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  1. I’m pretty sure the Falcons have a bottom 5 roster talent wise in the NFL.
  2. He’s clearly been a little nervous evidenced by him tripping over his own feet a few times since the last preseason game. But even still, he’s been awesome. Can’t wait for him to settle in more and believe in himself. He’ll start taking over games.
  3. Haven't seen the Falcons run a single screen despite the OL getting completely dominated in pass pro. Not loving the play calling at all. The only thing I like about AS is his affiliation to Pees.
  4. It’s clearly not Matt’s fault, and no QB could perform behind this OL, but I still want to draft a QB.
  5. I don't want to pile onto this kid too hard. He was a RT with little college experience anyway playing LG against a top-3 DT. He was set up to fail. I think he bounces back and has a good career.
  6. I saw Norm in Edmonton about 7 years ago. Sat front row, only about 50 people there. Greatest show of all time. Cried from laughter.
  7. I did the exact same. Was sad to see Semien and Ray wasted (assuming they aren't re-signed). But they are a team nobody wants to see make it out of the Wildcard now.
  8. Early on they were. His teams became pretty undisciplined near the end, but I think Mike's health contributed to his regression as a coach.
  9. not in my mom's basement, but love ramen (who doesn't?)
  10. Probably doesn't, but it's a good signal to the world that the unvaxxed are ****ed.
  11. Greg with two g’s has always hated the Falcons.
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