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  1. Thank you. ******* Thank you. This board is ******* insufferable. Why is it so full of idiots? Is it because an idiot's first instinct is to Bing "falkins" and click the first thing that pops up? Jesus **** it's a **** game and intended purely for ENJOYMENT. This isn't our job. Sit down, shut up, and enjoy ya ungrateful jerks.
  2. Agreed. We need to go back to something simple and classic. All about lean, mean minimalism.
  3. Anybody heard Fozzi Bear's latest catchphrase?
  4. Plus we're just trying to drum up enthusiasm for a sports team. Everything we do around here is in good fun and in the name of life's silly dalliances. I think folks lose track of that a lot... If I thought chanting "I'm insecure about my ***** size" would help our team win, I would be right in the thick of the shouts. No pun intended.
  5. As far as the Dirty Birds needing a cool chant akin to the tomahawk, I've wondered about the Dark Knight Rises chant. When Bruce has to escape the pit where Bane was born, the other captives chant something like "vassara vassara something something" that translates roughly to "Rise, Rise, higher than the flames." It's a silly part of the film but imagine how chilling that chant would sound in the dome with thousands joining in. Neck hair would be raised.
  6. I can't think of any other professional athlete whose spouse has caused him so much grief. It's astounding. Just hearing the woman's name makes me angry.
  7. Proud of the jewel of my state. ****, go Dream! Also, we need a MLS team.
  8. anybody around here ever read the study on the correlation between delayed gratification and higher intellect? also, who is dis?
  9. It's better if you put a little effort into it--write a few paragraphs rather than a few words.
  10. Point that thing at OP... still trying to figure it out.
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