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  1. Someone on Twitter said that was the first time Bruno Fernando left the bench all playoffs 🤣
  2. I'm high on Turner too, but I have 2 counterpoints for this - 1.) The haul it would take would likely be Capela, another player (either Huerter or Reddish imo) and a pick. Turner has been in trade conversations for years now, and Indiana has turned down a lot of offers. I'm not sure what makes that deal so special compared to what they've been hearing for a while. And that is assuming that Schlenk even wants Turner or that this convo is in any way realistic. Schlenk targeted Capela specifically, so clearly he's a guy that he's high on. Clint also brought a lot to the team in turns o
  3. I'm going on the record and saying, we win this series in 5 games if we had DeAndre Hunter at full strength. Is there some homerism in there? Yeah. But I don't think we lose game 3 with him, and we won game 5. This team is really really good. We're what, 35-14 or something with Nate? Let's not be all doom and gloom if we don't pull it out tonight
  4. I know some people might not agree with this mentality, because we are winning one game away from the ECF, but I think this season is a success regardless of what happens tonight The NBA is a rugged league. It's superstar driven and in a 7 game series, the better team wins almost every time. Right now, Embiid is on another level, and his role players, people like Seth Curry, are showing up and driving them to victory. Trae is a superstar on another level too. Is it frustrating to watch him go ballistic and have his role players **** the bed while Tyrese Maxey is putting up 13
  5. KD just played an entire game + and overtime at 30 coming off a devastating injury I need Trae to play all 48 tomorrow.
  6. I'm blaming this loss on 3 things - 1. Bogdan, for being *** 2. Nate McMillian, for playing Lou and Solo way too many minutes 3. Poor FT shooting by the whole team. Trae, Bogi, all of them missed crucial ones. I expect it out of Clint, not anyone else. Honorable Mention: John Collins, for going ghost for long stretches
  7. Not only this, but he was piss poor guarding Seth Curry tonight and let him get off
  8. One more chance at 98-95. They don't turn it over and hit 2, thats probably ballgame
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