even rotation with everyone getting around 20-30 minutes to evenly do damage. Just my armchair coaching though.
  11. They've definitely gotten worse overall over the years. They just stopped showing up here.